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A teaser for SungKyunKwan Scandal! I’m getting more and more excited to watch this drama! :)

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100809 THANKSGIVING LIVE Special Screening

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THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Movie Special Screening!

This time, you can see the exciting and impressive live of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN which was held in Tokyo/Osaka in June 2010 (total attendance of 200 thousand) on screen in movie theaters! You can even feel the breathing of the 3 vocalists who represent Asia, throughout this theater live!!

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* In this theater version, the opening and ending which are not included in the DVD will be shown.
* The contents of the event may change.

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Screening period: August 28 (Sat) ~ 1 week limited screening
Screening time: Total 120 minutes
Screening place: 37 theaters nationwide

Ticket: Advanced booking 2000yen, at door 2300yen

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So does this mean the theater screening is a more complete version of the concert compared to the DVD? Gosh, I want to see this!

Yesterday, DBSK performed at the annual Tokyo Meiji Jingu Shrine Fireworks event. They performed 7 songs including “Stand by U”. It’s such a joy knowing and seeing the boys perform together in the midst of all of the issues surrounding them at present. It’s moments like this that I really treasure every instance that I see them together.

Add to that, those who attended the event said  that Yoochun changed his opening statement/rap of “Sky.” Instead of saying the usual summer greeting, he said “TOHOSHINKI FOREVER”. I think that’s more the only thing I really wanted to hear from the very start of this whole issue. I wanted to hear that straight from them – not from any lawyer or whoever – and I thank Yoochun for making me feel at ease now by assuring us that they will still be DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki.

TOHOSHINKI Says Thank You in Jingu Fireworks


Korea 5 members group TVXQ on August 6th conducted a live performance in an annual event Tokyo Meiji Jingu Shrine Fireworks. Jaejoong said, “It’s a great pleasure to participate in the shrine fireworks for the first time. Also a chance to perform many songs, many thanks to you.” while Changmin added, “Please enjoy the live in TVXQ’s way.” sent a great lively atmosphere.

“TOHOSHINKI!!!” the calling broke in from silence, as the members appeared. “Thank you! This is TOHOSHINKI!” they said, in reply to the fans support. “You all come here with your friends and lovers and are having the lovely times, right? We do not have girlfriend…” they started a fascination and humorous talk. “Share The World, PURPLE LINE” were performed, started at 7 pm.

Before the performance, the group’s agency in Japan, the trinamous entertainment AVEX made a statement in the official site, “We (AVEX) will work hard to support Tohoshinki in Japan, watching the warm future of Tohoshinki.”

Today Tohoshinki was in charge as the last performer in the National Stadium. GIRL NEXT DOOR, Asia Engineer, MEGARYU, Satomi Takai performed formerly.

The 30th Jingu Shrine Fireworks this year has a total 12,000 fireworks being shot in the sky. The firework shooting from one single place, and in fact is a big event as the pride of Tokyo.

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Xiahki, Junsu’s beloved dog finally has little puppies! I’m assuming he’s a dad just like Yunho’s Taepung (but someone correct me if Xiahki turns out to be a girl) to these lovely pups. OMG, they look so adorable! Junsu, give me one! :D



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A little info on Changmin’s drama. I guess I have misinterpreted the previous news about this. It will not air at the end of August but rather they will start filming at the end of August (at least that’s what I understand based on what was said below).

OMG, Changmin will act as a married young tycoon? Goodness! LOL. I wonder how Changmin will play this role given to him? Hahaha. I’m excited to see him on a comedy drama. This will be fun! :D

Short information about Changmin’s drama

The magnae of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin, with the background of Jeju island meadow, is casted in romantic comedy drama “Paradise Meadow” and will start the shooting at the end of August or early September.

Paradise Meadow is a story about a divorced couple who comes back to their house to find out that there’s another chance of them to fall in love again. Changmin will act as the 20th years tycoon.

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JaeJoong conversed via phone to one of the guests (or is it the host) in the show Quiz to Change the World. He was in Japan that time and this took place before the whole issue vs. SM came out. I think it’s the same show where Changmin and Yunho guested on last year.

TVXQ’s Member Hero Jaejoong Voice Appearance in Quiz to Change The World

The member from group TVXQ, Hero Jaejoong who is recently having an controversy for suing his agency SM Entertainment will appear only in voice in program “Quiz to Change The World”.

In the recording of MBC “Quiz to Change The World” which will broadcast on August 8th, at the solo scene where Lee Min Woo took “sudden performance” corner, without noticement he’s transferred in a phone call where Jaejoong made his surprise appearance being someone Min Woo found across the line.

Min Woo who happened to call Jaejoong who was currently in Japan was surprised, yet they had a good time through the phonecall. In meantime, this telerecording was made before the lawsuit against SM submitted.

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It’s a video of a DBSK fan playing the violin and cello version of Love in the Ice as her entry for Seoul Dream Contest. It’s really nice! I love it! It made the song sound even more emotional than it already is. I really hope she wins the contest! Good luck! :D

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