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Some pics and screencaps of the boys from MAMA. I’ll upload some more pictures once they’re available at DNBN or somewhere else. =)

The boys look gorgeous as always. Seems like Junsu and Yoochun are back to their “Mirotic look”. But although they’re looking gorgeous as ever, I can’t deny the fact that I see a hint of sadness, tiredness and stress not just from their faces but from their body language and aura as well. The cheerful and confident aura they used to have seemed to have been missing lately. Also, am I the only one who thinks JaeJoong has lost a lot of weight? He seemed so thin. I guess this is the kind of stress this whole dispute has been putting on them. :(

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SM “The Three Members Had No Right To Receive The Award As The Representative Of TVXQ” “SM -The three members do not represent TVXQ!

TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, who are locked in an exclusive contract lawsuit with their agency, attended the ‘2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ at the Seoul, Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium and received the Best Asia Star Award.

To be exact, these three members of TVXQ accepted the award on behalf of all five members who received the award for their activities in countries around Asia.

With regards to this, agency SM Entertainment stated, “The three members of TVXQ had no right to receive the award on behalf of TVXQ.”

They also said, “If Mnet was planning on giving an award to TVXQ, they should have contacted SM Entertainment for a replacement receiver but instead they invited only the three members and gave them the award. This is unacceptable.”

A representative of Mnet stated, “We invited all five members of TVXQ to receive the award. However, two members did not respond, and the three other members came to receive the award,” and “There were no problems with the receiving of the award as the three members even talked of the two members who could not attend in their acceptance speech.”

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I’m getting more and more frustrated with SM. Why do they have to ruin everything? Why do they need to make an issue on every single thing?! Why do they have to accuse of false claims and make JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu always suffer when the three are struggling to keep silent in an effort to not make this mess any bigger than it already is? WHY DO THEY HAVE TO FIND WAYS TO RUIN DBSK? WHY?!?

JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu HAS EVERY RIGHT to receive any award given to DBSK because THEY ARE PART OF DBSK. THEY REPRESENT DBSK. No one is more fitting to accept the award besides all or any of the five members because they were the ones who worked hard for it. If there’s someone who doesn’t have the right to accept anything, THAT IS SM because that damn company did not do anything good for the boys. All they did and cared about was how to make money by exhausting the boys and pushing them to their limits.

All of SM’s statements are BS. Everything they say screams “we’re desperate”. All I want to tell SM is that go on and try to all you want to ruin DBSK but you’ll not succeed because we’ll NEVER allow you to win over us. NEVER.

OMG. I’m crying right now. I can’t stop my tears from falling when I finally saw JaeChunSu on stage, accepting the award and giving their acceptance speech. JaeJoong’s message to the two members “I love you” just made me bawl. I finally allowed all my pent up feelings these past few days out. I’m crying ’till now and I can’t seem to stop. I miss the boys so much and I’m thankful to JaeChunSu for giving us, fans, the assurance that DBSK still exists.

Congrats to the boys. They definitely deserve this award. I hope to see them together again soon.

Also, thank you to the Korean Cassies for being present at the venue to support the boys. They’ve been shouting “Midhuyo” while the boys were on stage. Cassiopeia is undoubtedly the best fanclub. Love you, guys! Thank you!

TVXQ, MAMA Asia Star Award “I Love You”

Group TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu received the Best Asia Star Award at the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (2009 MAMA).

TVXQ was awarded the ‘Best Asia Star Award’ at the Mnet 2009 MAMA at the Seoul, Jamshil Indoor Stadium on the 21st.

Xiah Junsu said, “Thank you. It’s been a while. We are thankful to received such a big award. This award was not one we could have received from the efforts of only one member, the best efforts from all five members were needed to receive this award so it is more meaningful to us. We would like to thank all our fans in Asia for this award.”

Micky Yoochun said, “This is the first time I’ve ever had such a big yearning to sing on a stage like this. I was able to get to such a place because I became a singer by meeting great members. Please give us your support. We will become a group who does not fall below your expectations.”

Lastly, YoungWoong Jaejoong said, “We are more happy because it was an award give to us by our fans across Asia. We would like to thank all our domestic and overseas fans who are watching this. I would like to tell two people who might be watching this that I love them.”

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And here’s the video of the boys accepting the award and giving their speech:

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Awww… JaeJoong was about to cry. *runs to give him a hug* I definitely can feel their love for the two members with each of the speech they gave. There’s no doubting the sincerity of their words. I hope Yunho and Changmin were watching the show. I’m sure they’ll feel touched hearing their brothers’ speeches.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the news about JaeChunSu being accused of fraud by a distributor of CreBeau.

Plaintiff’s reasons for suing JaeChunSu

Recently, a Chinese company in Beijing filed a lawsuit against the trio and Crebeau. The three pages above contains the reasons the company sent to the trio explaining why they sued.

Here is a rough translation (certain parts are summarized to keep it comprehensible):

Regarding the use of DBSK group name or the members, Crebeau (Beijing), and the tort committed to our company:

January 6th, 2009, three members participated in Crebeau China investment orientation. Because they guys are popular, a lot of fans were present.

May 6th, 2009, Crebeau had informed our company that had invited DBSK as Crebeau product representative, the three members joined as company shareholder (director), and express that the trio will participate in a large promotion, seeing how DBSK have a huge fan base in China, with strong appeals, plus their participation in the promotion activities that Crebeau had promised, thus our company signed the contract with Crebeau.

June 8th, 2009, “Crebeau’s Korean branch WE# PLUS Co.,LTD signed contract, agreeing to become crebeau’s surety (view contract). Thus, our company invested nearly 300,000 yuan (Chinese currency) for renting room, renovating, finding staff, and other preparational work.

In June of 2009, the three of them along with Crebeau newly registered a Crebeau in Beijing. Using the name of Crebeau to contact our company and getting us to purchase more Crebeau products.

June 26th, 2009, after all the preparation work, our company signed a formal contract with Crebeau. We spent about 700,000 yuan to import Creabeau products and started the promotion.

Jun 22, 2009, as Crebeau promised and schedule, the three of them will attend July 16th, 2009 for Shanghai press conference under the title as director of Crebeau, with a fan meet, allowing our company to start promoting. Our company spent 200,000 yuan on promotions.

July 8th, 2009, Crebeau (including Crebeau Beijing) have problems regarding the schedule, and informed our company that the three members will not attend the press conference and promised they will pay for all the damages, and apologized on the behalf of the three members.

July 14th, 16th of 2009, trio’s family members represented them in Beijing and Shanghai and apologized for their inability to attend.

July 11th, after DBSK’s Beijing concert, Crebeau lawyer notified us of a conference, in which Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun expressed their apologies to us.

Middle of July 2009, our company were notified of the lawsuit between Korea’s SM entertainment and the members of DBSK, and we were asked to cooperate in provide information.

July 24th, 2009, we became worried about Crebeau and the three members. We tried to contact Crebeau to ask whether they will pay us for the damages, but received no response to this day.

Regarding their actions, there have been lots of disappointment for fans, and with the lawsuit going on, Crebeau products are nearly impossible to sale, which created a large financial lose for our company, until now, our company accumulated to up to 1,200,000 yuan in loses.

Recently, we have received some information. We think there as a tort of fraud committed against us. We believe it’s not hard to see, the trio along with Crebeau’s close relations, creating a wronged believe of there was an implied warranty of authority for Crebeau, to make us enter into this. They lured our company into this, then did not attend the press conference and repeatedly apologizing, and at the same time started a lawsuit with another company, their actions created many loses for our company.

To protect us, we hope their will pay for our financial loses, or our company will take legal action, finding theirs and Crebeau’s responsibility and reveal related things.

We hope to receive a reply by November 7th 2009, or they can be prepared to face consequences

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I did say on my last post about this issue that I don’t think JaeChunSu are at fault and I still think the same way up to now even after reading the reasons as to why the plaintiff is suing JaeChunSu along with CreBeau. But I have to be fair and say this out that IF THE PLAINTIFF IS SAYING THE TRUTH, I think they MAY have some involvement on this whole problem although it’s really not enough reason to sue them. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, the only thing that JaeChunSu COULD have done wrong (if all of the events listed above really happened) is that they did not forbid CreBeau using their popularity as DBSK to promote the company’s products. They failed to notice and realize that CreBeau has been giving misleading information to other parties regarding their involvement in the company and also scheduling and promising their attendance to such promotional events. I guess it wouldn’t have been a problem if they really are shareholders in the company and that they are not busy with their activities as DBSK. But the problem is that  they are NOT shareholders of the company and that they had so much in their schedule during that time that it is really IMPOSSIBLE for them to participate on promotional activities like this.

I’m not completely saying that JaeChunSu has nothing to do with this. It might sound harsh but I think they have a TINY bit of involvement in this. But, like what I have said, it is not enough for the plaintiff to sue them. I hate to put the blame on CreBeau and the plaintiff company but the reality is that this issue should really be only between the two of them. The only reason why JaeChunSu are being dragged to this mess is because they were the ones who were supposed to attend the activities and nothing more. In reality, it was CreBeau and the plaintiff that had the agreement not the plaintiff and JaeChunSu. CreBeau has “abused” JaeChunSu’s popularity in China to the company’s advantage without realizing that problems that could arise because of it. They gave misleading information about the members’ involvement in CreBeau in order to gain deals with other companies. The company actually dragged the members in a mess that they shouldn’t be part of, to begin with. Now, because of these deeds by CreBeau, JaeChunSu’s reputation is being affected. On the part of the plaintiff, I think it is also at fault. The plaintiff should have confirmed all the information first before getting into a contract or agreement with CreBeau and planning all those promotional activities. In business, trust is important but being “aware” and double-checking or verifying all information is equally important. I guess the plaintiff has failed on the verification part.

Again, the things I said on my comment are purely MY OPINION based on the way I understand the “facts” presented by the plaintiff. I have no intentions of making JaeChunSu look innocent (since I’ve read comments on different sites by some people who says that fans keep on making JaeChunSu look innocent all the time and always blaming the fault to other parties whenever issues like this come out). I just think they really did not do anything to deserve to be sued by the plaintiff.  My DBSK bias aside, I think it would be unfair to them if they suffer because of something like this.

Honestly, things are really getting out of hand. Issues have branched out from a simple lawsuit that JaeChunSu have filed against SM. Ever since this all began, allegations, statements, counter-statements, lawsuits, counter-lawsuits, petitions, boycotts, cancellation of activities, etc. have been coming out almost everyday. I’m seriously getting tired of this but I don’t want to stop digesting all the information I get because I want to understand everything no matter how complicated things are. No matter how many information I get everyday, I still try to see through every issue because in this time where everything seems confusing, trying to logically and rationally understand things is the only way to keep me calm and optimistic. I just really wish this would end soon because I don’t know up to what amount of information I can still absorb before I finally snap.

Agree to these people’s statements. I hope this whole thing will end soon. I seriously miss DBSK (and I mean all five of them together) so much!

TVXQ vs SM, Thoughts of Other Celebrities

As the conflict between the 3 members of TVXQ and SM heightens, many celebrities of the entertainment industry have all agreed on one thing, no matter who is right or who is wrong, this is a regrettable issue. Therefore, the comeback for TVXQ early next year is really impossible.

Regarding this, many celebrities have expressed, “It’s a pity for such a talented group ; Worried that this excellent group will be gone just because of this.” A person from a marketing department for entertainment has said, “No matter what, we are really worried that such talented group might disband.” Even a Japanese entertainment producer has said, “TVXQ’s popularity is really huge in Japan, and we would normally compare them with our top Japanese groups.”

“Having the potential to be the top group in Asia, it’s such a misfortune that this had to happened.” Some have said, “It’s not easy to have such a wonderful group, this is not a simple issue of disbanding or continuation of a group, but a group that represents Korea, generally it’s an issue regarding the group that represents Asia.”

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Just some light news about two of Korea’s “Pretty Boys” Kim JaeJoong and Kim Heechul. Dang, most Kims are blessed with good looks, eh? LOL.

Korea Pretty Boygroups – DBSK Kim JaeJoong vs. Kim HeeChul

The most important factor for Korean boy bands to increase their popularity rapidly in China is that every single member of the group is handsome and charming. We can tell by all the popular Korean boy groups in China that every one of them are pretty boys, not losing to any of the pretty girls on the street. Of course before a group’s debut, the agency company would normally arrange the most charming member within the group to attract the public’s attention. The beauty of Kim JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki is unquestionable and the beauty of Kim HeeChul who is from the same agency company group Super Junior is also well-known for his pretty face.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Kim JaeJoong
Nickname: Flower Flower (花花 = Hua Hua)

The first time you see him you’ll be visually shocked, and the effect stays the same for the second and forth. This is Kim JaeJoong, his beauty if cold yet irresistible and his coldness normally makes one feel unreachable; but once you get to know him you will get to see his warm hearted personality. He reached the height for his popularity based on his talent with his heavenly vocals and charming looks. Maybe JaeJoong was born as a beauty for the sake of the performing stage.

“Everyone might think I’m very confident with my own look because I had won the best-faced award, but that’s not true. If I’m asked to choose the past of me that I’m most confident of then it’ll have to be my eyebrows, and I have no confidence for the others. Talking about my road as a single, I was tone deaf way back during my high school time, and at that point of time I was really upset because I was said that I’m bad at singing, but this is the start of my success and as time goes by I started to enjoy singing and found the beauty of it!”

JaeJoong who was still tone deaf till ages 14 had worked hard for his dream with determination, and from a tone deaf to an angel who sings heavenly, together with Cassiopeia he had grown up realizing his dream.

Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul
Nickname: Cinderella, Princess of Mars

The beauty of Kim HeeChul is coquettish, he’s gentle like women and yet has the determination of a man, and therefore he has the ablity to attract both men and women. The first time seeing him is in the music video of ‘Twins’, a red headed person with big round eyes is enough to make one dumbstruck. “This kid is really pretty!” many people had said, but as time goes by it’s his personality, smart and his ability to eloquent well that attracts others attention.

From a certain point of view it can be said that the success of Super Junior is mainly because of Kim HeeChul and this is because he uses his ability to attract attention by his charming characteristic and soon put the focus onto the huge group of 13 members.

The beauty of Kim HeeChul had caused him to be a little obsessed with himself, but those people who are obsessed with themselves are usually adorable. On the popular Korean variety show ‘Star Golden Bell’, when ‘Princess’ was asking what the secret of his popularity was he said, “One’s look plays a big part to it, but there are many other points to it too, therefore don’t judge just on my looks only.”

Kim HeeChul is one of the precious few in Korea who are excelled in all areas, he can sing, dance, host, act and compose too. Especially the SBS drama ‘Golden Bride’ which he acted in had achieved an excellent rating of 32.2%. That drama had also received an award in China after it’s DVD release in China this year.

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The Mirotic Concert in Shenzhen really is just SM’s way to ruin the members. SM sure is playing dirty – way dirty than what I have expected.

TVXQ 3 Members “We Never Signed The Shenzhen Concert Contract”

“The Shenzhen Concert Note of Confirmation, we never signed it ourselves.”

Three members of group TVXQ stated that an unauthorized use of their signatures was used for the documents relevant to the Shenzhen concert. Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun’s representative stated on the 19th that, “We realized only recently that the signatures of the three members of TVXQ were being used without authorization. The signatures on the Shenzhen concert note of confirmation were not signed by the three members themselves, but somebody else signed the paper instead.”

The three members side found out about the unauthorized use of their signatures on the note of confirmation after their Korean and Chinese fans questioned the validity of the signatures. The note of confirmation in question was the document that recognized the singer’s willingness to attend the concert in China. This document was then shown at the location of ticket sales in order to prove to ticket buyers that the singer would indeed be attending the concert. Sejong Law Firm’s Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk of the three TVXQ members stated, “Setting aside the validity of the Shenzhen concert contract, this act was an action that brought misunderstanding to the fans. We are planning to take counteractions against this action officially.”

Sejong also released a hand written document of Mr. A who says he signed the note of confirmation instead. He also showed the actual signatures of Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun to show that there were clear differences in the signatures. according to the hand written document, Mr. A “Signed the Shenzhen Concert note of confirmation instead of TVXQ in March.” Mr. A’s claims are to be investigated.

Lawyer Lim stated, “On the 19th, we requested for a judgment by an expert on the signatures on this note of confirmation and the members’ original signatures. Even just by seeing it, you can tell that there is quite a big difference.”

He also said, “When this lawsuit was initiated, the three members promised to perform all preassigned activities. However, the Shenzhen concert was not one of them. The members found out about the Shenzhen concert during the procedures of the lawsuit.” He also said, “Even the fans new that there was a problem with the signatures on the note of confirmation. Therefore, we asked SM to show us the details of the Shenzhen concert contract but SM did not comply.”

One representative of Korean music industry, “In the case that the singer in an agency is busy, there are times when a representative signs the papers instead after telling the singer of the concert or the schedule.” This representative also stated, “When the relationship between the agency and the singer is good, there are no problems . In such a case, I believe that it has become a problem due to the deteriorating relationship between SM and the three members of TVXQ.”

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SM is ridiculous and has no mercy! I can never forgive this hideous company not only because of them trying to ruin JaeChunSu but also for tricking the fans. Why, of all the dirty tricks they could do, did the choose this? Not only did they hurt and damage the image of JaeChunSu but they also wasted a lot of fans’ money (some if not most are I’m sure are hard-earned money) and effort in buying concert and flight tickets. Most of all, they gave the fans false hope in seeing the boys perform again after so many months. As a DBSK fan, that is just unforgivable. I’m trying to be calm here but every time I realize the efforts of so many fans for this concert going to waste, I feel so enraged. I really feel for the fans who got affected by this and also to all the five members for being used by SM in this kind of way. DAMN SM!

Knowing that SM has forged the signature of JaeChunSu in this Shenzhen concert contract, I have no doubts anymore that the statements supposedly signed by Yunho and Changmin that SM released during the press conference were FAKE. I’m almost sure as hell that those signatures by HoMin were forged, too. There’s no way HoMin will make such harsh statements like that no matter how upset they are.

I don’t care if things will get more complicated if JaeChunSu does this but I really hope they file another case against SM for forging their signatures in order to trick the fans. They can file a case against SM and I’m sure they’ll win it because the person who was tasked to forge the signatures already went to their lawyer thus they have a strong evidence against SM. I know it will complicate things even more than it already is but I really want them to teach SM a lesson and have the company suffer punishment not only for what it did to them but also on behalf of the fans.