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Let’s take a look DBSK’s schedule from July 7, 2008 up to July 20, 2009. This is a proof of how overworked they are and how cruel SM is for giving them such a packed schedule JUST FOR THE COMPANY TO GAIN A LOT OF PROFIT. If I were given this kind of schedule, I would have been dead by now. I pity the members so much because they had to work THIS hard and yet they don’t get the income share and proper treatment they deserve. SM’s cruelty is beyond words.

Also I request the people who still believe that these boys are not treated as “slaves” by SM and that they shouldn’t leave the company, if ever you are reading this, please take a look at the schedule below. If you still think that it’s not enough proof of the unfair treatment the artists are experiencing under SM, then I think you guys are on the same league as SM. People like you are heartless, unsympathetic, insensitive and uncaring.








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Some news on the progress of the petition submitted by the Cassies to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea back in August.



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Andy of Shinhwa talked about the DBSK-SM dispute during a TV interview:

“TVXQ….” Andy’s Meaningful Advice

“Leaving the company is the second trial which is harder from the debut time.”

“It will be hard, like having to debut all over again.”

Andy, member of idol group Shinhwa with the longest career, who is in the middle of his solo activities, revealed his “personal opinion” about TVXQ’s situation which is a hot issue in the K-pop world.

Andy who debuted in 1999 under the same company as TVXQ, SM Entertainment, as Shinhwa, has gained lots of popularity. But as soon as the exclusive contract was over, he and the rest of the members had to move to another entertainment company and continuously did activities with passion.

Recently,in the interview with Sports Dong-A, Andy cautiously stated “I sincerely would like TVXQ and their fans who have been with them since the beginning to get back together and continue their activities.” and “They should know that if they find another way, they have to start all over again.”

The days after leaving Shinhwa’s debut company, Andy says, “It was a great difficulty,” and stressed “They should know that when they leave their debut company, it takes more effort and it is two – three times harder than when they first debuted.”

While Shinhwa’s group activity is on hold due to its members on army service, Andy has continued with his solo activities and scouted new singers, and has turned into a CD producer. In his own company, he has assembled a casting team, and together with (the casting team) has been searching for new entertainers/trainees.

Because of this, Andy is looking at the music industry as a producer. With his experience, he added, “Idol groups that gained popularity quickly think that their efforts are what’s important, but still thinking that it is dangerous,”and “You must acknowledge the fact that the company has capabilities and talent.”

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Like what I have said on the previous article where Andy also talked about this issue, I think it’s Andy and the other Shinhwa boys who would know best what the DBSK members are undergoing at this time. They once experienced almost the same thing also under the same management company, and if anyone were to understand what our boys are really feeling right now, it would be them.

I must admit that Andy has a point when he said that it would be hard for the members to  deal with their careers  after this dispute is over (especially if two of them stay at SM while the other three leave) but I believe that our boys will be able to get past that “hardship” stage. Yes, at some point they have to do things again but I wouldn’t classify it as “starting all over again” like what Andy called it. Our boys will not really be “starting all over again” because we, their fans, won’t leave them no matter what. Maybe they would have to get accustomed to be under another company and maybe start promoting themselves again but they won’t have to start all over again because they already have us to support them in their careers no matter where they go. I think with us backing them up, it would be easier for them to “adjust” to their new working conditions.

Also, the following statements by Andy got my attention: “Idol groups that gained popularity quickly think that their efforts are what’s important, but still thinking that it is dangerous,”and “You must acknowledge the fact that the company has capabilities and talent.”. I think the first statement is not applicable to DBSK because in my personal opinion, JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu did not start this whole lawsuit just because they think “their efforts are what’s important”. We all know that all the DBSK members are humble persons and I don’t believe they will think so highly of themselves like that, although they have every right to be proud and confident. Not once did I sense a trace of arrogance or overconfidence in them even if they have already achieved so much in their careers. No matter how popular and “big” they are in Asia and all over the world, these five boys always stayed humble and rooted to the ground.

As much as I hate SM, I must agree with Andy on his last statement about the company. No matter how furious I am with SM’s ridiculous ways of treating its artists, I must admit that they are probably the best agency in Korea in marketing its artists. I do acknowledge the fact that I owe them DBSK’s existence because, after all, SM is is the one who formed this “dream team”. It is also part of the reason why DBSK was known by many and is successful now. But the important word there is PART. Although I acknowledge SM’s contribution to DBSK’s success, I still believe that the main reason why DBSK became successful is because of the boys’ hard work and talent. Yes, we have to thank SM for marketing our boys but we have to keep in mind that no matter how hard SM promotes the boys, if they weren’t really good to begin with, 800,000++ fans around the world won’t pay attention to them. What I’m saying is, I think that the credit for the group’s success is still largely because of the members’ personality, talent and hard work and not due to SM’s promotions. We, the fans, love the members not because of  the calendars, photo books, DVDs or other merchandise that SM releases but because of WHO THEY ARE AS INDIVIDUALS AND ARTISTS AND THE QUALITY OF MUSIC AND PERFORMANCES THEY GIVE US. I hope people who still think that JaeChunSu shouldn’t have gone against SM no matter how bad their situation is because “SM created them” would keep this in mind.