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A few weeks ago, it was already announced that the ban on DBSK’s song Mirotic was already lifted since SM won the case against the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs who put a restriction on DBSK’s 4th album due to the supposed “indecent” meaning of Mirotic’s lyrics during the time of the 4th Korean album promotions.

But looks like the Korean Ministry refuses to back down and admit defeat.

Government Appeals to Define TVXQ’s Song “Lewd”

Asian pop sensation TVXQ’s song “Mirotic” is under scrutiny once again as regulators are set to determine whether the phrase “I got you under my skin” is lewd.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday that it will appeal to a high court against a local court’s scrapping the song from “harmful material for youth list”. The Youth Protection Committee, under the ministry, held an emergency meeting the same day and confirmed that the lyrics were inappropriate for teenagers to listen to.

The decision comes after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled the committee had to rescind its order to the group to change some of the lyrics when singing on stage and put stickers on CDs indicating the album was banned from sale to those under 19.

The committee said last November that the song was harmful to the young since its lyrics, “You want me, you give yourself up to me, you’re mad at me” and “I got you under my skin”, may imply sexual acts.

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I tell you, the members of the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs have gone nuts. Why won’t these dirty-minded people  just let the issue go and let everyone be at peace. Please excuse the word I used to describe them but really, only people with a malicious mind would give that kind of “meaning” to the song. I mean, sure it may be quite suggestive if you take it literally but if you choose to dig deeper into it, it could have a different meaning to it. These people are just too stubborn to even consider any possible explanations to the lyrics of “Mirotic”. Besides, what’s the use of pursuing this issue further? DBSK has already successfuly finished the promotions of the 4th Korean album and are now busy working in Japan promoting their 4th Japanese album and preparing for their tour. Whether the ban is lifted or not, it won’t have much of an effect on them anymore. Furthermore, 500,000+ copies of the album were already sold meaning 500,000+ fans are already in possession of the said album. What’s the use of all of this commotion then? Sometimes, I just pity people who still tries to fight in a battle which is obviously over a long time ago. I just hope that someone would knock some sense on these people and bring them back to reality. This issue is over. Just let it go and move on.