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Here’s a small treat to all DBSK and Big Bang fans out there. The following are pictures from their “Star Wars” pictorial for the upcoming SBS Gayo Daejun special stage.

Have fun and spread the BigBangShinKi love! :D





[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

ROFL @ Jae’s dorkiness! What the heck is he doing up there?!? AND why did he do those kinds of pose???  Having too much fun with his alone time, eh? He’s caught in his own little weird world again! Hahaha! I just love my dorky prince Jae. <333

Junsu and SeungRi sitting beside each other on the last picture! I bet SeungRi was so happy to be sitting beside his idol, Junsu. I wonder if his Junsu fanboy-ness (oh, is that even a word?!)  surfaced during this shoot? LOL.

Yunho and Top looked like ganster brothers on the second picture. Coolness! =)

I’m really looking forward to their special stage this coming December 29, 2008 for SBS Gayo Daejun. They’ll surely rock the stage!


Ok to lighten the mood a bit (since my previous posts has been tearjerkers), here’s a good news for all of us. Bolero MV preview is finally out and  OMG, the boys look SO GOOD. They look so handsome wearing those black suits and their facial expressions are just perfect for the song. I’m dying to watch the whole MV! :D 

[Credit: atimura36]

Some translations of the members’ messages during their fanmeeting yesterday which I got from Soompi just now.

Junsu’s message:

JaeJoong’s message:

Yoochun’s message:

Dang, these boys managed to make me cry loads of tears just in one day. If I get dehydrated, it’s gonna be their fault. LOL. Just kidding! I was just trying to make my mood lighter. But seriously, embarassing as it may sound, I can’t stop crying when I watched/heard/read their messages. I can’t help but be emotional because somehow, I can feel the sincerity, pain, and gratefulness in every word they uttered. Cassiopeia is really lucky because DBSK ‘s love for them is unmatched. DBSK cares for them so much and they’re the only ones who manages to make the boys be this emotional.

DBSK and Cassiopeia will always be one. <3

[Video credits: eternalmerkamoon4 +  farahmicky]

* EDITED on December 28, 2008: Added videos w/ eng subs.

DBSK had a fanmeeting yesterday to celebrate their 5th anniversary. During the fanmeeting, a video made by Cassiopeia was played and shown to the boys. After watching the video, Junsu was left crying while JaeJoong bravely said some words but eventually broke down in the end. Here’s an audio fancam of the said incident (with english subs):

[Credit: farahmicky]

This is really sad but at the same time touching. Their tears and Jae’s words just proves that the boys were really worried about their absence in Korea. I was also in tears when I listened to this one especially when JaeJoong finally broke down. Jae has always been a tough guy and out of all the members, he’s the one who doesn’t usually show his emotions. We never see him cry because he wants to live up to his cold and tough image. But lately, he’s been breaking down pretty often. For him to be doing that only means he really is worried and affected by the things happening to him, to the group, and to the fans.

The members shouldn’t worry too much about them being forgotten by the fans because that will never happen. True fans will never leave their side no matter how long their absence may be. The boys might not know this but they already have a special place in the hearts of their fans which can never be replaced by anyone. And like what I have said in my previous post, Cassiopeia and all their fans around the globe will always be there to support and shower them with love no matter where they may be. DBSK should know that the fans’ love for them is unconditional and would not depend on whether they are physically present or not. They should know that they will always be with us because they are already part of our lives and nothing can ever change that.

So to our dear DBSK members, CHEER UP, BE STRONG and HAVE FAITH. Forget all your worries and insecurities because we’ll always be with you no matter what happens. =)


DBSK and DBSK fans always go hand in hand. As long as we believe and hold on to each other, nothing and no one can break us apart.

* EDITED on December 28, 2008: Changed the embedded video.

DBSK performed at Music Bank yesterday (was that a Christmas special or a Year-end special?) and they were awarded the 2008 MVP award. I honestly don’t know what MVP stands for (all I know is that it stands for Most Valuable Player in basketball) but I guess it’s something to be happy about since after all, it is still an award and the other nominees were big too. Here are some videos from yesterday’s Music Bank special:

DBSK’s Mirotic performance

DBSK winning the MVP award

Mirotic encore performance

[Credit: farahmicky]

As usual, here’s what I have to say regarding the videos ^^:

The outfits – I’d rather not comment much on this one because I don’t want to sound too rude and harsh on their stylists. I guess I’ll just sum up what I have to say in one sentence: their stylists are really asking for their death in my hands. Enough said.

DBSK winning the MVP award – The boys looked so happy when they were announced as the winners. JaeJoong’s smile made me forget about their deadly (and I mean that literally) costume even for just a little while.

JaeJoong giving his bouquet of flowers to THAT girl – Ok, my jealous side is showing again and I hate it but what can I do? I unintentionally saw  that small but heartbreaking detail on the second video. T_T I was trying to not comment on it but I just can’t. I just found the scene so irritating. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well check out the second video and watch carefully at around 1:39 of the video. JaeJoong gave the bouquet of flowers he was holding to none other than JESSICA JUNG of SNSD. Jae, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT? My heart is breaking. T_T It will not piss me off if he gave it to some other girl like Yuri, SooYoung, Seohyun, or even Yoona BUT why did he give it – of all people – to THAT girl? I’m sorry if there are Jessica fans out there who might be reading this but I just really can’t get myself to like her that’s why I’m a little pissed. :(

Mirotic encore performance – I don’t know where Jae got another bouquet of flowers but man, whoever among the audience got those flowers is very lucky.