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No comment. I’m busy CRYING MY HEART OUT to even make a comment. My heart is torn into pieces. Ouch! ='(

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Spoiler alert! I suggest don’t watch this clip and read my comment if you still don’t want to know what will happen to JaeJoon and Hana’s relationship. =)

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OMG. OMG. As in OMG. This is just the SWEETEST THING! I love Jae’s smile and the way he stares at Hyo Joo. It’s so… I don’t know, “melting” maybe? And the way he bit his lips when he held Hyo Joo’s hands… gawd, I died again! I really Hyo Joo so much! I wish Jae would look and smile at me like that too, while holding my hand and me leaning my head on his shoulder. What a perfect moment! If I can be in Hyo Joo’s place, I’ll surely be in heaven! *imagining myself with Jae*

I’m guessing that in the end, JaeJoong didn’t die. He was only in a coma after the accident and before he became “Heaven’s Postman” so I guess he woke up and lived and the two of them lived happily ever after. Hahaha.

This is one of the songs from the OST of Heaven’s Postman. The song is called “Rainy Sunday” and is sung by Z’ta. It is the first song from Heaven’s Postman’s OST to be released.I’m hoping the next one to will be released will be the song by JaeJoong/DBSK.

[Credit: dirah9305]

The song really sounds nice. It’s kinda sad but not as sad as the song by JaeJoong/DBSK. I like the chorus. It actually strikes me in a way that I couldn’t explain. Also, this song sounds very OST-ish. Its certainly fit to be a song for a drama or a movie.