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Yay! I love Avex so much! At least now we know that we’re not completely DBSK-deprived in the coming months.

On behalf of all DBSK fans, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AVEX! :D

Avex Reports, “No Change In Japan with TVXQ’s Activities

In Korea, the media reports their viewpoint that five members of TVXQ
to perform together in year 2009 will be difficult.
They also report that TVXQ’s future activities in Korea in early 2010 to be unclear.
TVXQ’s Concert in China which was planned on November 21st, 2009 has been canceled.

However, in Japan, it is decided and reported that,

“TVXQ will release their new song, “BREAK OUT!” in new year 2010.”

And also,

“TVXQ’s fan meeting performances have been confirmed” as well.

Avex has reported that,

“There is no change in plan with TVXQ’s activities in Japan”.

T/N: Meaning that all the activities planned in Japan WILL happen.
No change at all in Japan!
All five of them will release the new song, “Break Out!” together,
and five members will perform at the fan club event together next year.
And they will soon fly to Japan together to do their end of the year activities.

Click URL below to read the news from the Daily Sports News.
Which writes that “Avex confirmed TVXQ’s end of the year activities in Japan.”
We will be able to see them together very soon.

Source: Nikkan Sports News+ Asahi News
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The Chinese fans are organizing a sort of “fan event” in place of the canceled Shenzhen concert. This is to show the boys that fans understand their situation right now and that we don’t blame them for the concert’s cancellation. This is also to make sure that the effort of the international fans who already booked plane tickets to Shenzhen for the concert won’t go to waste.

Thanks to Yotada for the translations and for sharing it to us. (To Yotada: I already changed the date from 11th to 21st since you said it was supposed to be 21st. I hope you don’t mind. :) )

Would you be willing to attend this type of concert?

I’m sure that everyone knows about the cancellation of  the ShenZhen concert. During these times of doubt, our team has been thinking of a way to lesson everyone’s suffering and lift their spirits. There’s no need for more words, only determination and faith, along with the phrase, “We are always standing by TVXQ”.   With these thoughts in mind, we came to an idea. Though the venue will decrease in size, though there won’t be fancy lights and blasting speakers, though there will be no sight of our boys….there will be a unity of loving hearts singing and shining in place of our boys. My fellow sisters, would you like to attend this type of concert?
A lot of our sisters have brought plane tickets which they can no longer refund. We refuse to let those tickets go in vain. Even though you may not see our boys, we would like to create an unforgettable memory. So, we would like to propose an idol-less concert full of love.

VENUE:  a stadium in Shenzhen (we are currently searching, however, since we don’t have a staff who lives in Shenzhen, if anyone has a recommendation, please contact us at
TIME:  November 21st, 7pm

We will announce the door prices based on the venue we have found. We hope that everyone could be understanding. Drinks and snacks will be prepared and our “Stand by you” project will be released as well. We will arrange by the door for everyone to leave a message to the boys. We will then mail the recordings of this ‘fan event’ along with all the messages to the boys.

To put it simply, this is more like a huge fan event, we just hope that everyone could find a silver lining out of the disaster regarding the Shenzhen concert. We want to show the boys that, “See, we can wait for you. Even if you can’t make it here, we can still have fun. So don’t worry about us, just focus on your own happiness!”
The event’s theme will be the same as their concert. We can still sing together and cheer together. We will broadcast the PV we prepared for 6 month, the Chinese version of ‘Proud’. This was originally planned to be included in the 6th anniversary of this forum, consider it an early gift.

We need to inform everyone that since this announcement was very sudden, our own sources are also limited. We are not sure if this event will succeed, but we promise everyone, that we will do our very best.
We are currently working on the details now, if there are any good advice at all, please email us at

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I think this idea of a fan event in place of the concert is amazing.  I’m sure DBSK will be touched once they hear about this event. Thank you so much to the Chinese fans for organizing this! If only I could fly to Shenzhen, I surely will attend this event. I hope many fans would go to this event and make it a success to show the five boys our support and love for them. Way to go, DBSK fans! This is definitely why I love the DBSK fandom. It never ceases to amaze me at how much all of us are willing to do anything for our dear boys. I’m so proud to be part of this fandom! :)

Everybody who is into or knows K-pop seems to be wishing for the dispute to end. DBSK is badly missed in the K-pop entertainment and everyone is waiting for their return. Whether people (especially antis or non-fans) admit it or not, DBSK IS ASIA’S MOST PRECIOUS TREASURE and them being inactive because of this dispute sure is really saddening and depressing. Let’s hope and pray that this dispute would end soon so we could hear the  heavenly voices of the Rising Gods of the East together again.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, comeback soon and continue taking Asia and the whole world by storm. We will be waiting patiently for you! Always keep the faith! =)



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Chinese fans at Baidu has released a statement regarding their reaction on the cancellation of the Mirotic concert in Shenzhen:

Chinese Fans Response To Cancellation Of Concert

〓Our Attitude〓

This morning we received news about the cancellation of the Shenzhen concert. Considering the court dispute at the moment, this wasn’t a decision not thought of.

We cannot say “everyone please calm down, please don’t say anything bad”, because that isn’t facing the truth. However, we hope no one says anything that would hurt the members of TVXQ, doing something that shows you don’t understand the five members. The people we love, they did not do anything wrong. I hope everyone sees and clearly understands this point.

The Shenzhen concert was decided upon by SME and the organiser after the three members proposed the lawsuit. If everything was normal, activities organised for the artist by the company acceptable, but no matter when, it needs to respect the artists wills and thoughts. Artists are not tools, they are human too. SME had secretly accepted the offer of overseas activities without discussing the details with the five members, this action is not respectful to the five members of TVXQ.

At the same time, because of the decision between SME and the Chinese concert organiser, it has led to losses for the fans, and this is not forgivable. Because of SME’s own decision that led to economic and psychological losses of Chinese and overseas fans, we should receive a proper explanation and compensation.

Since the start of the lawsuit, SME had pushed all the blame upon the members, using unrelated topics to cover the real problem, making all of TVXQ’s fans feel very disappointed and angry. Being Korea’s top agency, not respecting group members, ignoring fans reasonable requests, and during the lawsuit which started as a simple issue that could of ended well, but didn’t because of the various disruptions and accusations created against the three members. This issue not only led to the five members of TVXQ go under stress and pain, but it also led fans to fall into despair, to the point where the fans split. Actions like these 令人不齿.

For this times Shenzhen concert, SME again pushes the blame towards the members, making us fans feel very disappointed and angry, we do not hold anymore trust or hope towards SME. It is not the members fault, yet they have them to shoulder the responsibility, letting them face criticisms, this is what the company that brought them up do. This is unacceptable.

We cannot represent everyone, but representing all the fans supportive of TVXQ from Baidu, we cannot forgive SME’s continual injuries and stress given to the three members. The cancellation of the Shenzhen concert is all because of SME’s contract signed with the organiser, without consulting the members, it has no relation to any of the TVXQ members. SME, please stop bringing out all these rumours, which end up hurting the members and splitting the fans.

On another note, we feel dissatisfied with the Chinese organiser of the Shenzhen concert due to their signed documents lying to the fans. Even if we understand that the project needs to have communication with SME, but to make an irresponsible promise with the fans, they too have an undeniable responsibility.

〓Words to everyone〓

First of all, what we want to say most to everyone is – please understand our boys. Following them for nearly six years, we have seen them fulfill their promises bit by bit, watching them carry through with the stress and exhaustion at 1002 in Shanghai moved us, seeing them work so hard up till now, working their best till now. If you truly love them, then you cannot ignore their pure feelings towards their fans. The five members treasure their fans a lot, and this doesn’t need to be judged by others, but it is to be embedded deep in our own hearts.

Therefore, please do not say anything that will hurt them, don’t say anything about not understanding them. Their intention, their pressure, their pains, only we understand the best.

We don’t hope to see any fans of one member give stress to the other members at this time, we hope even more so to not see fans hurting each other. That would be a very immature attitude to have at this time. It is not any of the members wrong, so please do not bother them, don’t let them feel wronged. Everyone please, no matter if you’re a fan of the group or just one member, look at the result of truth and false being mixed together, don’t hide away because you’ll get hurt, because it’s hurting your own family, hurting the members of TVXQ.

On the topic of the Shenzhen concert, our boys have taken in a lot of fault, and in this situation with the court case not being solved, SM has continuously given pressure to the members, hurting them and splitting the fans. If you force them to Shenzhen, then who would be happy? Seeing them smile to us with that exhaustion, will we feel happy? The amount of pressure they take up, is unimaginable by us. The five now are under a lot of hardship, yet they haven’t given up, they keep on persisting, and it’s because of the four words “TVXQ”. If you see this, if you truly love them or just one, if you see someone you love and see them being hurt in silence, they rather stand in between the speculations and the low people, you will not not understand, what they do that for. [T/N TBH, i didn’t really get that last line.. >_<]

So under these circumstances, please stand together with them, everyone please give them all your love and support. Us, that’s all we’ve been doing since.

I believe that many of the bars(on baidu) have seen our drafts for support for the Shenzhen concert, the bar has worked very hard for this. Cheering items have been made, backstage and basic items have also been purchased. Under this situation, to us, it’s also a really great hit. But right now, we must stay strong to protect our boys, and not let the innocent be harmed by rumours, this is both unfair to them and us.

This time the bar has decided on the main theme to be “Stand By You”, no matter if the concert is opening or not, please come with us to fulfill our promises. No matter what happens, we believe them and stand by them.


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All I can say is THANK YOU, CHINESE CASSIES! Thank you so much for being understanding of JaeChunSu’s situation and not blaming them for this.

I really admire the Chinese fans for their statement. I know the concert being canceled was hard for them since they already made preparations but still they chose to believe the boys and understand what they’re going through. This statement by Chinese fans showed the maturity of  TRUE DBSK fans and their trust in the members. This also showed that TRUE DBSK fans won’t be fooled by SM’s lies and dirty tricks.

But sadly, that’s not the case for all “fans”. I know for a fact that some “fans” didn’t have the same reaction as the Chinese Cassies had and I’m a bit sad to know that. Yes, I do understand that they must have made a lot of preparations for this already but it’s still disappointing to know that these so-called “fans” who keep on saying “always keep the faith” are actually not living true to their word and are blaming JaeChunSu because of something that isn’t their fault at all. Its a shame to know that these “fans” claim to understand, support and love the members but here they are, getting angry at JaeChunSu because of a single concert being canceled. To all those fans, let me ask you where has your faith and trust in the boys go? Is the cancellation of a single concert the limit of your love for them? By getting angry at JaeChunSu and blaming them for this, you’re actually doing SM a favor and fulfilling their goal of turning the fans against the three members. By blaming JaeChunSu, it only shows that your love for the boys isn’t enough to trust and understand their decisions.

Its really sad to know that a couple of “fans” are faltering just because of this but I’m happy to know that majority of the DBSK fans – TRUE DBSK FANS – are still backing the backs of our boys. To all those  fans who still believe (especially to  the international fans), let’s continue to support them and let’s not lose our trust in them just like what the Korean Cassies and Chinese Cassies has done. Let’s keep an open mind and don’t let these kinds of issues get in the way of our love for DBSK. Always remember that DBSK and us, their fans, will always be ONE.

On a side note, it’s funny that instead of the fans getting angry and blaming JaeChunSu like what SM wanted from the start, this ridiculous move by SM backfired because the fans are actually blaming the company now. Chinese fans had the same reaction as the Korean Cassies when SM canceled the SMTOWN concert and blamed JaeChunSu for it. Poor SM. They’re trying hard to make JaeChunSu look bad in the eyes of the fans but too bad for them that’ll never happen.

JaeChunSu has also released their statement yesterday through their lawyer as a response to SM’s statement blaming them for the cancellation of the Mirotic concert in Shenzhen.

Article one


Article two


Article three


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All I can say is that THE CANCELLATION OF THE SHENZHEN CONCERT IS SM’S FAULT. The company should stop putting the blame on JaeChunSu. Yes, JaeChunSu refused to do the concert but it is because SM REFUSED TO LET THEM SEE THE CONTRACT FOR THE CONCERT. SM has entered into the said contract with the Chinese organizer AFTER the lawsuit has been filed by the three members and WITHOUT THE CONSENT of the members. Because of these circumstances, it is clear that the said contract is not binding of the three members since the Court has ruled that SM shall not make any contract or organize activities with the three members without their consent. Even though that’s the case, JaeChunSu are WILLING TO DO THE CONCERT IN ONE CONDITION – and that is for SM to show them the contract that the company has signed with the Chinese organizer. Their condition is just a simple one. The three just wanted to make sure of the terms of the contract. But the secretive and stubborn SM has refused to adhere to their request, therefore they had no choice but to refuse to participate in the concert. If I were in the shoes of the three members, I would have done the same thing because (1) I don’t even know what the contract between SM and the Chinese organizer is and (2) I wasn’t paid since February of this year for all the activities I’ve done so far so how can I be sure that I’m gonna get what I deserve on this one? And SM, the “trying to be smart” *ss that it is, has taken advantage of JaeChunSu’s refusal to participate in the concert and decided to cancel it and put the blame on JaeChunSu. They only released the “JaeChunSu refused to participate in the concert” part and made that the reason for cancellation and left out the part that “the three members will participate if SM will show them the contract”. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Another media play by SM.

Therefore, I conclude that this cancellation of the concert is SM’S FAULT. So fans (especially those who got affected by this concert cancellation), please do not think ill of the boys and blame them for this. Please believe in them and don’t let SM’s words get into your head. The boys do not wish to disappoint the fans but they have to do some sacrifices in order to achieve the justice they deserve. We all know that they love us and do not wish to do us any harm so please understand them and don’t let your faith and love for them falter just because of SM’s lies. Let’s continue to have faith and support the the members in the best way we can. They need us now and we won’t let them down.