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110202 TVXQ Changmin Reveals Yunho’s Popularity Amongst Females

On January 20, TVXQ appeared on SBS Kim Jung Eun’s ‘Chocolate’, showcasing their powerful performances. During the show, they sang a total of 3 songs: ‘Maximum’, ‘How Can I’, and ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’.

During the interview, Kim Jung Eun asked, “With regards to your first comeback performance, how did you feel?” U-Know Yunho replied that he felt really nervous and anxious, afraid that people would have forgotten his name since it was their first performance after 2 years and 3 months, so he referred to himself in the third person. Choikang Changmin imitated Yunho, earning laughter from the audience. He felt more excited than somber.

The two members expressed that during their performance on stage, they avoid meeting each others eyes. Yunho said, “I only look at Changmin’s chin and nose. If I accidentally look into his eyes, I really feel like laughing.” Changmin added in, “I just don’t look at Yunho at all.”

However, he added that, “Because Yunho-hyung is really popular, I’ve personally seen many girls initiate a conversation with him. Ahhh, there have been so many incidences…”

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