Choi Kang Hee: “JaeJoong is a charming guy”

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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111006 Choi Kang Hee Says, “Ji Sung Is A Perfect Guy, Kim Jaejoong Is A Charming Guy”

Choi Kang Hee received the full attention and love of two great guys in ‘Protect the Boss’. What are the charms of Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong according to Choi Kang Hee?

Choi Kang Hee, who said that she had met Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong two days ago, stated, “Ji Sung was still Cha Ji Hun. But Jaejoong had transformed into the great Kim Jaejoong of JYJ,” and laughed as she said, “Choi Kang Hee had a drink with Cha Ji Hun and Kim Jaejoong.”


She did not hold back her praise for Kim Jaejoong. Describing his facial features, Choi Kang Hee said, “I don’t think Kim Jaejoong’s human. Have you ever seen another kid with eyes as big as his?” and “He’s so unrealistically good-looking so I found myself staring at him a lot. He’s like a figurine.

She also stated, “Jaejoong has a lot of aegyo (cute charm) and is a really innocent and pure friend,” and “Jaejoong is like a person who has never known evil. I don’t think he purposely avoided evil, I think he was just never damaged by it. He’s pure and acts cute a lot.

“A couple of days ago, I fell over while we were out for a drink and I ended up with a scrape on my hand. Ji Sung sent me a caring text message that read, ‘How’s your hand?’ while Jaejoong sent me one that said, ‘Noona, your hand is, like, bleeding’ (laughter). The actors in the team of ‘Protect the Boss’ were extremely close to each other. Sometimes when I act, I feel as though I’m working up against a wall but in this drama, I think the four characters really understood each other really well.”


Source: [joynews24]
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