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For the information of those who will be watching this concert. =)

Ticket information for SMTown Live ’10 World Tour in Los Angeles has been revealed.



Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: Tickets will go on sale SATURDAY, JULY 24, 2010 at 10:00AM PST.

Q: Will there be presales?

A: No, there will be no presales for this event.

Q: Where can I purchase tickets?

A: You may purchase tickets via Ticketmaster at, STAPLES Center Box Office, and Powerhouse by calling 323-692-0303.

Q: Can I purchase tickets at a Ticketmaster retail outlet as well?

A: Yes, please follow this link to find a retail outlet near you:

Q: Will the STAPLES Center Box Office still be open on a Saturday?

A: Yes, tickets will be available to purchase at the box office starting the first day of ticket sales.

Q: What are the ticket prices?

A: The ticket prices are $180, $160, $120, $80, and $40.

Q: Are there any VIP Packages for this event?

A: No, there will be no VIP Packages available for this event.

Q: Is there a ticket limit when purchasing?

A: Yes, the ticket limit for both Ticketmaster and the STAPLES Center Box Office will be 8 per order. Powerhouse will have no ticket limit.

Q: Where do I make group purchases?

A: You will only be able to make group purchases with Powerhouse. Please call us at 323-692-0303.

Q: What is the discount for group purchases?

A: There is a 10% discount for group purchases of 10 or more tickets.

Q: Can I reserve or hold seats ahead of time?

A: No, tickets will go on sale for everyone at the same time on SATURDAY, JULY 24, 2010 at 10:00AM PST.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come,-first-served basis.

Please visit Powerhouse at for more details.

* Since the Powerhouse Staff will be assisting customers one-on-one over the phone, it may take longer for you to get through. We ask that you please be patient. If you require more convenient, faster service, we suggest that you utilize the Ticketmaster website or the STAPLES Center Box Office.

** The resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.

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Info on the SM TOWN Live 2010 World Tour.

SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR Schedule Information


Beyond Asia to the world, we’re moving toward a large-scale music festival!
All SMTOWN family will greet everyone through [SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR]

Friends, lovers, and the whole family can enjoy together this exciting summer music festival!

We would like to ask your great interest towards SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR, expecting to witness the stage that is filled with various performances and much more music! ^^

[SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR schedule information]

: August 21, 2010 (Sat) 17:00

: September 4, 2010 (Sat)

▷ SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in Shanghai
: September 11, 2010 (Sat)

▷ Date: August 21, 2010 (Sat) 17:00
▷ Place: Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium

▷ Sponsors: G Market

▷ Pre-sale tickets: July 15th, 2010 (Thurs) 20:00

▷ More info: G Market
* Any inquiries and related to pre-sale tickets please contact G Market (1566-5702)

– SMTOWN LIVE `10 here to send a lot of love to everyone including the overseas fans

Official Tour is currently is in preparation. For more information about Official Tour performers will be informed on the coming July 9th (Fri), please be patient.

(※ Official Tour schedule announcement is subject to change.)

Please give a lot of interest to SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR
Thank you.

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And here’s the promo video:

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SM Town Live ’09 which was supposed to be held this coming August 16, is postponed to a later date as announced by SM:

SM Town Live ’09, On Hold For Now

The performance which was to be held this coming 16th in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium has been postponed for a later date due to TVXQ’s three members’ lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

SME stated, “We decided that it would be impossible to run the concert as planned when there is a lawsuit against us for an exclusive contract filed by the three members of TVXQ. Therefore, we have decided unfortunately to postpone the concert to a later date.”

They also stated, “In this concert, it is especially important to show the fans the SM Family’s unity through many joint performances. We do not feel we can give the fans the best performance we could in this sort of situation so we decided to postpone it.”

SME also said, “We are extremely sorry to be giving this news, because this concert received a lot of love with the tickets being sold out as soon as they went on sale. This concert was designed with seats for families and handicapped people, and it was a place where friends could come together to share unforgettable memories. We are extremely saddened to be giving this news. We promise to bring a better performance in the future.”

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Why do I feel like with the way SM released its statement, it seems to me that the company is blaming JaeChunSu for the concert’s postponement? Didn ‘t JaeChunSu say in their official statement that they’re willing to attend the concert since they promised their fans that they will still continue the activities that were planned ahead of this whlole issue? I mean, I do understand that it’s gonna be awkward to do that but the fact still stands that the three members are still willing to perform for the fans so why do SM need to put the blame on them in postponing this concert? Why do I feel like this is one of SM’s sneaky way of making the boys feel guilty and possibly making the fans of other SM artists (who probably have been waiting for this concert) blame JaeChunSu for it being postponed? I know I sound so bias and some of you may think it’s unfair to SM for me to be thinking they’re doing some dirty tricks to put JaeChunSu in a tight situation but I just can’t help it since I know what SM is capable of doing. Besides, I believe that the REAL reason why SM is postponing the concert is because most of the fans who bought the tickets are Cassies. Of course with the current situation (especially if ever SM or the court would not allow the three members to attend the event), Cassies will surely not attend the concert and the  view of the vast number of empty seats will only show SM it’s greatest nightmare if ever they don’t give in to what JaeChunSu wants. Add to that, I just have a feeling SM is afraid of what Cassies (and probably the other fans) would do to show their support for DBSK if in case they attend the concert.

Anyway, I’ve read some comments from other SM artists’ fans and I’m glad that they don’t blame DBSK for the postponement of the concert. On behalf of my fellow DBSK fans, I would like to thank the fans of other SM artists for understanding our situation and for giving the boys and us the support we need. I have read some messages of support at DBSK’s thread at Soompi from other artists’ fans (yes, even fans of other artists not under SM) and it really warms my heart to read those messages. This really has been a difficult time for DBSK and us, their fans, but knowing that we’re not alone on this fight is really touching. Again, thank you to all other fans/fanclubs out there who are with us on this one. It’s nice to know that other people also care for our dear boys. Thank you! :D

I think the list is not yet confirmed (or is it?) but more or less this will be the flow of the concert. OMG, 43 songs?! And a lot of them are DBSK and SuJu songs. :D I really hope to attend an SMTOWN concert one day because it seems to be so much fun (any event with DBSJ is love. <3). To all those who are going to the concert, you are so lucky!

▷ 후 원 : ㈜ G마켓, 서울특별시
▷ 일 시 : 2009년 8월 16일 (일) PM 05:00 ~ PM 10:00
▷ 장 소 : 잠실 올림픽 주 경기장
▷ 출 연 진 : 东方神起, Super Junior, 장리인, 소녀시대, SHINee, Special Guests
▷ 티 켓 :


YELLOW FIELD 11,000원 (VAT.포함)

※ 전 좌석은 지정좌석입니다.


02 Real – SHINee
03 아.미.고 – SHINee
04 Honey – SNSD
05 Wrong Number – TVXQ !


06 Hug – DBSK
07 Twins – SUJU
08 Timeless – Zhang Li yin feat. XiaH
09 Into the new world – SNSD
10 replay – SHINee

11 One love – XiaH & Hyunkjae
12 매력적인 21세기 – Yunho / Micky / Shindong / Key
13 I’m alone –Tiffany (SNSD)
14 In My Room – SHINee
15 I Will – Li yin

16 Complete – SNSD
17 1 year later – SNSD Feat. O-new
18 Mirotic – DBSK
19 Purple Line – DBSK
20 You’re My Miracle– DBSK

22 A man in love – SUJU
23 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not… )– SUJU KRY
24 I believe – DBSK
25 Love like oxygen– SHINee

26 Talk to you – SHINee
27 One More Try – Li yin
28 다음겨울 – Ryowook / ONEW / Yesung
29 Snow Dream – SM TOWN
30 Can you hear me – Taeyeon (SNSD)
31 Way to go (Himnae) – SNSD
32 Etude – SNSD

[Dance Battle]
Donghae / Yunho / Hyoyeon / HyukJae / Shindong / XiaH / Yuri
33 Special Guests Time
34 Show Me Your Love – DBSK / SUJU


35 It’s you – SUJU
36 Juliette – SHINee
37 Tell me your wish – SNSD
38 사랑이 금지됐다 – Li yin
39 U – SUJU
40 Love in the ice – DBSK
41 Gee – SNSD
42 Balloon – DBSK
43 Let’s go on a trip – SM TOWN

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The SMTOWN Live Concert in Bangkok finally took place yesterday after being postponed from it’s original date last November 2008 due to some problems in Thailand. Finally Thai fans as well as fans from other countries who had been waiting for this concert for months now were treated with a lively show by the SM family.

Based from the pictures and fancams, looks like the concert went on smoothly and peacefully. The songs performed were more or less the same as those that the artists performed during the SMTOWN concert in Seoul and Shanghai. It’s just a pity that this time around, The Grace were not able to join the concert due to Stephanie’s injury. BoA was not there too since she’s busy with her upcoming US album. To compensate for the missing SMTOWN members, the other artists performed extra songs – well at least DBSK did sing additional songs (I’m just not sure about the rest). Add to this, they also celebrated Yunho’s birthday during the concert. Poor leader-shi got caked by his SM family. Hahaha.

Anyway, here’s the first batch of pictures already available as of the moment. I’m sure a lot more will uploaded and shared in the coming days. :D

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn + sharingyoochun@wp + dbskthread3@soompi]

By the way, I remember conversing with people before who were going to this concert in the comment section of one of my previous posts about this event. If there’s any chance that you guys are still visiting my blog, care to share some fan accounts (and maybe pictures, too! LOL)? We’d love to hear stories of your experience watching the concert. :D

There are a lot of concerts lined-up for the boys these following weeks and months. Here’s a list of the concerts they’ll be participating in:

Event: SMTOWN LIVE ’08 in Shanghai

Date: September 13, 2008

Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Venue: Shanghai Stadium

Performers: TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, BoA, The Grace, SNSD, Jang Ri In

Event: 2008 Asia Song Festival

Date: October 4, 2008

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Venue: Seoul World Cup Stadium

Performers: TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, and other Asian artists

Event: 2008 Big Music Festa

Date: October 11, 2008

Time: unknown

Venue: Munsu Cup Stadium

Performers: TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SNSD, Jewelry, and V.O.S

Event: Super Concert

Date: October 25, 2008

Time: 6pm

Venue: Bucheon Sports Complex

Performers: TVXQ, Super Junior, Jun Jin, and  Wheesung


Event: MNET Korean Music Festival

Date: November 15, 2008

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium

Performers: TVXQ, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang, SG Wannabe, SHINee, Battle, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Hyori, FT Island, Supernova, MC Mong, Ivy, Dong Wan

Event: SMTOWN LIVE ’08 in Bangkok

Date: November 29, 2008

Time: 5pm – 10pm

Venue: Rajamangala National Stadium

Performers: TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, The Grace, Jang Ri In

Wow, looks like the boys will be busy in the “-ber” months. Aside from releasing their 4th Korean album and their 24th Japanese single, they will be participating in different concerts both in Korea and overseas. Seriously, do these guys still have time to rest? Although I’m happy to see them perform in numerous concerts, I still hope they’re having enough rest. We wouldn’t want them to get sick of fatigue or anything, right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to these concerts. I wish to watch them live but I’m such an unfortunate kid this year so I’d have to kiss that wish goodbye. But I’m excited to see pictures and fancams of the boys plus read some fan accounts. If you happen to attend any of these concerts and you have any fan accounts, I hope you could share them to me (and to the other readers, too)! :D

P.S. DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, and SS501 will perform on the same stage at the 2008 MNET Korean Music Festival. Although they may not perform together in one number, the fact that they are on one concert excites me very much. Nothing… just a random thing that crossed my mind. Hahaha. =)

There’s a big possibility that I won’t be able to watch this concert. Although I was able to somehow convince my mom, looks like my dad doesn’t really want me to go. :( But whether I will be attending this concert or not, I will continue posting updates regarding the concert to keep you guys updated on the recent news and info about the concert. (That is unless of course you want me to stop posting any more info. Hahaha!)

Anyway, the latest update I got is about the date of the 2nd press conference and THE OFFICAL SELLING OF TICKETS @ THAITICKETMAJOR.COM. Here’s the piece of news posted at Soompi:

On Sunday, 7th of September, ADAMAS will have [the] Press Conference with SM artists (unknown) at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon under the name “Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE ’08 IN BANGKOK.” Also , PUBLIC SELLING [OF TICKETS] WILL OPEN IN THE SAME DAY [SEPTEMBER 7] AT THAITICKETMAJOR ( Don’t miss it!!!

More information about the artist will be confirmed from the company again.

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{NOTE: I typed it again instead of copying it directly from the post at Soompi. The words enclosed in [ ] were added by me to make the news more clear and I changed the font color  of some words to RED to give emphasis to that certain part of the news. If you’re taking the news I posted above (meaning including the words I added and stuff), please include me on the credits as well ZhiYan@Soompi who posted it. Thanks!}

So I guess that answers the question of when will be the selling of tickets. Those of you who finally decided to go but doesn’t have a ticket yet can now go to that website and purchase it online starting September 7, 2008. For those who do not know the website, just click THIS LINK and you’ll be redirected to Thaiticketmajor’s website. The link I provided is already in English “mode” so hopefully you won’t have any problems anymore accessing and reading the website. I checked the website now and SMTOWN concert is actually already on the list of concerts included on the “Coming Soon” page. So I guess the info above is correct. =)

I really hope I’m helping you guys. :D I’ll just post more updates as they come.

EDIT: Ticket selling at will start on September 7, 2008 at 10am and will end on November 29, 2008. The artists that will participate in the 2nd press conference are TVXQ and 5 members of Super Junior-M.