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100830 Popular Dramas To Air In Latin America

A Peruvian television channel has recently acquired the rights to broadcast well-known Korean dramas and have been noted as taking yet another step forward for the Hallyu wave.

Kpop fans in Peru could not believe their eyes as a recent commercial aired throughout Panamericana Televisión. Announcing them as ‘coming soon’, a commercial showed various upcoming dramas to be aired throughout the fall and next year, “Coming soon are the some of the best Korean productions. Viewers will be captivated by some of the most intense story lines.”

The commercial included KBS‘s Boys Before Flowers (Las Flores Salvajes/Wild Flowers), MBC‘s Strike Love, KBS‘s Summer Scent (Esencia De Verano), MBC‘s Heading To The Ground starring DBSK‘s U-Know Yunho (Sin Limites/Without Limits), KBS‘s Full House starring Rain, and KBS‘s Spring Waltz (Ella Es Una Mujer/She’s A Super Woman). The channel will begin their Korean broadcasts with MBC‘s Queen Of Housewives on August 30th.

After the news slowly began to spread among Kdrama communities in Latin America, fans could only comment with excitement. A fan commented, “I’m really amazed that those dramas are coming all the way over here, I can’t believe this is real…I can’t wait to watch!”

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“Heading to the Ground” will be broadcasted in Central and Latin America

The Korean drama, protagonists by Uknow Yunho, leader of the Popular group TVXQ pass the borders of Asia reaching different countries of America including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. This is because at the last Fair NATPE 2010, the largest convention of television stations throughout America and the channels that reach around the world to offer their series and franchises, channels such as KBS, MBC and SBS in South Korea, announced to have closed successful negotiations in order to their most popular dramas are transmitted in different contries around Latin and Central America and is expected that the called “Korean wave” invade these countries.

Although not yet know the exact date of commencement of emissions or schedules are known to “Heading to the Ground”, arrived in the Latin countries under the name of “Sin Limites” (“Without Limits “), in the case of Peru is known to be delivered under the open signal chanel “Panamericana Television”, HTTG would arrive with different success of korean television such as Boys Over Flowers, Spring Waltz, Full House and Love Strikes.

Sources: Blog.pucp + mundohallyu+PanamericanaTelevision
Written by: Nononi @ TPF / TVXQPerú

100727 CHORUS – Yunho Interview : “I will protect her no matter what”

As I am a true gentleman, no matter what happens, protecting the girl will be my priority

“Under my sister’s influence, I have also read many manga series targeting teenage girls, especially “Boys Over Flowers”! I really like Domyouji Tsukasa’s character and find it really interesting.”
When filming ended, Yunho said it care-freely with a smile. Not as the leader of the group, TVXQ, that Asia is crazy about but as the new lead of a new drama challenge, No Limits, Cha Bong-Goon.

“Although I felt very insecure as a new actor but I was attracted to Bong-Goon who grows up in the story. No matter what happens, he will work hard to progress and treat his family with love. Also, his methods of love is similar to me. However, there are also differences. Bong-Goon is very straight-forward when it comes to love but I am a little conservative. (Laughs) Although when I’m out, I’m leading but when it’s just the two of us, I want to be lead. As compared to expressing my love in a frank way, I would first consider the atmosphere of the surroundings.”

There’s a kissing scene in the drama

“A kissing scene? (Laughs) We NG-ed a lot~ my co-actress, Go Ara, comes from the same management company as me so we already had a good relationship. The moment I close my eyes, I already feel like laughing, it’s really troubling. The director said the kissing scene is getting smoother each time and that it will make one’s heart skip a beat. I feel that when a guy’s jawline can be seen when he stretches out his head is really handsome. I have understood the reason for acting this way as my seniors have always acted like this. (Laughs)”

“Although the filming of the drama has ended but Bong-Goon still stays in my heart.

“Recently, I feel that it’s really hard and frustrating, both physically and mentally. At that time, I would immediately think about what Bong-Goon would do if he was in the same situation as me. This way, I will have the strength to go forward and finish my job happily while carrying a thankful attitude.”

Working with Ninagawa, the theme is ‘Secret love’

“I wonder if I have the correct attitude and then I will show off a sexy side of myself. My own secret love… do I have one? (Laugh) I feel that a secret love is one where even friends don’t know the relationship between us two. This sort of love is a little hard in reality. It is only at the beginning will there be a love that is similar to one in a novel or movie but once you enter this line of work, you’d be more worried about the other person while dating. As I’m a true gentleman, no matter what happens, my priority will still be to protect the girl I love.”

To confirm it’s true love, it might take about 3 years.

“To confirm that a person is really suitable for me, I feel that it might take about this amount of time. I want to make sure I become a man that always treats the family with utmost priority no matter what. I really feel lonely and although I want a girlfriend, there will be no warmth between each other if we don’t really like each other. Dating, to me, will also cause changes in the outer appearance. Wearing formal clothes, drinking wine during a date, you would want to dress up more often right? For example if my girlfriend says that my hairstyle is really good, although I am embarrassed and show no reaction but in reality, my heart would be filled with satisfaction and I would want to maintain that hairstyle. (Laughs) Actually, being praised as good-looking is my favorite!!”

The type of girls that Yunho likes would be a very feminine one.

“Not only will she have to lead me when we are alone but also support me when we are together with friends. Also, I would want to try cooking for her. This relationship is my ideal love.”

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Whoever will be the girl that will captur Yunho’s heart is really lucky. He’s such a gentleman! <3

Another news in connection to HTTG.

100708 Actor Yunho: “Believing In Yourself Is Most Important”

Tohoshinki’s Yunho has completed his debut TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~]. The activities to commemorate the DVD release of this project started off on 26 June, in Tokyo. After such a long break, Yunho once again showed his energetic self to the fans and accepted many media interviews.

This work revolves around the talent, yet unlucky, soccer player Cha Bong Gun; a youthful romance-comedy about his continuous growth. As a member of Tohoshinki, up until now, Yunho, who has driven girls around Asia crazy with their many songs and performances, gave his all to this project from summer last year. Yunho acted as the passionate lead, Cha Bong Gun.

Yunho, who is both a singer and actor, felt the differences greatly. “The singer Yunho, gives off a powerful image on stage. As for the actor Yunho, he had an image that was gentle and warm. I was very happy that I could show a new side of myself.”

A singer, an actor, my true self; although those personas are different they all follow the same belief – Believing in yourself is the most important. The singer Yunho only has precious 3 minutes in which to capture the audience with stage charisma. The actor Yunho has to place emphasis on communicating. I have to ‘breathe’ with my co-stars to ensure smooth communication flow so that we can work together well. As for Yunho, my true self, I am the kind of person that will fight hard even if there are hurdles to overcome, and from there, attain good results.”

Apparently, Yunho’s principle for handling things is “If you’ve done it, then don’t have any regrets.” “Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you’ve made your choice, don’t change your mind. That is life.” He also repeated, “If you do your best, you might very well get good results.”

He said, “There are similarities between Bong Gun and myself, but as I’m the leader, I’m extremely strict with myself. I’m the kind that looks out for things around me even as I work but Bong Gun is the kind that only believes in himself and works his hardest. Bong Gun doesn’t believe in giving up and keeps persisting single-mindedly. To me, that is Bong Gun’s charm and I want to be like Bong Gun and continue working hard.

Going into the Han River, filming the fire scene, Yunho told himself, “Because I’m a new actor, I had to challenge myself by carrying the thought – ‘this is different from the singer Yunho, I’m a newbie’ – and often asked myself ‘If it was Bong Gun, what would he do?”

Yunho was Bong Gun and Bong Gun was Yunho. Now, Yunho will be making his debut appearance as a musical actor in the musical “Goong”, which begins in September this year.

Yunho’s eyes filled with determination as he said, “I want to work hard in order to show a new side of myself.”

Yunho’s first TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~DVD BOX I & II] is now on sale and the OST will hit the stands on 25 August.

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A summary of several fan accounts of the people who went to the HTTG fan meetings. :)

Kobe HTTG Event Fanaccounts

More summaries from first and second events besides the “Yunho was really great, cool, cute, nice”, etc.

Event was about 90 minutes but fans thought it was way too short and time passed by too fast.

Yunho did three short dances-moonwalk, some step from MJ concert and finally a short dance part from smooth criminal. He was going to do only one but the fans started going crazy so he did the second dance then they went even more crazy so he did a little part from smooth criminal to which fans went beserk.

There were male fans in the audience and Yunho must have seen/heard them so he asked if there were male fans. Male fans shouted out yes and Yunho was really happy. A male fan account said that he was in 11th row and could see Yunho really well. Haha he was fanboying and he said he couldn’t calm down from the excitement even though event was over. He said at the end, Yunho told the audience “Don’t cheat (on me)” and made a peace sign. (I’m impressed that male fans were willing to spend so much money buying the DVD box set and also go to the fanmeet where majority would be women and they would stick out like a sore thumb. My hats off to them :))

Another fan reported that at the end, the fans looked so sad Yunho said “Don’t go back!!” and got closer to them so he could look at them and told them not to worry because they will see each other again. He waved to the fans and gave his final farwells until the very last moment when he disappeared behind the stage.

It was also reported that when they were doing to quiz for the posters, the question was how many successful shots did BG shoot. The choices were #1-3 times, #2-7 times, or #3-24 times. Fans choose the answer by clapping. The audience was divided between choice #1 and 2. This fan chose #1. Yunho was nice enough to to tell them he thought it was #2 to which all the fans weren’t completely convinced including this fans so Yunho said “Believe me!” and the audience eventually decided on #2 as the correct answer. Well, when they showed the video, Yunho was right, it was #2-7 times. Hehehe the fan who didn’t believe him said he was sorry and said that from now on he will always believe him no matter what.

When they were showing the kissing scene, Yunho got embarrassed and couldn’t look at the video straight and told Ara to talk about it. Ara didn’t (hehe she’s so cute and smart) and passed it back to Yunho. Yunho said originally, the director told him to start kissing Ara from the lower lip and so on and the audience were like “what?!” A fan said she got so jealous at Yunho’s and Ara’s interaction starting from Ara calling Yunho “oppa” and Yunho calling her Ara that her eyes were shooting fire and probably made the people around her hot.

When it was time to draw names, Yunho was really worried because he said in the event at Tokyo, he kept drawing people from the first floor and he felt really bad so this time he thought maybe he should draw the names with his right hand instead. Sure enough he picked lots of people from other levels besides the first level. He was so happy. However, when he picked names with his left hand, he picked names from first level. He started talking to his hands, praising his right hand and scolding his left hand. The fans got such a kick out of this and thought he was super cute.

credits: lovelyunho@JungYunhoSoompiForums

I love the fanboy part! Fanboys are getting more confident in showing their support to the boys these days. :)

More news on Yunho’s HTTG fanmeeting in Japan. =)

Rising Star Yunho, A High Motivation to Perform in Japanese Drama

During the first week release, “No Limit ~ Heading to The Ground~” DVD-BOX I and II recorded 14,000 copies sales and respectively hold the 1st and 2nd position in ORICON drama ranking, showing a tremendous popularity of this Korean drama. In order to celebrate this achievement, an event called Premium Fan Event was held at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo. The male lead Yunho (TVXQ) appeared at the event, expressed his grateful to more than 10,000 fans who attended.

‘No Limit’ is a drama about a talented yet trouble maker soccer player Cha Bong Gun (Yunho), from his team disbandment to traffic accidents, he met with his agent and has a love affair with her, a kind of comedy romantic drama about a fresh young man struggling for his dream.

As ‘soccer’ was the main theme of the drama, when he was asked whether he’s interested with World Cup which is currently being held, “I watch every game! There are so many broadcasts at night, therefore I always wake up late in the following days (laughs)” revealing that his likeness to soccer.

He also added, “I’m glad that overall, Asia is getting stronger. For Japanese player, I think Honda Keisuke was really cool. He was decisive in the Denmark game, and his free-kick was brilliant.” a comment about one Japanese soccer player was said.

Regarding his first work in TV drama, he was asked to give his point of attention when acting, “When I’m on stage as an artist, people will see my image as strong and tough, however this time (as an actor) I’m portraying a gentle and friendly image. This is a new side of myself, I’m glad that all of you are able to see that,” told the unique perspective of him on acting.

Following his first leading role in the drama, in Korea, Yunho is already set to act in his first musical work, ‘Goong’ in which he’s been decided to be the leading role as well. Therefore Yunho can not be seen only as a singer now, as he already makes his efforts to work as an actor. Probably the day when he will be seen in Japanese movies and dramas won’t be too far away.

Yunho himself stated, “If there’s a chance, I want to make work appearance in Japan. I love some former Japanese dramas and movies, I watched a lot of them. While “MR. BRAIN”, “DEATH NOTE” (06) are my favorite.” revealing his willingness. In addition to that, “Japanese anime is also great. In fact, I love the releases from STUDIO GHIBLI. I’m looking forward to ‘Karigurashi no Arrietti’ very much.” giving an unexpected review.

As an actor, Yunho is expected to have a promising future. The DVD footage of this event will be released along with the soundtrack on August 25th (Wednesday), so please anticipate that.

source: Movie Walker