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I read the news in Soompi about Kris of EXO filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his existing contract with the company. Though the details of this request for contract termination were not discussed in detail, it was mentioned that his circumstances are similar to that of former Super Junior member Hangeng/Hankyung who also filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment years ago for contract termination.

Though I’m not a hardcore EXO fan, I must admit that I was a bit shocked by this news. I was shocked not because of the fact that Kris was asking for his contract to be terminated but because of how soon this happened. I was somehow expecting this to happen some of the members of EXO especially considering how ‘focused’ SM Entertainment is to this group, similar to how ‘focused’ the company was with DBSK and Super Junior before. Add to that, we’re talking about SM Entertainment here who is a company known for its sneaky and unfair contracts and treatment of its artists. The long list of artists who left the company due to the same reason is enough to prove this. With Kris’ case, I was just not expecting it to come this soon because EXO has been in the business for only around 2 years. Well, I guess Kris has had enough of whatever it is that SM  Entertainment is giving him/them so he decided to end it as soon as possible. I mean if he’s not happy with it anymore, then why stay, right?

Just a word of advice to EXO fans from a Cassie who has been in the same situation years ago: let Kris be and respect whatever his decision is. You will never know what he feels and what he’s going through because you’re not in his shoes. Yes, this kind of situation is surely painful for the fans but you must also remember how much more painful this is for Kris and the other EXO members. Try to understand him and just support him no matter what. Taking sides in this kind of situation is inevitable but if ever you choose not to support Kris’ decision, then it’s ok to leave him alone as long as you don’t put him down. I know sometimes it takes a lot of time and courage to accept these kinds of things and move on from it. For those who have been following this blog, they know that I, for one, is guilty of taking sides when  DBSK was put in the same situation. I chose to support  JYJ and though I tried to keep supporting Yunho and Chamgmin too, I failed in doing so. I felt a sense of disappointment towards Yunho and Changmin so I just decided to let them be – I avoided watching their performances or listening to their music to try and ease the pain and bitterness that I’m feeling towards them. This proved to be effective because in time, the pain, disappointment and bitterness I felt was gone. I’m actually ok now, I can finally enjoy watching the two of them again, maybe not the same joy as I felt before when they were DBSK5 but at least I’ve already accepted their situation now and I’ve completely moved on. Yes, I still consider myself a Cassie (I always will) but I think I’m a more “mature” Cassie now, something that I hope DBSK5 members will be proud of.

EXO fans are probably still in the stage of denial right now and I know how hard this is for you but stay strong and support each other. Take care of all the EXO members because what they need most now is your love, understanding and support. Look back at how Cassies and ELFs responded when put in this kind of situation before and learn from our mistakes. EXO is a young  group and your fandom is just at it’s beginnings. This is just a challenge and a test of character for you so do everything you can to pass this with flying colors for this will be the foundation of your fandom in the years to come.

As what we Cassies always tell each other before: Always keep the faith!