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Yunho and Changmin went back to Korea immediately the next day after their performance at Best Hits Music Festival 2009 and yesterday, Yoochun and Junsu went home from Japan. JaeJoong stayed in Japan alone and this is the reason:

Keita: I met Jaejoong yesterday

Title: Yesterday

Title: Yesterday

I met with Jaejoong.

We had a fun conversation like always.

We ended up talking about how no one really knows how great we got along with each other.
So we decided to show off our friendship more! (laugh)

We talked about how we are really happy that our friendship created a good, peaceful relationship between those of you who like w-inds, and those of you who like Tohoshinki.

We also often hear people say that our atmospheres (T/N Style/vibe of the two groups) are similar. (laughs)

I forgot to take a picture, so I’ll put one up next time.

I’ll update again soon~

Source: Keita’s Ameblo
Translated by: hajargiler + aly @dbsknights
Credits: DBSKnights
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Looks like Keita is JaeJoong’s “Japanese best friend”. I mean, I think he’s the Japanese counterpart of his “Korean best friend” Hyun Joong of SS501. Haha! Anyway, I’m happy to know that he had company while he was left in Japan. I hope this meeting with Keita of W-inds somehow cheered up the rather dull atmosphere that we have been seeing with JaeJoong the past weeks. Hopefully we can see a smile on his face again. =)