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I saw this translation of Leeteuk’s Cyworld entry yesterday when I was checking out Soompi a while ago. It’s basically about him spending another Christmas with Changmin. The two of them along with Junsu went to watch a concert as a form of celebrating Christmas.

081225 – ..The Soul..

효신이형..정엽이형 거미누나 휘성이형~
Hyoshin hyung..Jungyeop hyung Gummy nuna and Wheesung hyung~

멋진공연 이였다..
It was a fantastic concert..

우리가 콘서트했던 곳에서 관객의 입장에서 보니..
Viewing the concert where we performed as a member of the audience..

데뷔전 느낌도 들었고..참 배울것이 많았던…
I remembered the feeling before debut..We had so much to learn…

준수 창민이와 함께..잼나게 본 공연…
With Junsu and Changmin..A fun concert…

1월 앵콜 콘서트도 머리속에 한번그려보고..나중에 기획도 한번 해보고싶다..
The thought of January’s encore concert appeared in my mind..Next time I want to plan once too..


창민이랑 둘이 집에노는길..속상해했다…
While Changmin and I were walking home..I was sad…

알고보니 데뷔이후 쭉 창민이와 함께하고있다…
I noticed that after debut I spent all my Christmases with Changmin…

둘이 급 우울해졌다…이씨……………………
We were suddenly depressed…Aish……………………

첫해..멤버들하고 새벽에 길거리돌아다니면서 show me your love
First..Walking around with members in the middle of night and dancing

나오면 가서 춤추고..추워서 그냥 헤어지고..
when show me your love came on..It was cold so we just separated..

둘째해..인체탐험대 녹화….ㅡㅡ;
Second..Exploring the Human Body recording….ㅡㅡ;

셋째해..창민이랑 옷붓하게 연인처럼 공연봤다..ㅋㅋㅋ
Third..Watched a concert with Changmin like lovers..ㅋㅋㅋ

집앞까지 데려다주면서 잘가!!!!^^
Walking him home to the front of his home and good night!!!!^^

이건 모지…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
What is this…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Next year..I hope I’m busy..ㅋㅋㅋㅋOr….

아니면…애인 만들어서!!!!! 길거리 돌아다닐거다!!!
Or…Find a girlfriend!!!!! I’m going to walk the streets with her!!!

Let’s make the front page once!..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

준수 어디갔냐구요?…창민이 집에간데서!!!
Where did Junsu go?…Changmin went home!!!

울숙소랑 같은방향이라..
It’s the same direction as our dorm..

제가 데려다줬는데요… ㅡㅡ;;쩝…
So I took him home… ㅡㅡ;;Jjeop…

준수는 바로 숙소로…쩝…
Junsu immediately went back to the dorm…Jjeop…


Awww… the three boys spent Christmas together. Looks like they really have no special someone to spend it with. I bet the other three Dong Bang boys spent their Christmas with their respective families in their provinces(?) that’s why Junsu and Changmin were left alone in Seoul. I pity Teukie so much because looks like he really wants to spend Christmas with someone other than Junsu and Changmin (especially Changmin since they’ve been spending it together for the past years). He really needs a girlfriend but I don’t know if he’ll manage to do that especially considering how some fans can go crazy about that matter.

Anyway, I wish him luck and hopefully next year won’t be another boys night out for them. LOL.


Today is a special day to  the five DBSK members and also to us DBSK fans because it is DBSK’s 5th Anniversary. Yay! :D

Apart from DBSK’s 5th anniversary, I also realized that this post is my 300th post here on my WordPress blog. Because of this, I would like to devote it in making an entry about our beloved DBSK, which is also  my simple tribute on their 5th anniversary.

Honestly speaking, I’ve only started to be a DBSK fan early this year so I really don’t know much about them as compared to those who have been supporting them since their debut back in 2003. I’ve tried to search up things about them in the past years so that I would know more about the boys but of course, it’s a bit hard to catch-up on all their activities in the past and be updated on their activities at present  all at the same time especially because the boys are so busy these days it’s been quite hard to keep up on news about them.

But even though I’m technically considered as a new fan of DBSK and was not able to witness all their achievements in the past years, I can say that I’m very proud of the boys for everything they’ve done. From all the searching up I’ve done, I know that these guys went through a lot to reach the status that they are in right now. Their hard work in the past five years paid-off because  at present, they are not only known in Korea but in the whole world as well.

Let’s have a brief rundown of all the things DBSK has done in the past five years:

DBSK’s debut performance back in December 26, 2003 at BoA and Britney Spears’ Special show

[Credit: Sakiyo56]

All the songs and albums the boys had/participated in during those five fruitful years…











2008discography[Credits: dbsk fifth anniversary thread@ soompi + the people who made these beautiful pictures/banners]

Some pictures of the boys from Hug days up to their Mirotic days…


















[Credit: as tagged + soompi + dnbn]

Five years ago, five ordinary boys began their journey in the entertainment industry. These five young boys who sacrificed and gave up a lot of things just to fulfill their dream of becoming stars were finally introduced to the public on December 26, 2003 after the many grueling years of training that they’ve been through. Fragile as they may have looked during the time of their debut, these boys have  bravely taken all the challenges that came their way and came out victorious in every single one.

DBSK has gone a long way since their debut in 2003. From being simple and hopeful boys, they’ve turned into the respectable stars and legends of the Asian music industry. They gained the adoration and respect of many not just because of their talent but also because of their great personality.  All the five members are good-natured people who stays humble and rooted to the ground amidst the extreme success they’re experiencing at present.

The road to stardom of DBSK was never easy. It was not always a bed of roses for the boys. They’ve had their share of problems, challenges, and changes that they had to face and to undergo. Along the way, they’ve also committed some mistakes just like any other ordinary person will do. After all, they are still human beings who are prone to committing mistakes from time to time. But the important thing is that the members learned from these mistakes and became better persons because of these.

Through the years, JaeJoong, Junsu, Yunho, Yoochun, and Changmin have further developed their God-given talents and they have improved both as individuals and as a group. But they’ve done more things than just gaining stardom. In the five years that they’ve been in the  entertainment industry, not only were they successful in emerging as one of the top stars of Asia but they’ve also touched, influenced, and changed  a lot of lives through their music and their words. The members might not know it but their music and they themselves helped, encouraged, and inspired a lot of people in the different aspects of life. Truly, they have become role models, inspirations, and motivators to many people and not just mere “idols” who are only recognized because of their looks and popularity. DBSK is not just an idol group. They are not only artists who possess good looks, who performs just for the sake of performing, and who deems  performing only as a “job”. DBSK is composed of five talented young men who are gifted with good looks AND talent, who performs not because it’s their “job” but because it’s their PASSION, and who performs with the aim of making a difference in the lives of those who listen to their music.

Five years have passed. The  five young fragile-looking boys of before have evolved into five magnificent men who keeps on stealing and melting the hearts of a lot of ladies. They’ve achieved a lot during those five years. They have set a lot of records, made history in Asia, had a lot of unforgettable performances, and received a lot of awards and recognition all over the world. I’m sure that the coming years will be a lot brighter for DBSK because these men are very hardworking and deserving of all the blessings they’re receiving. Their success will continue in the coming years because we – Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and the International fans – will always be behind them to support and shower them with our love.

Whether we call them Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi/Tohoshinki or whatever variation of their name, they will always be the group that will hold a special place not only in the entertainment industry but in the hearts of the fans as well.

Let us all look forward to many more fruitful years with Dong Bang Shin Ki. We all wish that DBSK will be there forever but people might argue that forever does not exist. So if that’s the case, forever might not be possible but I hope DBSK will last for a lifetime.