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Wohoo! Finally, a short preview for their 29th Japanese Single “Break Out!” which will also be used as a theme song for an upcoming Japanese drama. Based on the short preview, this song is lively and I’m loving the refreshing feeling it gives. But I’d have to listen to the whole song before I can fully describe it. Anyhow, all I can say is that I love it! :D

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Regardless of the difference in total views, I would like to congratulate both JaeJoong and TOP for a job well done. Their respective movies seems to be really good and interesting to be able to attract that much viewings. I hope they climb the charts higher in the coming days. :D

TVXQ Vs Big Bang

TVXQ member, Hero Jaejoong’s movie has won Big Bang’s member, TOP’s movie by an obvious difference.

On the 16th, the total number of tickets sold for each movie through the cinemas show that the movie which had went on-screen from the 11th, <Heaven’s Postman> that stars Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo, is placed 6th with a total number of 34158 viewers. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th was 70495.

For TOP, who starred in the movie <19-Nineteen> also went on-screen from the 11th, had a total number of viewers from 13563, giving it the 7th place. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th is 26687.


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Looks like JaeJoong’s acting in Heaven’s Postman was great and convincing. The more reason why I should watch this movie! Can’t wait for it to be available online or at least on DVD.

Hero Jaejoong’s Acting “As Natural As Breathing”

The movie <Heaven’s Postman> starring Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo, has received about 70945 viewers in Korea between the date it first premiered to the 15th of November. Under the never-ending compliments for the movie, it will definitely receive much more attention.

Asia’s most popular idol, Hero Jaejoong, debut movie <Heaven’s Postman> is currently showing in Korea and the sales have achieved good numbers.

The especially beautiful images in the movie has moved the viewers. After watching it, it feels as if one self has been engulfed into the beautiful fairy tale story in the movie. Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo’s acting in the movie has also received many approvals from the viewers, especially Hero Jaejoong who is acting for the first time. “His acting is as natural as breathing” was the comments received from the viewers.

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Thank you, Avex! You just don’t know how this statement means to DBSK and to us, their fans. One of the rare RIGHT things that SM did, placing the boys under the CARE of Avex is one of them.

Avex is the best! <333

Avex, “Our stance to support TVXQ has not changed from our press release last August 09!”

From around November 14, 2009, messages started to appear in various TVXQ fansites
mentioning “a project to cheer up TVXQ” in very large quantities.
These messages are exchanged amongst TVXQ fans, wishing to “support TVXQ in every possible way.”

The message writes, “Please write in 50 yen postcards, ‘We Love (heart mark here) TVXQ’
with red in the middle of the postcard,” and please write supporting messages to them
in the other space. Please mail it on November 29, 2009, at the same time.”
(T/N: Overseas fans should do their best to make sure that the the postcard arrives at around December 1st, 2009.)

The address to be sent is, The AVEX Entertainment Co. Attention: “TVXQ”

Could AVEX meet the expectation of such fans?
We requested their response to our question.
Avex spokesperson had answered by saying,

“Our stance to continue supporting TVXQ has not changed from what we said
at our August 6, 2009 press release.”

AVEX Entertainment Co’s promise to continue to protect TVXQ has not been changed
from the time they made this promise at their press release in August this year.

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