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110715 “Tears Of Heaven” Is The No. 3 Most Influential Musical In Attracting Foreigners – And What Is No. 1?

“Xiahzart” Kim Junsu has once again proven this year that he is the leading man in the hallyu musical scene.

Interpark revealed that for the first half of this year, among the top 5 musicals in Korea that attracted the most foreign visitors, Kim Junsu’s “Mozart!” and “Tears Of Heaven” took 1st and 3rd place respectively.

In this ranking, the project that attracted the most attention was “Tears Of Heaven.”

Composed by world famous musician Frank Wildhorn, and directed by Gabriel Barre, who won numerous awards for “Memphis,” “Sweeny Todd” and others, “Tears of Heaven” was a hot topic before it even started its run. However, due to its simple storyline and unconvincing setting, it was criticised as having “limited creativity” and being “an imitation “Miss Saigon.””

During then, there were critics that said “this musical is about a man who is looking for a pure love and  humane “Korean Romance,” and although it has touching and emotional music as well as a creative stage, the weak plot is regrettable.”

A musical that seemed to lack a sense of completion and reality, “Tears Of Heaven” managed to take 3rd place in the foreign audience ranking. If not for “hallyu star” Kim Junsu, this would not have been possible.

Kim Junsu injected life into the simple storyline, and improved upon the sense of completion of the entire musical. His outstanding voice and mature acting skills enchanted the audiences. If not for him, this musical would have been normal, and not as spectacular as it had become.

The promotion for “Tears of Heaven” is especially meaningful because it is the only local (Korean) production that was recognised as having the highest foreign audience. In this reality where adapted musicals are the mainstream, it introduces the foreign audiences to an original Korean creative musical, which is a considerable gain.

To ensure the project’s quality and audience numbers, Kim Junsu is diligent when choosing projects to work on and participate in, and has earned praise for this. His choice to participate in a local creative production, and the energy he gradually injected into the musical is imaginable.

With Kim Junsu spearheading it, the growth of the musical hallyu wave looks positive. Musical production companies who are targeting the gradually growing crowd of foreign audiences have expressed that they will be expanding on the promotional efforts for the foreign crowd.

“There have always been audiences from countries like Japan, China and others that have come to watch hallyu stars, but that was before Kim Junsu showed his true power. And now he is the top sell-out guarantee in musicals.”

It is truly impressive that both of Kim Junsu’s projects were ranked as 1st and 3rd for the highest number of foreign audiences.

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Kim Junsu, Wins the Honor of Winning “The Musical Awards” Male Actor Popularity Award for Two Consecutive Times

Kim Junsu overtook distinguished musical stars and won the Popularity Award for two consecutive years on “The Musical Awards.”

In the Awards Ceremony for the 5th year of “The Musical Awards” that was held on the afternoon of June 7 in Sejong Culture Center in Jongro, Seoul, Kim Junsu of the musical “Tears of Heaven” had the pleasure of winning the Male Actor Popularity Award.

“Tears of Heaven” is a large work in romance that portrays the great love of a man that oversteps fate. In the musical, Kim Junsu is the male lead “Jun,” one of the Korean army that was dispatched to Vietnam. He meets a Vietnamese woman through coincidence and gives everything because he falls in a larger-than-fate love with her. He received praises due to showing acting overflowing with charisma and singing.

Kim Junsu, who unfortunately could not attend the ceremony due to the Japanese concert of JYJ World Tour, relayed his acceptance speech through a video.

Kim Junsu revealed the fact that if he did not win the Popularity Awards the (acceptance speech) video would not be able to be broadcasted, and said: “Because this is an award that the public gave me this year too after last year and therefore I think this is a meaningful and valuable award to me. I thank you and because I will work hard in order to become a great actor who is fit to receive this award, I ask for your love and attention.”

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu has risen as the musicals’ star

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu has risen as musicals’ star.

Kim Junsu has been nominated for male actor in leading role in “the 5th The Musical Awards,” which will be held in Seoul Sejoeng Cultural Theatre on June 7th. He has stared in only two musicals, <Mozart> and <Tears of Heaven>. With just two musicals, Kim Junsu has lined his shoulders [T/N: expression “lining shoulders” means reaching the same level as…] with nominees such as Jo Seungwoo, Ryu Junghan, and Jung Sunghwa.

At [last year’s] 4th award ceremony, Kim Junsu received the “best rookie actor award” and rose as the new star in the musical field. He proved his star quality by being nominated for best male actor in a leading role in just a year. Kim Junsu stated, “I didn’t even know I was nominated. I was happy just [being chosen] as the honorary ambassador, and am surprised that I’m a nominee for best lead actor. What’s even more surprising and make me happy is that the other nominees are those that are considered best in the musical field.”

<The Musical Awards> is an awards ceremony which is held to help the continued progress of Korean musical industry. They divide [the ceremony] into 22 categories, including best creative (original) musical, best revival, best male and female lead actors, best male and female supporting actors, etc.

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Junsu nominated for “Best Actor” in Musical Awards 

Note: Information not regarding Junsu has been omitted

Kim Junsu, who is a member of boy group JYJ as well as a musical actor, talked about his thoughts on becoming an honorary ambassador.

Kim Junsu was overwhelmed with honor to be an honorary ambassador at the press conference for the 5th “The Musical Awards” held on the 12th at 2pm in Seoul Mapo-gu Hongdae Nanta Theatre.

On this day, Kim Junsu stated, “I am honored and very happy to serve as the honorary ambassador. I am very happy that they gave me such a great gift to be the honorary ambassador who can let others know about musicals.”

Furthermore, he revealed his strong ambition, stating “above all else, they gave me such a task despite the fact that I’ve only completed two works. To be fit for [such a role], I will use my strength so that our country’s musicals are known throughout the world.”

Kim Junsu, who received the “best male rookie actor award” last year for “Mozart!” has been confidently nominated for “best male actor” for “Tears of Heaven.”



Honorary Ambassador, Kim Junsu, cannot be at the Musical

JYJ Kim Junsu is feeling bad that he “cannot attend the Musical Awards because he has the Japan Charity Concert scheduled on the day of the event” at the press conference for “the 5th The Musical Awards” held on the afternoon of the 12th at Seoul Suhkyo-dong Hongdae Nanta Theatre.


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JYJ Kim Junsu, who has been Reborn as a Box-Office Star

Is it that the bitter hardship has instead given him the opportunity to train. He has been reborn from an idol star into the icon of the world of musical.

“It is because of the fans who have always loved me and supported me. Please know that I am always remembering this thankful heart. I want to show you  myself who is trying his best.”

Kim Junsu (24), who has transformed from Xiah Junsu of TVXQ to a musical actor, had grown up a lot in just a year. I met him in a café in Kangnam, Seoul, on the 11th.

“After I finished the second musical ‘Tears of Heaven,’ I gained a confidence in musicals. At first I was worried whether I could do well because it was an original musical, and also I hesitated because the training duration was also short. But I worked up the courage to go into it. Above all, I really loved the songs of the composer Frank Wildhorn.”

He said: “It was a valuable experience because I was able to stand on the same stage as the internationally-renowned musical actor Brad Little and to learn a lot (fro him). He laughed brightly: “Because the market for musicals is smaller in scale than other popular culture industries such as the movie industry, and it is an honor if it could do well by my giving it a positive effect.”

It was he who had left TVXQ with Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun last year after undergoing a conflict with the agency S.M. Entertainment on contracts. He conquered those hardships and pains by challenging himself with the Musical ‘Mozart’ last February. Following that, on February of this year he stood towering as a blue chip (T/N: In the US, the word “blue chip” is used to describe a stock with a stellar reputation). In particular, the performance in which he appeared as the male lead Jun sold out within 2-5 minutes of the tickets opening for sale. It also made topic of various conversations by having the tickets be traded at 3,000 USD online and the like.

This is a win-after-win that is enough to make one feel the words “turn evils into blessings.” The recently-released live performance recording “Kim Junsu Musical Concert—Levay with Friends”  amazingly sold 40,000 copies within 2 weeks of release. Further, group JYJ, which Kim Junsu formed with the former TVXQ members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, also sold out their first concert of the World Tour held in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 2nd and 3rd. Kim Junsu has many occasions to celebrate—he was also chosen as #1 in a recent survey to score singing ability of domestic idol group and members by 10 active vocal trainers.

“To be honest, I did not know that I’d come to love musicals like this. I don’t like dramas or movies but I find musicals to be so fun that I go to see them whenever I have time. Whenever I watch them I feel respectful and I feel pride at the fact that I am doing these musicals. I plan to keep on being a singer and a musical actor in the future as well.”

Kim Junsu said: “As a singer, it is fine if I express myself through singing. However, in a musical, that you must sing with the sensibilities of the role that you’ve taken on is difficult but also is electrifyingly attractive.” He, who is currently attending his fourth year at Myungjee University as a Musical major, pledged: “I will try my best in order to act to the extent that I will not suffer by comparison to real musical actors and not because of my popularity as a singer.”

It is the evaluation of the musical industry that even though many male idol stars have jumped into the musical field having their popularity on their backs but it is rare to have a success case that is due to abilities like that of Kim Junsu. It is that Kim Junsu has high probabilities to progress into a star who does not pale against Cho Seungwoo because he has excellent abilities in singing and dominating the stage as a musical actor. The popular Broadway actor Brad Little said “Kim Junsu has the ability to act naturally and communicate with the audience on stage” and the composer Frank Wildhorn also did not spare his praises, saying “if opportunity allows I would like to get him to stand on a stage in Broadway.”

“To be honest, I am a longtime fan of Hankyoreh (T/N: this newspaper). The first time that my name was published with my name on the line, was it 5th grade or 6th grade, was with Hankyoreh. SuJu (Super Junioer)’s Eunhyuk and I performed as the youngest dance group in Korea called SRD (Song, Rap Dance) and Hankyoreh reported and wrote an article for us. It is the first article in my life that was published with my name on the line so I still have it.”

Kim Junsu let out a pregnant remark and grinned. “Hankyoreh, please always spare your strength for justice.”

Source: Hankyoreh
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Exclusive Interview with Junsu: On Life, On His Current and Future Goals

Through pain, I learned life.

Parting with TVXQ…

Challenge to be Musical Actor…

“I’ve come to learn that all problems stem from not making myself grow but rather being satisfied, saying “this much, should be okay.”

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, who is broadening his domain from idol star into a musical actor, opened up his heart in the interview with Focus Shinmum on the 11th, saying “I, too, am a human being before I am a singer.” He has conquered the wounds he endured through the separation process with TVXQ last year by immersing himself into the Musical “Mozart.” Following that, through the musical “Tears of Heaven,” he flowered once more as a musical actor “Kim Junsu.” He said: “I became a much stronger, mature man.” Many people know him as born on January 1 of 1987, but in truth he is born on the year of the Tiger, on December 15th of 1986, as a twin (his older brother is Zuno). He debuted as TVXQ when he was a 2nd year student in high school and now, he’s become a young man of 25.

“While singing the “I needed to learn” in the first scene of the 2nd act of Tears of Heaven, I felt moved at the thought that ‘such is life.’  A situation in which one needs to kill another person in order for myself to live, in order to live and to meet a person that I love, is not something that only happens in war.”

To Kim Junsu, musical is a teacher that teaches life. “Sadder than the fact that it is a society of competition in which one must fight with the other to win is the (fact that we have) circumstances in which one must learn how to push others down in order to survive with those methods.”

Junsu thought of the “good sportsmanship” (T/N: literally, “competition in good faith”) as a method to cure the social conditions like today that goads one to become angry and lose his temper.

“I wish that in our society will operate with the rule in which even if one loses, if the other person has such great qualities that I can accept it, that one humbly accepts the results.”

Kim Junsu’s principle (T/N: This is the same word that is used by Jaejoong when he describes his tattoo on his chest) is to try his best. (Junsu says that) it is because if he does so, even if it does not work out, he will be able to begin something new. When (the newspaper) asked whether he has had anything that he tried but would not work out, he said it was studying.

“In particular, math—as we finished the quadratic formula and moved on to trigonometry, I said: ‘Studying is something that even if one tries it just won’t work.’ (laugh)”

Kim Junsu is currently challenging himself at Popera. Time to time he is taking voice lessons (T/N: the article uses the word 성악 which is traditionally used to denote the kind of singing often done by opera actors). The transformation into a Popera singer from an idol dance singer is, to Junsu, as fervent as the task (T/N: literally, “homework”) that has been thrown on his twenties.

“The sensitivities that a song that is flavored by the (opera) voice is going to be different.”

(Junsu said that) in his thirties, he wishes to be a musician who writes songs. He said that he wants to be a composer who brings the thought of ‘I want to sing Kim Junsu’s song” when he is facing a certain situation.”

In Musical “Mozart” there is a song called “Golden Star.” It is—that you should break out of the tall walls of the castle and find the dream in the wide world and achieve it. In musicals, there are (naturally) parts which overlap with the lives of the audiences themselves and make them reflect upon themselves and bring them to tears. I will always protect you by your side, as an actor who, through musicals, comfort your lives and give you courage.”

Kim Junsu said that he wanted to become a singer who sings life, a musician who arouses memories and inspiration.

Source: Focus Shinmun
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