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Well, of course I don’t wish you guys to take that literally. LOL.

Just want to share an interesting and fun article I got from Allkpop:


The sights of DBSK members hurrying through various international airports and avoiding grabby hands shouldn’t be unfamiliar to any fans of the boys. According to estimated calculations, each of the members has logged approximately 300,000 miles in airline mileage since their first overseas activities in April 2004 up to September 2008.

For the folks not in the USA (no thank you metric), that is over 482,803 kilometers!

The circumference of the earth is around 40,000 kilometers, which means each of the boys could have circled the earth 12 times since 2004. The five of them together would have traveled 60 times around the world by now.

Another indication of the high demand outside of Korea for DBSK is the MKMF Overseas Award vote. DBSK is leading with over 95% of the votes at the moment. It seems Cassiopeia has mobilized and is ready to pull off anything for the end of the year award shows. Check out the current stats:

TVXQ! Mirotic 243,054 (96.17%)

Super Junior-Happy Cooking? Cooking! (Where are the ELF?) 2,709 (1.07%)

Lee Hyo-ri U-Go-Girl 1,556 (0.62%)

Epik High One 843 (0.33%)

Wonder Girls So Hot 835 (0.33%)

Girls’ Generation Kissing You 813 (0.32%)

Big Bang Day by Day 792 (0.31%)

SS501 A Song Calling for You 724 (0.29%)

SG Wannabe LaLaLa 702 (0.28%)

MC Mong Circus 698 (0.28%)

I guess the debate about who will come back on top can be put to rest now. As much as I would love for DBSK to win in every category, I almost wish there was a bit of real competition.

Amazing, right? Honestly, I applaud the author for even thinking about this kind of thing. *claps hands*

Regarding the voting for MKMF, I’m happy that the Dong Bang boys are leading the way. Aside from the Overseas Award, they’re actually nominated in 5 other categories. I actually don’t know their current standing since I haven’t checked the updates yet but I hope they’re doing good (they were leading ever since the start for all the categories). I want to go and vote for them but it’s a bit complicated for me especially since the site is in Korean.

Having said that, for those who know how to vote (especially DBSK fans) please keep voting for the boys UNTIL THE VERY END. Remember that WE SHOULD NEVER BE COMPLACENT EVEN IF THEY ARE LEADING BECAUSE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. For most of the nominations, the artists behind them still has a chance to catch-up so DBSK fans should keep on voting, araso?

Let’s make 2008 a GREAT YEAR for DBSK by adding up to the achievements they’ve already received this year. :D

Kim Jaejoong the Stalker Picture Taker

In today’s new episode of Come To Play, Kim Jaejoong was labeled by the DBSK members as the person who takes stalker pictures.
All the members protest that Hero Jaejoong only takes pictures that the members do not want captured such as when showering or only wearing
boxers. U-know Yunho stated that sometimes when the members are in the restroom, Hero Jaejoong would stick his hand (with his cellphone)
in and take pictures. If Hero Jaejoong’s cellphone, with the secret pictures that he took, was lost. Then that would be bad.

Hero Jaejoong explains that he does this only because the members are very important to him so he wants to capture the moments
(of the members) that only he sees, as a way to treasure the memories.

credit: HB允浩家族
english translation: exotsiax13@soompi

Seriously, can he get any more crazier than he already is?

He’s definitely “one-of-a-kind” and that’s also the same reason why I love him so much. :D

P.S. I want to have his phone so I could see the “interesting” pictures of the other members! Hahaha. LOL.

The episode where the boys guested finally aired! Yay! Hahaha. This was the same show where the boys revealed about their first kiss. I haven’t watched the whole of it since I have no time (work is definitely killing me and eating up all my time) but I hope to watch it this weekend. But even so, I still think it’s a fun show to watch since when I watched the preview, the boys were all jolly while talking to the MCs.

Anyway, mickytoho subbed the episode. I can’t place the videos here since the episode consists of 7 cuts and I’m not sure if the annotations will work for embedded videos. I’ll just provide you with the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Guys, please remember that when watching the videos, make sure that the annotations are on. Click the “CC” button to activate it if it’s not automatically activated. If you don’t turn it on, you won’t see the subs. :D

Happy watching! LOL.

Just because he’s GORGEOUS and IRRESISTIBLE, I’m gonna post some more pictures of our lovely Jae during the Asia Aid concert. Fellow fangirls, go on and indulge yourself and get ready to be mesmerized again by a heavenly creature by the name of KIM JAEJOONG.

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn + baidu]

Jae’s pretty smile is really TO DIE FOR.

I always love it whenever he smiles. It never fails to brighten up my mood. :D

I’m going to post up random and recent pictures of JaeJoong just because I missed posting up pictures of him here in my blog. I just realized recently that I haven’t been posting up pictures of him anymore since I can’t actually keep up with all the pictures from all the events they’ve participated in recently. Let’s just say I missed Jae’s beauty and that I just have to post up pictures of him just to keep me sane. Hahaha.

He’s such a beauty, right? I like the style of his hair on the first three pictures. Those were taken from the Asia Aid concert, if I’m not mistaken. I like how his hair was tucked behind his ears. He looks so freakin’ great! :D

Anyway, here are pictures where Jae looked EXTREMELY adorable that I just want to actually meet him and give him a VERY BIG BEAR HUG. My Joongie is the most adorable person alive! =)

And of course, if there’s an adorable JaeJoong, there’s also a charismatic JaeJoong…

I purposely made this one bigger because Jae looks SOOOO MIGHTY FINE in this picture.

OMG. Those eyes and that stare is really out to MURDER me!

If only looks could really kill, I think I’ve been dead a long time ago. :)

I’m definitely UNDER HIS SPELL. <3

Lastly, I almost forgot about how nice this part of JaeJoong’s body is since I haven’t really payed attention to it that often lately so I decided to post up a picture of it too.

I actually don’t care if I sound like a perv but I really missed spazzing on how nice Jae’s arms are. I think after seeing this picture, I won’t ever forget how nicely toned his arm muscles are. LOL. :D

[Photo Credits: as tagged + dnbn + baidu]

Yay for the boys winning again at Inkigayo this week! :D

[Credit: myluvforDBSK]

Congratulations to DBSK for winning the mutizen award for 3 consecutive weeks now! I’m so glad that they were able to keep their streak but I guess it might have to come to rest next week since I think once an artist wins 3 consecutive mutizen awards on Inkigayo, they might not be eligible to win the following week. I know it sucks but that’s how they do it. BUT there might be a chance for them to win again since Lee Hyori did win 4 mutizens just a few months back, right? So I guess there’s still hope for a 4th mutizen. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. :D

LOL at SHINee’s Key who was standing behind DBSK. He was ECSTATIC of his sunbaes’ win! Hahaha. Fanboy much? =)

Anyway, I haven’t posted this yet so I’m gonna post it on this entry since it’s somewhat connected to this one. It’s a video of DBSK winning their 2nd consecutive number 1 at M!Countdown just a few days back.

[Credit: farahmicky]

So all in all, the the boys got the number 1 spot on M!Countdown for 2 consecutive weeks and 3 consecutive mutizen awards on Inkigayo. Don’t you think it’s about time for them to win something on Music Bank???  *raises eyebrows* Hmmm…

Why are the boys always making Takoyaki whenever they guest on Channel-A? LOL.

[Credit: jaynerox91]

As expected, JaeJoong – DBSK’s master chef – got the most votes from fans. His cooking must really be delicious, eh?  Someday, I would really want to taste any of his recipes especially since I’m quite fond of eating spicy food. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with him more once I get a taste of his cooking. :D

Poor Junsu… he looked so embarrassed because he didn’t even get a single vote. Is his cooking really that INTOLERABLE? Hahaha. But I’m pretty sure Junsu’s fans out there would eat anything made by Junsu, right? Please say yes and save him! LOL.

The members’ imitation of Junsu’s laugh at the end was freakin’ hilarious. They’re bullying poor Junsu again! :D