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The PV isn’t officially released yet. This is from a fan who recorded the whole PV from a Hello Kitty store in Japan. Currently, it is being played in a couple of Hello Kitty stores already. This fancam is pretty good, a bit shaky but clear enough for us to watch the whole PV.

What do I think about this PV? I LOVE IT TO BITS! There’s no other word I can use to describe it but simply PRECIOUS. This is one of the most simple yet very beautiful PVs/MVs I’ve ever seen. It’s not flashy and did not make use of cutting-edge special effects but it’s AMAZING the way it is. I love how the whole mini city suddenly became colorful and all the static figures began moving. The burst of colors and the concept of the PV may seem a bit “childish” (I don’t know which word to use) but it’s definitely relaxing and conveys a very meaningful message. I felt relieved off all the stress I’ve been having even for just five minutes of watching this PV. I don’t know if it’s just me but  while watching the PV, it had a certain effect on me where I somehow seemingly went back to my childhood where everything seems so simple and worry-free. Add to that, JaeJoong and Yoochun’s smiles are just LOVE. Looking at them smile also made me smile and MELT right on the spot. I seriously looked like a crazy fangirl giggling  and screaming all by myself every time I see JaeJoong and Yoochun’s smiles. The last part where they were both smiling is definitely the highlight of the PV. I swear I felt like I’m in HEAVEN when I saw their gorgeous smiles. This PV is definitely on my “favorites” list from now on and I can’t wait for the clear version!

[Video credit: ILKJJ]


A very short preview of JaeJoong and Yoochun’s “Colors ~Melody and Harmony~” PV. The PV looks so simple yet beautiful because of JaeJoong and Yoochun’s smiles. They look so peaceful and happy. =)

And the song before they showed the preview of the PV and is ranked at no. 6 for CDTV’s Weekly Top 10 is a song called “Endless Sweet” (or “Forever Sweet”) by DBSK. I think it’s the song for the Pinky CF.

[Credit: withshine919]

Preview of the MV shown on Zoom In Super.

[Credit: DBxToho]

I think the MV is actually nice. I find it cool with the effects and all. BUT I’d just have to ask… what the heck is up with the swimming part? Seriously, it kinda ruins the coolness of the MV. The boys look like astronauts lost in space rather than people (or mermans, perhaps?) swimming and trying to explore the underwater world. Though I understand that it has something to do with One Piece’s theme/story, I think they could have deleted those scenes already. It’s just…how do I say this? It just doesn’t fit the mood and the boys’ image…

[Credit: chunnieface]

In my opinion, this MV is actually a good one. It’s very simple – no special effects, no complicated story line, no drama. If I were to describe it, the MV is a refreshing, carefree and happy one. I like the blue and white background and I love the camera shots of the boys, particularly their solo shots. Their smiles are just so charming, boyish, and natural. Out of the five, JaeJoong and Yoochun’s smiles are my favorite. Jae’s smile just makes me fall for him more – so gentle and subtle but very meaningful. The part where they all jumped was also nice. It made me remember one of their photo shoots before (was it for the World Cup or for Fila?) where they also jumped like the one in the video. LOL at JaeJoong for getting a little off-balance when he was about to land on the floor. :D

Ok to lighten the mood a bit (since my previous posts has been tearjerkers), here’s a good news for all of us. Bolero MV preview is finally out and  OMG, the boys look SO GOOD. They look so handsome wearing those black suits and their facial expressions are just perfect for the song. I’m dying to watch the whole MV! :D 

[Credit: atimura36]

Another 33 sec. preview of the MV of MIROTIC. It’s great but when will they stop releasing these teasers? WE DO NOT NEED THESE TEASERS. WE NEED THE FULL MV! But anyway, this version is a good one. I love JaeJoong’s scene where he was tied to the wall. His expression when he looked at his tied hands is TO DIE FOR. Changmin’s scene is also WONDERFUL. I love it! =)

[Credit: yuulinajoongie]

*Imeem linnk HERE.

Another teaser of the MV is out.

[Credit: deNain19]

*Imeem link HERE.

Gawd. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY KILLING ME. I’m slowly suffering from lack of oxygen. I take back what I said about the video not being as spectacular as O JBH. It may be not as amazing as O JBH but it is definitely a million times HOTTER than that. The boys are just TOO GORGEOUS. This teaser is waaaayyyy better than the one they released a few days back.

JaeJoong is utterly sexy trying to get his hands off from being tied to the wall. His side profile and his muscular arms are TO DIE FOR. And I love his “yeah, yeah” part in the song. Just FANTASTIC. I’m offcially announcing that I am HEAD OVER HEELS with this heavenly creature. One day I will surely go to Korea and kidnap JaeJoong for myself and I will never return him. Yes, I would do that. LOL.

Junsu looks like he’s at a disco/bar dancing strutting his stuff on the dance floor. I love his and Yunho’s dancing. INCREDIBLE.

Changmin is really a MAN now. Our maknae has grown so much over the years – from feeding a cat during their Hug days to making his fangirls crazy due to his irresistible looks these past few months. Certainly, he is not the good old innocent Min anymore.

Yunho is just virility at its best. I can’t say anything more about how MANLY this guy is.  I’m loving the Justin Timberlake-like actions/look on this MV and I also love it when he said “got it” at the start of the video. Just PERFECT.

Yoochun is also EMO at its best. Among the five members, no one can do that kind of expression better than him. Even without looking at his face, his movements are enough to let the viewer know what kind of feeling/emotion he’s trying to convey. And for that, I applaud him.

Mirotic is slowly getting to me. The more I listen to the song, the more I’m starting to LOVE it. I’m actually excited to hear the whole song because for sure once the whole version is out, I would not get tired of playing it over and over again. I guess this is the power of DBSK. They can make me forget about all the technicalities and complaints I have regarding a song and make me love it so easily. Oh, I can’t wait for the whole album to come out!

By the way, I also love the picture shown on the last part of the video. Although this time they are fully clothed (or at least more covered than the previous two pictures released), I like the way the picture was shot. All the water-kicking plus their poses made it more appealing. =)

I need a copy of this album NOW. Hahaha.