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100930 Will JYJ’s First Album Surpass TVXQ?

JYJ is attempting to break a new record for album sales.

JYJ will be releasing their first global album <The Beginning> on October 12th. As the team is comprised of former TVXQ members Micky Yoochun, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu, many predict that this album will have a great impact on the music industry.

TVXQ, which the three members were a part of, set a new milestone for album sales when they sold 500,000 copies of their fouth album <Mirotic>. It left a deep impression on the industry as at the time, the offline album market was in a deep slump.

<The Beginning> is predicted to have an explosive reaction as it is the first album in two years that the trio are releasing. All 99,999 luxury package limited edition CDs have been pre-ordered which means that the trio has sold 100,000 copies in a single day. To add to the industry’s surprise, 50,000 copies of the normal package have already been pre-ordered as well, two weeks before the release of the album.

One of the reasons the album is garnering such attention is because it will be released worldwide. As their former group TVXQ even made it in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the biggest official fanclub in the world, many predict that the number of albums sold across the continents will be impressive. As bulk orders are being made from countries such as Japan and China, some are even speculating that they will sell over 500,000 copies and surpass their former record.

A representative of Warner Music stated, “The fans’ anticipation is high because this is their first album in two years. We are cautiously predicting record breaking album sales.”

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I don’t like the way the media is comparing JYJ to TVXQ. Yes, they are members of TVXQ but there is no need to compare their album as a trio to their previous albums as a 5-member group. The situation then, when Mirotic was released, is different from the situation now that “The Beginning” is going to be released. In fact, everything is different. I just hope the media will stop comparing because it’s getting kinda annoying (at least to me).

But nevertheless, I hope that JYJ’s new album “The Beginning” will also garner a lot of attention and will sell a lot of copies. I’m just hoping for the success of all the activities of our 5 boys because I know they are working very hard in everything they do. :)

Their video “Mirotic” was requested in a show called “Top Latino”. The MV was shown and at the end, the host talked a little about DBSK.

I’m so happy that the boys are getting featured on international shows nowadays. At least more people are getting to know them. :D

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A few weeks ago, it was already announced that the ban on DBSK’s song Mirotic was already lifted since SM won the case against the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs who put a restriction on DBSK’s 4th album due to the supposed “indecent” meaning of Mirotic’s lyrics during the time of the 4th Korean album promotions.

But looks like the Korean Ministry refuses to back down and admit defeat.

Government Appeals to Define TVXQ’s Song “Lewd”

Asian pop sensation TVXQ’s song “Mirotic” is under scrutiny once again as regulators are set to determine whether the phrase “I got you under my skin” is lewd.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday that it will appeal to a high court against a local court’s scrapping the song from “harmful material for youth list”. The Youth Protection Committee, under the ministry, held an emergency meeting the same day and confirmed that the lyrics were inappropriate for teenagers to listen to.

The decision comes after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled the committee had to rescind its order to the group to change some of the lyrics when singing on stage and put stickers on CDs indicating the album was banned from sale to those under 19.

The committee said last November that the song was harmful to the young since its lyrics, “You want me, you give yourself up to me, you’re mad at me” and “I got you under my skin”, may imply sexual acts.

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I tell you, the members of the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs have gone nuts. Why won’t these dirty-minded people  just let the issue go and let everyone be at peace. Please excuse the word I used to describe them but really, only people with a malicious mind would give that kind of “meaning” to the song. I mean, sure it may be quite suggestive if you take it literally but if you choose to dig deeper into it, it could have a different meaning to it. These people are just too stubborn to even consider any possible explanations to the lyrics of “Mirotic”. Besides, what’s the use of pursuing this issue further? DBSK has already successfuly finished the promotions of the 4th Korean album and are now busy working in Japan promoting their 4th Japanese album and preparing for their tour. Whether the ban is lifted or not, it won’t have much of an effect on them anymore. Furthermore, 500,000+ copies of the album were already sold meaning 500,000+ fans are already in possession of the said album. What’s the use of all of this commotion then? Sometimes, I just pity people who still tries to fight in a battle which is obviously over a long time ago. I just hope that someone would knock some sense on these people and bring them back to reality. This issue is over. Just let it go and move on.

As promised, here are the pictures from yesterday’s concert. It took me some time to download these pics and upload them again since they’re so many – 110 pictures all in all – so PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. I’m sure with all these pictures, it’ll be difficult enough for the page to download (so to those who are viewing this, please be patient) and hotlinking will cause it to slow down even more. If you want to upload the pics on your respective sites, just copy and save them and then upload them again on your own photo-hosting sites. Also please make proper credits when taking out anything.

Enjoy the pictures (and leave your comments. Comments are <333 )!

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* Sorry if I couldn’t arrange the pictures according to the sequence of performances in the concert or group them per member like what I usually do. It’s too tedious to do that considering how many the pictures are this time around. I hope you guys understand. :D

The 3-day Mirotic concert in Seoul kicked-off last night and will go on until tomorrow. Seems like the concert was a lot of fun and was filled with the boys’ “playfulness and sexiness”. DBSK performed most of the songs from their Mirotic album (of course they would do that) as well as songs from their past albums. Each member had their own solo performances too. I actually love their solo performances because each performance has so much power – vocal and choreography wise – in it. Each member has successfully shown the fans of their individual talents and capabilities again. :D

I’ll post the fancams for now since I’m still in the process of saving the pictures. :D

Yunho solo stage – Checkmate

JaeJoong solo stage – Geugotmani Nae SesangI love Jae’s powerful vocals! His voice never fails to amaze me.

JaeJoong solo stage – Geugotmani Nae Sesang (Full Audio)

Yoochun solo stage – Love Bye Love

Junsu solo stage – XIAHTIC – the much awaited performance of Junsu. I should say it’s a really hot performance.

Changmin solo stage – Upon this Rock (Audio)

INSA (JaeJoong focus)

Balloons (Slow version) [Audio] – A MUST HEAR! LOVE THIS!  :D

Are You A Good Girl?

HAHAHA song live (Yunho focus)

Don’t Say Goodbye (Changmin focus)

Crazy Love (Changmin focus)

Wrong Number – Wohoo! Love the gun-pointing. LOL

Love in the Ice (Full Audio)

Rising Sun

Yunho the umbrella man

Junsu – the Korean version of Harry Potter

Mirotic concert ending talk

Hope you enjoy the video/audio clips! :D I’ll post the pics later.

I was supposed to post these pictures yesterday morning but my favorite friend with the name “laziness” paid me a visit so here I am posting these pictures  way past midnight despite the fact that I’m SO SLEEPY. Very nice indeed. *sigh*

Anyway, here are some pictures of the boys from their SBS Gayo Daejun performance. Just a warning: some pictures can really cause major nosebleed so please be ready. :D

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And of course, a special fancam of JaeJoong’s INSANELY SEXY STRIPPING. Come on! You knew this was coming, right?  After all, what would you expect from a JaeJoong fangirl like me? :) By the way, just before you watch the video, may I just say that THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL CLIP OF THEM RIPPING THEIR SHIRTS. I swear if you screamed while watching Jae strip duirng their performance, I’m sure you’ll scream your heads off AND spazz non-stop after watching this fancam. Whoever took this fancam really is an angel sent from heaven for all of us JaeJoong fangirls.

Warning: Again, this may cause major nosebleed or even a heart attack so watch it at your own risk. Don’t even try blaming me for not giving you a warning. :D

[Credit: deevinne]

To end this post, let me give my comments on their performance since I’d like to believe I’m now back to my senses. LOL.

First of all, I would like to say that the outfits were better this time. Thank goodness they said goodbye to those fur thingies and plaid suits they were using during their performances prior to this one. In fact, I loved their outfits and their look in general. The boys were so stunningly handsome that I actually want to hug their stylists (one of the few times I want to do this) and congratulate them for a job well done.

Second, the performance of Wrong Number + Mirotic was just AWESOME. I especially love how they mixed up the parts for Mirotic. The arrangement was so unique and lively plus the violin part was just AMAZING. Contrary to what I have expected, the boys were also so energetic. No sign of fatigue or whatnot. They were so confident and playful on stage. I love how they changed the dance choreography and added in their “personal touches” to Wrong Number and Mirotic. Their performance was so bold and daring.  With the effort and energy they put on their performance that night, it was like it’s the last performance of their life – a performance where they gave their all. No question about it, DBSK really owned SBS Gayo Daejun’s stage that night.

Oh, and last but not the least, to those who are curious about them singing “UNDER MY SKIN” rather than “UNDER MY SKY”. There are two reasons for that according to some fans:

1) They are allowed to sing and perform the original version of Mirotic from 10pm onwards. Since their performance at SBS Gayo was way past 10pm, they were allowed to sing “under my skin” rather than “under my sky”.

2) Some fans said that singing “under my skin” was deliberately done by DBSK to make a statement regarding the restriction on Mirotic. Their very bold and daring actions and new choreography last night were said to be intended to “rebel” or to “send a message” to the  government on the decision of putting a restriction on Mirotic (well, at least that’s what the fans think). Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch the video of their performance again and try to observe these things:

* Yoochun saying “Yeah, everybody ready? This is what I’m talking about… What?! Are you trying to teach us?! Hell no! Yeah!” during the start of the Mirotic performance where Yunho and Junsu first had their solo dance.

* Junsu’s tongue-showing action wherein it seems like he’s provoking or teasing someone, which was also during the intro for Mirotic.

* The new hand movements from the “sexy chin” part of Mirotic. First, they point their index finger above (for Junsu, Yunho and Changmin) / makes a silencing gesture (for Jae and Chun), then the “gun shot” pointed to their head (or it may also be a symbol for: a) saying that someone is crazy or b) someone isn’t thinking properly), then the peace sign, and lastly the shaking of the index finger which most of the time  means “no way”. Now, it’s up to you to interpret the meaning of those hand movements. :D

* Junsu’s emphasis on the line  “…BREAKING  MY RULES AGAIN” (although I think he always tries to make that sound different from the recorded version, I guess the emphasis was just even greater this time? hehehe)

* And the ultimate statement of all is their stripping in the end.

So, what do you think? Was that performance really DBSK’s way of sending a message to Korea’s Commission on Youth? Well, you be the judge. I’m outta here because I really feel so sleepy now. LOL.

As I’ve posted before, Korea’s Commission on Youth has restricted DBSK’s song “Mirotic” to people with the age of 19 years and above. They’ve also asked to have the song’s lyrics changed if DBSK still wants to keep performing it on shows, concerts, or radio. SM has taken legal action regarding the matter but the company still complied with the Commission’s request to release a clean version of Mirotic.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Spell-MIROTIC” Modified Version to be Released to the Public

Dong Bang Shin Ki (SM Entertainment) is to release a modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC”.

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be at the Seoul Olympic Park on December 10 for the 2008 Golden Disk Awards to perform the modified version of the title song for the first time on stage.

TVXQ will change the “Spell-MIROTIC” lyrics ,ordered by the Commission on Youth Protection Administration, from “under my skin” to “under my sky”.

Anyways, TVXQ’s 4th album has sold more than 460,000 copies (as of November 30) and then later raised the attention of music fans and is gaining support.

The modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC” will be available on online music sites.

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translation: tvxqslave@soompi

And if you want to hear the preview of this version, CLICK HERE.

OMG. Am I the only one who finds the new lyrics a bit funny but at the same time cute?  “I got you under my SKY”?! LOL.

But seriously speaking, I wish the lyrics weren’t changed because I think the song practically lost it’s “appeal”. It doesn’t give the same feeling anymore because I really think that the line “I got you under my skin” is really what gives Mirotic that addictive feel. Changing the lyrics of the song makes it different. IT’S NO LONGER MIROTIC. T_T