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If this is true, then I can only laugh at Avex’ childishness and greed. This good for nothing company is actually enraged because they cannot make profits from JYJ’s activities. What they’re doing is only damaging their image more. Poor thing!

110725 Avex Sues The Sumo Association For 143.4 Million Yen

T/N: This article was translated from the magazine Shuukan Genzai. It’s a rather disorganized article and contains factual errors, so please take this article with a pinch of salt. Also, additional translator notes had to be added to make more sense out of this article, so please bear with me)

Even if you’ve never heard of the popular Korean idol group JYJ, you would probably be familiar with the name “Tohoshinki.” 5-man boyband Tohoshinki is a highly popular group that was ranked as the no.2 best selling artist for CDs & DVDs last year in Japan, with earnings close to  9.4 billion yen.

However, unexpected trouble has arisen due to their “Charity concert” which was held in the Ryogoku Kokugikan on 7 June this year.

Tohoshinki’s management company in Japan, the large recording label Avex has announced that they are currently suing the Japan Sumo Association, who owns and manages the Kokugikan. We will talk about the details of this lawsuit a little later,  but Tohoshinki has been facing various issues within the year.

During spring of last year, 3 of the 5 members in Tohoshinki revealed their unhappiness with the low amount of remuneration they were receiving, and broke away from their (Korean) management company, which is one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. They became independent and started activities as “JYJ.” At the same time, they also left their Japanese management company Avex, and started doing activities independently. Currently, the two remaining members are continuing their promotional activities as “Tohoshinki.”

(T/N: This is a factual error. JYJ signed a new contract with Avex initially as JEJUNG/JUNSU/YUCHUN (JJY), which led to the release of the “The..” album as well as the “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” concerts, with Avex announcing the suspension of JYJ’s activities later in the year citing reasons as stated below)

However, it was later discovered that JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment’s representative was involved in gang-related activities, and this was picked up by the sports papers. (T/N: Sports papers = Japanese tabloids)


Sending Propaganda Vehicles to Avex

Furthermore, this issue became complicated in May this year.

“On the morning of 6 May, in Tokyo’s Bunkyo City,  near Avex’s Executive Vice President Chiba Ryuhei’s home, right-wing propaganda vehicles turned up in an aggressive manner.

While yelling “AVEX!” they continuously played the Japanese anthem at a loud volume in the quiet residential area. These propaganda activities would happen for around 15 minutes at a time, and occur several times a day, continuing for a week. Chiba’s family were emotionally run down, and were too afraid to even step out of the house. Naturally, the police officers in the area came and gave repeated warnings about this.

Around the same time, the same propaganda vehicles visited the Avex head office in Aoyama, shouting about the nuclear plant and other unknown issues before leaving. The volume could be heard so loudly that it affected the operations within the office.”
– Representative from the Police

The famous right-wing group that sent the vehicles explained that the protest was due to Avex’s actions to demand a prohibition.

<Korea’s JYJ planned to hold a charity concert in Saitama Super Arena aid of victims of the Tohoku Earthquake, an undertaking which would have contributed approximately 100 million yen but Avex used tyrannical methods to stop this from happening. When we heard about this….(omitted)  we felt that this was abhorrent behavior and therefore decided to protest against it.>
According to this right-wing group, JYJ had been planning for this charity since May of this year.

“Initially they planned to hold it at Tokyo Dome, and we received an inquiry from them. However, we hold the management rights within the country, and having this concert with such disregard would be a breach of contract, and therefore could not be allowed. The event location was informed that they would be held responsible as well, so Tokyo Dome refused to give its approval (for the event.)

C-Jes then approached Yokohama Arena, Saitama Super Arena and others, for a location to hold the event. We received inquiries from various locations and we gave the same explanation, requesting for them to desist. “
– Avex related personnel

Saitama Super Arena, who had already started selling tickets, panicked and withdrew (from the agreement) after receiving this notice from Avex.

Immediately after this, the protests happened.  Where the right-wing group heard about the event is unclear but, “After so much effort in organizing a charity event that could raise 100 million yen for the disaster victims, why are you raising objections and preventing the event from happening,” they argued with good reason.

It was around this time that suspicious people started “paying visits” to Avex.

Just before Golden Week, a man claiming to be from another right-wing group visited Avex, saying “The Koreans are helping to raise relief funds for the Japanese, so why are you causing problems for them?” and other things, raising his voice at the staff who served him.

Also, there was an incident of a man holding a name card of another group visiting the head office building, but was stopped by the security personnel.

Warnings Were Issued To (Japan Sumo Association) Chairman Hanaregoma

All of a sudden, the 7 June concert was to be held at the Kokugikan.

“An email came, with contents that said something similar to, “To the fans, this wouldn’t exactly be called a concert but more of a fanmeeting.” Although this was announced just before the event was held, most of the fans participated very happily. The tickets cost 8,500 yen per person. Compared to the time of Tohoshinki, the trio’s dances may seem a little lacking in power, and it was a pity that they couldn’t sing Tohoshinki songs, but the fans were really passionate as they were finally able to see the three members after a long time.“
– Female fan who attended the concert

However, Avex was enraged by this sudden concert. “We informed all concert venues that JYJ and C-JeS were in breach of contract, and requested for them not to hold the concert. However, the Kokugikan silently pushed through with it.

“On 10 May, we issued a warning letter addressed to the Executive Director of the Japan Sumo Association(JSA) and distinctly requested for a cancellation. But a representative of the Sumo Association called us on 12 May and said “Settle the problem among yourselves,” “Because we have already given them approval to use the venue, and also received payment.” in a hostile manner.  On 2 June, just before the concerts, we sent another warning to Chairman Hanaregoma, but was completely ignored.”
– Avex related personnel

Avex even applied for a provisional disposition to prevent the concert from happening, but it was held nonetheless. And now, they are now suing the Sumo Association and its management partners, requesting for 143.4 million yen in compensation at the Tokyo district courts.

This compensation amount was calculated from the expected profit that Avex would have earned as the rightful management company, if they had held the concert.

“All of the concert venues in Japan refused to hold this concert because they knew about the problems between ourselves, the right-wing groups and gang-related people. But for some reason, the Kokugikan agreed (to hold this concert.) We suspect that it’s possible that they may be connected to those (right-wing groups and/or gangs) sides”
– Avex management staff

The Sumo circle have always seen gang-related people sitting in the “ijiin” seats (T/N: the best seats closest to the sumo ring) , and there has been rumours that the “oyakatas” (T/N: Sumo coaches) have gang connections as well. With regards to this lawsuit, the Sumo Association said, “ We have yet to be able to verify this writ, so we are unable to reply to your inquiries.”

For the Sumo Association, who were finally able to hold their “Grand Tournament,” after being plagued by misfortune, a popular idol group concert would definitely have been something that they would want very badly. However, it resulted in them antagonizing a big record company.

Source : [Shuukan Genzai]
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110603 C-JeS Press Release – Regarding The Lawsuit Filed Against Avex Management

With regards to the yesterday’s withdrawal of the provisional injunction, it was withdrawn due to the following case.

Currently, Avex is asserting that JYJ’s exclusive management contract termination is not valid, and used unfair influences to conduct obstructive measures against the charity event in question.

We have decided to take action against this, and from now on, will assert the legitimacy of our company in the courts of law.

About The Lawsuit Filed Against Avex Management

With regards to our company and our company’s artist JYJ’s activities, we would like to report that we filed a lawsuit against Avex Management for an injunction against the obstruction of our company’s management activities.

Our company had been planning to hold the JYJ Tohoku earthquake charity event which is scheduled for 7 June, and although we had gotten consent from the planned venue Saitama Super Arena (SSA) and sold tickets, it became a situation where the SSA homepage put up a notice stating that “it was decided that it would not be appropriate to approve the use of our venue.” The change in venue brought about inconvenience and confusion to everyone who had purchased the tickets, and we apologise for the worry caused.

This situation was a result of a message from Avex to the SSA side, with the key point being that “Without Avex as a proxy, JYJ cannot hold activities as artists in Japan,” so “we request that the use of venue for JYJ’s artists’ activities be denied,” and this was how things started.

However, our company and Avex’s exclusive contract for JYJ had been terminated on 22 February of this year, due to the non-fulfilment of obligations, and with this termination, Avex had lost their exclusive rights over the management of JYJ in Japan. Accordingly, Avex’s reason given to SSA for the request to not approve the use of their location was actually an untruth.

Our company had been in preliminary discussions with Avex, with the consideration of the fans and artists’ wellbeing as our top priority, and were in discussions with Avex with the aim of resolution. However, Avex had unilaterally announced the suspension of JYJ’s activities in Japan, and Avex had not fulfilled any of its promised management duties in Japan as per the contract for over half a year, so we were forced to terminate the contract with Avex due to breach of contract.

Despite this, Avex insists that the termination of the current contract is invalid, and for this charity event and personally, without taking any form of legal action, used their influential power as a big corporation and told untruths to the venue side from the background, utilizing unfair influences to obstruct this charity event.

In light of the abovementioned actions from Avex, our company had requested for a proper verdict from courts, and although we had been forced to seek a preliminary injunction against Avex from the Tokyo District Courts a few days ago,  given the current circumstances of the charity event being just around the corner, it was decided that we would not continue with the lawsuit against Avex, as stated in the topic (of this press release).

In the future, we will be asserting our company’s legitimacy in the courts of law, but for this charity event, and with the fans’ and artists’ wellbeing being our priority,  we will continue to do our best. We thank everyone for their understanding.

Source : [C-JeS]
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110603 JYJ Withdraws Their ‘Lawsuit Against Avex’.. Why?

It has been found that JYJ(Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) have withdrawn their provisional injunctions against TVXQ’s Japanese agency Avex for obstructions against JYJ’s concert, at the Tokyo local district courts.

On the 2nd, Avex revealed on its official website that, ‘On May 27th, C-JeS Entertainment(JYJ’s management agency) withdrew their provisional injunctions without waiting for the verdict of the Courts.’

Regarding the action, Avex stated that they were ‘were confident that this case would be dismissed’ and that, ‘Zak Corp. and C-JeS had considered that it would have been difficult for their two claims to stand, and had decided to abandon this application for provision injunction.’

Even before the withdrawal of the provisional injunctions, Avex took a strong stance on the issue as they stated, ‘The charity event for the victims of the earthquake was planned without the permission of Avex, who have the sole rights to the management of JYJ’s Japanese activities,’ and ‘We have done nothing but react accordingly and rightfully to this violation.”

C-JeS, along with Zak Corporation, had filed two provisional injunctions against Avex on the cancellation of JYJ’s charity event, stating that, ‘The actions of Avex and their obstructions against JYJ’s concert were unlawful.’

Prain, the PR agency of JYJ, stated, “The litigations were taken up against Avex to protest the violent obstructions by Avex against JYJ’s Japanese concert,” and “But JYJ are now able to perform on the 7th, bringing us to the conclusion that there is no need to carry through with the injunctions, which lead to its withdrawal.”

Source: [edaily star in]
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Japan’s Consumer Agency to Investigate Avex Causing JYJ’s Exclusion from Oricon

T/N: JYJ Their Rooms, the Japanese community that organized the Demand Letter, has published the following entry on its blog:

The Activities Of the Café/Community, Report No. 1

Everyone, we are always thankful for the  (support) for the demand petition and your valuable opinions. We are  always taking into consideration your opinions. We wish to maximize the  meaning/effect of these valuable opinions and your signatures.

We are examining many options and we report one among them.

Yesterday, we telephoned the Consumer Agency regarding the matter of Oricon.

In truth, we had already called  (someone) when the JYJ products were excluded from the Oricon rankings,  and had received the answer of “we heard that there are no problems  because it is not a product that is different from its markings.”

Therefore, we were preparing ourselves for receiving the same answer when we called (the Consumer Agency).

However,  the Consumer Agency said that: “Are you saying that Avex sold the JYJ  products when (it is saying that) JYJ’s activities are suspended? That  is a contradiction.”

Also,  we asked the agency to check the sites that seemed to be potentially  good materials, and it said: “This seems to have problems with the  markings. We will investigate.”

We received the answer that they will investigate.

Though our request for investigation is  finished with this call, for a more in-depth investigation, we will send  the Consumer Agency organized materials (for its perusal).

Therefore we had been inviting your  opinions since a few days ago. Would it be alright if we sent these  opinions together as the “Voice of the Consumer”? We do not send the  e-mail address or such information. Those that request anonymity or  those that are unrelated to Oricon will also not be sent.

Those persons who wish that their opinions not be sent, please comment under this entry.

Those persons who think that “I have not  commented yet, I will send my opinion!” should please send in their  comments within the morning of tomorrow.

The comments are limited to the matter of Oricon. We ask for your help and understanding.

This activity is not undertaken merely  by the staff of the café/community but rather through the cooperation of  many people (outside of it). We want to take this opportunity to thank  them.

We are thankful that you have helped us  in this endeavor. This was something that just could not be accomplished  with only the staff of the café/community.

We still have far to go. Thank you.

Furthermore, those who have sent us  their opinions through e-mail and such, we are taking them into  consideration. If you have opinions or suggestions in the future we ask  that you e-mail us.

The supportive messages from the foreign fans also strengthen us. Thank you.

Source: JYJ Their Rooms
Translation Credit: JYJ3

110429 “Why Prevent Aid For Earthquake Victims?” Japanese Fans Raise Objections To Cancellation Of JYJ’s Japan Event

JYJ’s Charity Event for the Tohoku Earthquake was cancelled due to the big Japanese corporation AVEX, and the Japanese fans have stood up to raise their objections to this.

JYJ’s management company C-JeS had recently applied for an injunction to the Tokyo District courts claiming that “Avex is using inappropriate means to prevent the concert from happening.”

In relation to this, C-JeS, via their company homepage, left a message for the Japanese fans saying “For the sake of repaying everybody for their love, we planned a charity concert in hopes that we would recover from the Tohoku Earthquake as soon as possible. However, even though we pushed forward with the thoughts of wanting to do whatever we can, regardless of our intention, the cancellation of the concert, as well as other troubles occurred.  The tickets had already been sold, and to everybody who had been looking forward to the concert, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Following that, they also said “When I thought about the Japanese fans who had been waiting for JYJ’s performance for a long time, I decided that we cannot showcase a slipshod performance. We considered cancelling the performance, but to keep the promise that we made to the fans who have been silently waiting and believing in JYJ, we decided that the performance will go on.”

The local Japanese fans have also voiced strong objections to this. On 19 April, the Japanese fans submitted their collective viewpoint to Avex, saying “In September of last year, Avex announced that JYJ’s activities would be suspected, robbing us JYJ fans of the opportunity to listen to them sing.” “During this period, the fans have been waiting for JYJ to resume activities in Japan, but so far, Avex has yet to give us a proper explanation for the suspension of their activities.”

Furthermore, the Japanese fans pointed out that despite Avex’s suspension of JYJ’s activities, they had continued to sell JYJ’s albums and DVDs, as well as other issues. Fans said, “As fans and consumers, we deserve an explanation for this contradicting situation. If the situation cannot be improved, please resolve the contract issues as soon as possible, and return JYJ to us!”

Finally, the Japanese fans said, “We hope that Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu can walk freely on this new musical path, and fans can freely enjoy their music.” “This petition has nothing to do with either C-JeS or the 3 members of JYJ, and it was not discussed with them beforehand, and is purely the opinion of the Japanese fans.”

A related personnel said, “This is different from the active methods of the Korean fans, who have put up numerous advertisements so far. Till now, the Japanese fans have always been very quiet. However, this incident is due to the fact that the Japanese fans are no longer able to tolerate Avex’s obstruction of JYJ’s activities in Japan.”

With regards to this incident, the Avex side announced on 28 April that “Our company had repeatedly raised strong objections to the C-JeS side, but they still decided to push forward with the ticket sales.” “As we hold the exclusive rights, it is only natural that we take proper action against such acts of (rights) infringement.”

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Mydaily]
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110428 Kim Junho Tweets About His Decision To Work With Avex Despite Its Relationship With His Brother

An article regarding the Japanese company I’ll be working with has finally been published. I think there will be lot of people who worry and have unkind things to say about the decision. I had been talking to this agency even before the guys’ problem arose, and I finally made the decision to pursue the venture, seven months since the happening began, after thinking about it and discussing it with my family and those around me.

We’ve settled it so that there is a minimum chance of the situation becoming a problem, so please don’t worry about it too much. I, too, thought long and hard before laying down this decision. Though you may say that it was the wrong decision to make, it has been made and I must take full responsibility of what is to come. I just hope you do not hurt my family. I will just work hard. I’m sorry and I thank you all.

Source: [Junho’s Twitter]
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