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110210 U-Know Yunho Admits “Every Performance, I Worry That I’ll Get Hit By Changmin”

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho admitted that he would get nervous every time he got on stage with Choikang Changmin because he worried he might get hit.

U-Know Yunho, who appeared on ‘Happy Together 3’ on the 10th, confessed that, “When we go on stage to perform our new song ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’, there’s a part in the performance where it looks like Choikang Changmin and I are fighting. Choikang Changmin would hit my chest with no mercy during the actual performance though he hadn’t done anything of the sort while we had been rehearsing. It hurt a lot.”

Choikang Changmin’s action hurt so much that U-Know Yunho had to go up to him and ask, “Changmin, please don’t hit me too hard.”

The younger member agreed to U-Know Yunho’s plea and began pushing the latter’s chest instead of hitting it. But U-Know Yunho admitted that he still feels nervous whenever he gets on stage to perform the song.

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Tohoshinki’s Interview on SCawaii March 2011

Mr. Gentleman who is gentle and exudes manliness: Yunho

“Sometimes he’s my friend, sometimes he’s my older brother, sometimes he’s my younger brother,” says Yunho, the leader of the new Tohoshinki, further strengthening his bond and trust with Changmin.

Yunho is such a gentle yet fortuitous man with amazing magnanimity. So I am really surprised when he says, “I love children! I want to be married by 30 and become a good father.” But I see why.

My battle dress is suits! But when I sleep……

A suit-wearing Yunho appears dashingly in front of the camera.

He says, “Suits is my battle dress for dates!” As expected, he looks fantastic in suits. Perfect! For dates that determine his victory or defeat, his choice is “a meal at a restaurant with beautiful scenery”. Yunho is a complete gentleman inside out <3.

He continues, “But I sleep in my underwear only”. This difference is also unforgettable.

A passionate man who hides his enthusiasm beneath a poker face: Changmin

Poker-faced Changmin stands quietly beside Yunho who is talking amiably.

“Actually, I cry easily. I often cry when I watch movies. But recently, I shed the most tears over work.”

Hidden in these words is his real sensitive side. However, now that he’s coming back as Tohoshinki, there is a fire burning quietly in the depths of his clear eyes.

I will lose to girls deliberately

Changmin is shy and introverted originally. But regarding love, he expresses, “I won’t have elaborate plans or play any tricks, I will act as my instincts tell me.”

He’s the initiative type!

He continues, “I will deliberately lose to girls. If I fight with my girlfriend, I will correct my mistakes, and apologize first by saying ‘sorry’.”

Whao, this tenderness, if anything, is very very manly.


Q: 2011 marks a brand new start with the rebirth of Tohoshinki. How do you want to spend this year?

YH: 2011 is a turning point and I’ll always remember it in my heart. I want to participate actively in different areas to show fans our best sides.

CM: I want to grow and improve consistently.

YH: I would like to have more interesting challenges and improve my dance skills.

Q: So both of you are experiencing the benefits of teamwork again. Anyway, this is kind of sudden, but are your approaches to love similar too?

YH: I will confess directly. And write a song that contains all my feelings as a present.

CM: I won’t confess all of a sudden. But I won’t have an elaborate plan either. I like to begin as friends.

Q: If you start dating, what kind of boyfriend will you be?

YH: I will accommodate to the other party basically. I think I’ve been the leader in most of my relationships so far so I like to be led now. (laughs) Older women are fine!

Q: Then if both of you fall in love with the same woman, what do you do?

YH: If Changmin is my love rival, I will give it up.

CM: Then I will get the girl! (laughs)

YH: But if I give up, the girl may chase after me even more. Just kidding. I’ll really give up! Because friendship is still the most important.

Q: What is the fashion style of the girl you like?

YH: A sweet yet formal style.

CM: Nothing too flashy, and having her own style no matter what she wears. I don’t like deliberate fashion styles.

Q: What are the things a girl does that will make your heart beat faster?

CM: Cooking. The profile of a girl cooking is the cutest <3

YH: When a girl gives me a scrapbook with pictures of us. I was really happy to see handwritten messages in the scrapbook.

Q: Both of you send messages after a date?

CM: Yes. These are standard messages, but I will ask her, “have you reached home safely?”, “I want to meet you already!” etc.

YH: I want to hear these words too~ (laughs). I prefer calls to messages! I will restrict myself to 4 calls a day, but the girl I like can call me as many times as she wants.

Q: If you aren’t a famous figure, what do you like to do the most?

CM: I want to try going to a gokon! [T/N: gokon – Japanese group dating sessions.]

YH: MT (membership training), which is like university orientations. (Similar to club activities in Japan.) [T/N: Membership training is a Korean college tradition. Students from the same major, same club etc. will have a short trip to get to know each other better.]

Q: Lastly, what kind of man do you want to become 10 years later?

YH: I want to get married by 30. And do volunteer work with my lover, children and friends.

CM: A financially capable and good husband to my beautiful wife.

YH: And to continue working as Tohoshinki and become a great presence like Michael Jackson.

Extra Talk

During the interview, friendly Yunho picked up some fruits and recommended them to the staff. On Valentine’s Day, “I’ll be very happy if I receive chocolate-coated fruits.” He really likes fruits? By the way, Changmin said, “I can’t meet up when I’ve work, but when I have no work, I don’t have any girlfriends. I have no luck with Valentine’s Day (cries)!”

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110209 Tohoshinki’s Fan Event After 4 Years Over 15,000 Fans

Yesterday on February 8th, Tohoshinki held a fan event at Chiba Makuhari Messei Event Hall after about four years.

In January 2011 was when Tohoshinki’ Changmin and Yunho had their first performance in Japan for the “SM Town Live in Tokyo” after becoming two members. This fan event targeted fans and buyers of their recently released single “Why”. For a event hall that maintained a capacity of 7500 people, there was a rush of more than 15,000 people. Due to those circumstances, additional performances were decided. Having two performances during the day and night, the total 15,000 fans were able to enjoy a valuable stage.

At this fan event, they performed the song “Why” and along with it “Maximum”. The two members said, “It’s been a long time everyone! Have you all been well? Let’s make today a fun event together!” and showed the fans their smiles and laughter. During this event other than performances, there were also talks, screening of the offshot for their PV, and a question corner for the two members. The two members made sure that all the fans who had come for this event enjoyed themselves 10 times more than they had expected.

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110209 Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”

Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”

As two people group, Tohoshinki comes back to Japan earning great support from Japanese fans.

On the 9th, Japan Sankei Sports mentioned, Tohoshinki on the 8th held their 4th year FanEvent, and sang two new songs and held a Talk with fans.

On this day Tohoshinki conveyed their gratitude to the 15000 cheering fans. Yunho greeted everyone with “I want to do all kinds of activities in Japan just like before. Everyone became our biggest strength. Really thank you everyone.”

Changmin expressed “To be able to sing more songs, I have became more keen to learning Japanese” “To be able to have more activities in Japan, we will work harder.”

This day Tohoshinki performed on stage their two songs “Why” and “Maximum” from their new single which had earned first place on the Oricon weekly rankings. Also the two member’s analogy of colors further showed their friendship. Changmin said Yunho is passionate red, Yunho said Changmin’s heart is like the ocean so blue suits him. Red and blue together is even more harmonious.

Also Tohoshinki new single”Why” released in Japan on January 26th with 231000 copies sold took first place for January Oricon weekly charts.

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Yunho vs. Changmin: “Battle of Intensity”

Last month, Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ made their comeback as a duo after 2 years of hiatus. Their title song “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” topped music charts, conquered Japan, and won many music show awards such as the “Triple Crown” on Inkigayo.

On the February 5th episode of Music Core, TVXQ performed “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” and presented a stage that nobody can match. Their “intensity” has led them to be nicknamed the “Kings of Performance.” The highlight is near the end of the song when the two members face each other, staring into each other’s eyes. Then, Yunho grabs Changmin’s shoulder but Changmin pushes him away. Their “Keep Your Head Down” stage was a performance that you can’t take your eyes off.

In addition, the Japanese release of “Keep Your Head Down” has sold 231,000 copies in just one week. TVXQ now holds both the #1 and #2 spots, with TVXQ’s “Break Out” being #1 since being released a whole year ago on January 27th, 2010.

What do you think? Who is more “intense”?

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