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OMG. I’m speechless. It’s just SO BEAUTIFUL. <3

I sooo love this song! It really fits to be an OST for a movie since it sounds so OST-ish. :D For those who don’t know, it will be used as an OST for a Japanese movie. I just love the chorus part and the HoSuMin + JaeChun part towards the end. Their perfect harmonization on that part gives me chills just like how their perfect harmonization in Love in the Ice does. And man, Changmin’s high notes are just <3. Only he can hit those notes that way and it never fails to amaze me every time I hear them. :)

A very short preview for the MV of this song is also available on YouTube now. Check it out!. :D

I suppose the clip towards the end (the one where JaeJoong was shown with a bleached hair) was a clip of an old performance? So does that mean they have inserted that in the MV??? *confused*

[Video Credits: joongifiedportia33]