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120525 JYJ’s Yoochun, “Rooftop Prince” Is No.1 In Ratings For Wednesday-Thurday Dramas In The Final Episode

As the battle between the 3 broadcast stations come to a close, “Rooftop Prince” emerged victorious in the last round.

KBS2TV’s “The Equator Man” and MBC’s “The King2Hearts” as well as SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” started their broadcast on 21 May, and ended on 24 May.

The ratings war for these dramas were intense. Initially, it was “The King2Hearts”. This drama started off with a viewership of 16.2%, with “Rooftop Prince” at 9.8% and “The Equator Man” at 7.7% ratings.

However, after just 2 weeks, the ratings gap between the 3 stations’ dramas became a lot closer, and the battle intensified. On 5 April, the 6th episode of “Rooftop Prince” hit ratings of 12.5%, overtaking “The King2Hearts” which recorded 12.1% to take the top position. But due to the goverment elections, both “Rooftop Prince” and “The King2Hearts” delayed their broadcast, and with only “The Equator Man” airing, it recorded ratings of 14.3% and caught up with the others.

“The Equator Man” managed to maintain its top position, aside for the day after the elections (12 April) when it was beaten by “Rooftop Prince”, till the last episode, but “Rooftop Prince” managed a dramatic comeback and took over the no. 1 spot for this final episode.

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120525 Park Yoochun – Han Jimin’s Vow Of Love, Viewers’ “Best Ending”

The happy ending for the time-travel romance drama, SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” has earned the viewers’ praise.

Broadcast on the night of 24 May, in the last episode of “Rooftop Prince”, the mystery of the crown princess murder was solved. Buyong (Played by Han Ji Min) had replaced the crown princess (Jung Yoomi) and fell into the Lotus pond to save her beloved Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) from the crown princess’s plot to murder him.

(Rest of the plot is omitted)

Park Ha, who opens a fruit juice store in Seoul meets Yong Taeyong who is a customer, but does not see his face as she is troubled. Later, she discovers a postcard at her door, with the signature “ㅌㅇ” and her sketch on it. Park Ha follows the card’s invitation and goes to Namsam tower, and meets Yong Taeyong there. Taeyong asks, “Why are you so late, I have been waiting for a long time” and Park Ha asks, “Where were you? I have been here all this while” and the two hold hands, as Taeyong becomes Lee Gak, dressed in his royal robes. With the commentary saying “Even after 300 years, I will still love you” and has a happy ending.

After the drama was broadcast, viewers responded, saying “It’s a happy ending, but my heart still aches. It’s sad that we won’t be able to see this sweet couple again” “This is the most beautiful ending among the recent dramas.” “This is my dream romance, both of them are beautiful” “Rooftop Prince, even after 300 years, I will still remember you” and other praises.

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Since I wasn’t able to comment much on Rooftop Prince while it was airing, I’d like to leave some final comments now that it’s finished.

Rooftop Prince is actually a good drama. I’m not saying this just because Yoochun is the lead actor but simply because I enjoyed watching it. I think it has the right mix of mystery, suspense, romance, comedy and drama. Though some episodes – in my opinion – were a bit dragging, I found myself looking forward to each episode. I credit this to my desire to know the mystery behind the murder of the Crown Princess during the Joseon time and how it is link to the characters of the modern world.

I liked Yoochun’s acting here better than his acting in his first two dramas. I came to know that Yoochun can actually act in any genre – comedy, romance, drama – and still be an effective actor. Add to that, I really like Yoochun and Han Jimin’s chemistry on screen. I found myself giggling when they’re bickering or whenever they have a romantic moment. I’d love to see their pairing on a drama again in the future.

As for the ending, I like how the mystery of the Crown Princess’ death was explained in the last episode and I’m happy that I could actually see the link of what happened to Prince Lee Gak in the modern world to what happened to Joseon 300 years ago.

However, I felt a bit disappointed of the ending. I kinda felt it was unfair for Prince Lee Gak to be left alone with no Park Ha or Bu Young to be with him after everything that he’s been through in the modern world. While on the other hand Yong Tae Yong, who only appeared in the first and the final episodes, gets to be with Park Ha. I mean, seriously, that’s unfair.

But anyway, even if I had some complaints about the ending of the Lee Gak – Park Ha couple, I can still say that I enjoyed Rooftop Prince and I highly recommend it to those who want to watch a drama with a good mix of everything. ;)


120525 JYJ Yoochun, Grows Stronger With “Rooftop Prince” … “Shining Acting Skills”

Overcoming his sadness, JYJ member Park Yoochun’s acting shone till the end.

In the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince”, the “Sugar cube” couple Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) and Park Ha (Han Jimin) share an emotional love that crosses through 300 years, and ended on 24 May.

The strict image of the crown prince from the Joseon era, the happy image in the modern day where he works hard to deal with society, and the tender image during his romantic moments with Park Ha, Yoochun displays various charms in his role, showing an even more mature image that helped drive the atmosphere of the drama.

Yoochun’s role as Lee Gak is in harmony with his previous characters in KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and MBC’s “Miss Ripley”, and he, who is well loved by the viewers, has expressed various characters well. With the unique nature of a Time slip, he had to move back and forth between a period drama and modern drama, and he performed both roles perfectly in a fresh and interesting manner.

Also, despite the the difficult period at the beginning of the drama where time was tight and his dearest father had left the world, he held it in and performed passionately, shining even brighter. During then, Yoochun, who returned to the set of “Rooftop Prince” earlier than expected to continue shooting, had thought of the fans, viewers, the staff who were working hard and felt that he could not wait any longer.

In the middle of filming, Yoochun had tweeted on his personal account, with the message “Father, I want to meet you. So much so that I’m going crazy”*, worrying the fans, and recently he tweeted, “These last few days of filming will feel longer but go by faster than any other day. Rooftop Prince is a production that gave me sorrow and joy… and has made me a stronger person,” showing that he has become stronger.

Amidst a busy schedule, he was also faced with the crisis of a traffic accident. Early this month, Yoochun met with a traffic accident while travelling to his shooting location, and said that he felt pain in his neck and waist, but due to his tight schedule, he did not go to the hospital and continued filming, which shocked everyone around him.

Even though he went through difficult trials, Yoochun expressed his own role very well, making “Rooftop Prince” shine even brighter.

(*T/N : I believe the article writer paraphrased what Yoochun had tweeted since this is a Japanese source, and I dont recall seeing a tweet like that…)

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120522 JYJ Yoochun, Gives His Comments As “Rooftop Prince” Comes To An End…”It Made Me Stronger”

JYJ member Park Yoochun talked about his feelings towards the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince”, which is ending soon.

On the early afternoon of 22 May, Yoochun posted on his own twitter account, saying “These last few days of filming will feel longer but go by faster than any other day. Rooftop Prince is a production that gave me sorrow and joy… and has made me a stronger person.”

In response to this, co-star and actor Lee Taesung said, “‘Rooftop ‘All-nighter’..We don’t have much time left! Crown Prince, be strong so you can pull all-nighters!” Netizens who saw this said, “It’s a pity that the drama is ending” “Fighting till the end!” and other responses.

“Rooftop Prince” that stars Yoochun, will be ending its broadcast on 24 May.

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120517 Park Minyoung, “The Similarities Between JYJ’s Jaejoong And Yoochun Are…”

Park Minyoung has revealed the similarities between JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong.

Park Minyoung attended the MBC new drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” press conference in the Lotte Hotel in Sogongdong, Seoul with Jaejoong, and had previously worked with JYJ member Yoochun in the KBS2TV drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, and said that they “are similar.”

When Park Minyoung was asked to “compare the charms of Jaejoong and Yoochun whom you had previously worked with”, she said “Instead of saying that I should compare between their charms, I think that the feeling I have after working together on projects is that both men are similar in the aspect that they both work really hard,” she said. Also, “During ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ I was really surprised at how hard Yoochun worked, but I’m also surprised at how well prepared Jaejoong is this time.”

Following that, she said, “This is Jaejoong’s first period drama, but he looks at the script in such a familiar manner. Even during the first reading, Jaejoong could remember everything.”

At this point, Jaejoong denied this, and looked embarrassed, and Park Minyoung said, “Jaejoong is really good at memorizing. I think the way both Jaejoong and Yoochun prepare themselves so well makes them similar.” Also, “Both men have different charms visually. Jaejoong suits charismatic roles better,” she said.

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120517 JYJ Jaejoong, “Yoochun Had High Praises For Park Minyoung”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who is challenging acting in a period drama, revealed that fellow JYJ member Yoochun had high praises for Park Minyoung.

Jaejoong said,  “Yoochun, Minyoung and I are of the same age. About Minyoung, Yoochun said that even though she is an actress of the same age as us, he told me that she is graceful yet has an inner strength about her. When I met her in person, I felt a strength about her that cannot be described in words. Yoochun advised, ‘she is a really good actress, so you have to work really hard’” a display of their outstanding teamwork.

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120517 JYJ’s Yoochun, What “Practical” Advice Did He Give Jaejoong For “Time Slip Dr. Jin”?

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is challenging a period drama, revealed the “practical” advice that his group mate Yoochun, who has experience with period dramas, had given him.

Jaejoong said, “ He (Yoochun) did not give me any special advice on acting. It’s a bit strange, but he said that with the topknot tied, it becomes difficult to control your expressions well. He also said that when closing your eyes, it cannot be closed completely and other specific details. I heard that it becomes a bit of a problem to maintain your expressions in such circumstances.”

Jaejoong also revealed what Yoochun had taught him. Jaejoong said, “When the drama and personal schedules are lined up one after the other, the topknot will be tied for a very long time, and your forehead will be stressed for more than 10 hours. Because of this, he said that there will be times which it becomes difficult. Also, because we’re filming in summer, he also told me to be careful because the color of the skin beneath the topknot will change,” Jaejoong said and laughed.

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LOL at Yoochun for giving such an advice to JaeJoong. Having acted in two period dramas, I’m sure Yoochun knew how hard it is to film wearing old Korean costumes and topknots. I just found it cute how he cares so much about JaeJoong’s head/forehead. Hahaha!