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Some screen caps of the guys’ guesting on KBS radio show Sukira, Kiss the Radio where Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Eeteuk are the hosts.

The last three above are gifs. Here are the larger versions:

[Credit: sannie + tvxqforever + deNain@ soompi]

Jae and Junsu arrived there wearing masks. =( But eventually, Junsu removed his while Jae wore it all throughout the show. Looks like they had fun even though they’re sick. The first gif was cute! Jae hugged Eunhyuk while in turn, Eunhyuk kissed(?) Jae. Hahaha! Jae, you’re trying to spread your virus to Super Junior members, too? LOL. There were some “actions” between the two leaders, too! Check out the last gif. Hahaha! Yunho and Eeteuk were “at it” again. :D

The unsubbed videos are already available on YouTube. Here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

EDIT: Two people are already subbing the videos but not all the parts are subbed as of yet (October 2). I’ll just post a link to their channels so that you can check if they’re done in subbing all the parts. Here are the links:



It’s the translation of the message he left on their official website.

Hello, I’m YoungWoong JaeJoong!
Finally, today is the first broadcast of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Comeback~!

I have been waiting and now that the long awaited first broadcast is here..,
the members caught a flu..

That kind of nervousness when we were going up the stage..
Phew…can we really performe well?

I kept thinking what am i going to do if something goes wrong?
Really worried…

In my mind i thought even this was not a 100% performance..
we really did our best for today’s comeback stage…
This is how i felt and the members really did well.. ㅠ ㅠ
I’m thankful to our members…

And how would i not know…Cassiopeia who always cheer for us so hard…
Our pride..Cassiopeia…
The pride Cassiopeia has in our performance…
I’m really sorry we couldn’t show you the perfect stage…

We are doing very well now to keep up our best condition..!
So from our next performance on, it will be the best…
We will show you the performace that you are cheering for…!^^

Today i felt my condition is still lacking…
but I’m happy because we are able to see each other for a long time…
I’m really thankful…^^

Afterall, nothing’s changed.,,!
We are always the Dong Bang Shin Ki with the unchanged heart~
From now on, let’s together work even harder!

Well then, we’ll see you at our next performance^^

[Credit: mahkceb@dbsg.lj]

Poor Jae… he looks so sick in that picture. It looks like the boys were worried of their comeback performance, too. Awww… they shouldn’t worry too much because their performances at Inkigayo were VERY GOOD. Even though they were sick, they were able to pull through the performances. I’m really proud of the boys. Only DBSK can give such performances despite being sick.

Again, get well soon guys! We’re here to support you no matter what. :D

Here is a translation of the messages of Super Junior’s Kangin and Sungmin adressed to their fanclub,  ELF, to show their support for DBSK’s 4th album.

[Credit: as tagged +]

I was supposed to post this days ago but since there’s a rule at Yunho-sshi that we can only take out and post translations elsewhere after 48 hours from it’s posting date, I had to wait before I can post it here. I’m an obedient girl and I respect the rules that’s why I’m only sharing it now. Hahaha. There’s a bunch of new translations there but since I have to wait for 48 hours, maybe I can only post them here tomorrow or some other day. =)

LOL at Kangin’s message. He’s really a funny guy! He’s asking ELF to support DBSK’s 4th album just because he wants free food. Hahaha! But of course we all know that whether there’s food involved or not, he really cares for his sunbae and dongsaengs and wants the success of their 4th album. I just noticed that JaeJoong and him seems really close since they always joke around each other. I can’t wait for DBSK to guest on ChinChin radio. I’m sure that’ll be fun!

Sungmin’s message was a bit funny, too but it’s a lot more serious than Kangin’s. :D I love the way he wrote “I am 100% under their spell”. He sounded like a fangirl. LOL. And the latter part of his message was so sweet. He was a bit sentimental and he reminisced the old times when they were still trainees. DBSK and Super Junior are REAL brothers. I just love them! :)

This is the most recent entry on the Staff Diary section on their website. The staff members are sure fast on updating. LOL.


Hello, this is T.

Monday, September 29, 2008!

The new week began.

Today’s weather is a bit rough.

Please watch out for your health.

In particular, please do not catch a cold

Yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008

The first stage on SBS Inkigayo was held…

‘MIROTIC’, ‘Love in the ice’, ‘Hey’, too.(t/n: was performed )

Even during the pre-recording, thank you for all your cheers.

Also, not everyone can come to watch but

you can watch the live broadcasts of Dong Bang Shin Ki

I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to get together and make it.

Now, you can see a picture of the atmosphere yesterday?

This was during the Love In The Ice stage of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

In addition, while on the air (t/n: while recording)

I’ll put a picture of the look of Dong Bang Shin Ki member’s faces…

We’ll continue to work for TVXQ’s 4th album

You give a lot of love and attention please.

And today Dong Bang Shin Ki will be on the radio

KBS-R Leeteuk and Eunhyuk of Kiss the Radio season 2 will be with everyone on the radio

Please do not forget to get together! ^ _ ^



Awww… even though the boys tired to sime for the camera, they still don’t look well on the second picture. I hope they’ll get well soon so that we can all witness the best of DBSK on their next performances! :D

It’s a cut from the DVD included in version B of the album. This is the video of JaeJoong interviewing Yunho and fortunately, it’s subbed. :D

[Credit: YunhoLoverXD]

So, the interviews by the members were conducted when they were doing their A-Nation tour?  JaeJoong looks kind of energetic on this one… well at least I think he’s more energetic than his condition now. Hahaha.

Speaking of A-Nation, here’s a video of them singing Doushite… and Summer Dream. It’s an official video and not a fancam so the quality is good. =)

[Credit: 1988yuming0218]

I love Summer Dream! Every time they perform it, they are full of energy and they look like little kids doing their dance steps. LOL. And oh, are those tattoos I see on Jae and Junsu’s arms? But I guess, they’re fake since they don’t have tattoos on their arms now, right?

It’s finally out, too! It’s basically the same with the Korean version with just some slight differences on the boys’ expressions and the angles of the shots. But nevertheless, I suggest you still watch it because after all, the boys still look hot. ;)

[Credit: joongiefiedportia33]

It sounded kinda weird, don’t you think? Or maybe I just got used to the Korean version because I’ve been listening to it for more than 200 times now. Hahaha.

Yunho was touched by his fans’ special gift to him. His fans made a charitable donation of 20,000,000 won named it under Yunho’s name. He was made aware of this yesterday when his fans approached him after their Inkigayo performance.

DBSK INspires Charitable Donation

Recent fancams of DBSK members with a blind piano prodigy melted hearts all over the world, while the comeback stage made fangirls scream their heads off. Now, leader Yunho’s fans give him a truly special gift.

After their first promotional performance on the 28th, Yunho’s fans gave him a receipt of a donation made in his name to a children’s foundation, in the amount of 20,000,000 won.

Yunho was very touched by this gesture, and said this was the best present he could have hoped for, especially since he refused the fans’ extravagant birthday presents to him, and asked them to give the presents to those who need them more. It seems the fans really listened.

Some may say the boys are boring goody two-shoes, but I say DBSK is exactly what idols should be: inspiring and talented role models.


Wow, Yunho must be deeply moved by what his fans had done. I’m sure he’s proud them for doing such a noble action. These are few of the things that fans do which really touch and leave a mark on the boys’ hearts more than the expensive gifts they give them. I coudn’t agree more to the writer’s last sentence. Other people may say that DBSK members are just trying to win the hearts of many by “faking” to be good boys but I truly believe that their kindness and compassion is genuine and sincere. I just hope they serve as insipration and role models to other artists and to ordinary people as well. =)