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Below is a news about the statement of SM regarding JaeChunSu’s non-response to its deadline for the supposed “preparation for the Korean comeback” next year. Also, it was announced today that the Shenzhen concert is canceled.

SM’s official stand, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback next year – impossible”

SM Entertainment revealed their stand for their discord with trio Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun of group Dong Bang Shin Ki through reports on 13th november.

SM Entertainment said, “We gave the deadline for the 3 members to give us a reply about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback in Korea next year by 12th November previously during our press conference on 2nd November. But we did not get any response. This has hence make the group’s comeback in Korea next year impossible.”

SM Entertainment also added, “The trio has agreed to carry out the schedule planned on basis of the basic contract between the company and the group before the court during the time when the trial was on going. But after part of the trial judgement came out, the trio said they will not participate or the coming concert performance on 21st November in China which is part of their Asian concert tour performances decided as of June 2008, and for subsequent concert performance, they have stated that they may not be participating for them.”

“We will decline the idea for the 3 to promote as Dong Bang Shin Ki. This will have adverse effects on our company’s artistes as well as concert performances scheduled in China.”

Notice of cancellation of the Shenzhen concert released by the Chinese organizers:


To all fans,

Due to the three members (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu) of group TVXQ refusing to participate in TVXQ’s Shenzhen concert to be held on the 21st of November 2009, it has led to the organiser of the concert, DREAMMAKER ENTERCOM CO., LTD unable to follow through with the contract for the concert, and we now announce that the concert is cancelled.

To this, we express our regret to the supportive fans of TVXQ. Overall information about refunds will be given out next week, please take note of this and pass this news around. We apologise profusely for creating such an inconvenience.


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As expected, SM puts all the blame on JaeChunSu. I’m not even surprised when I heard of this news because I KNOW that SM would release such statements. Since this whole dispute has started, I already can predict SM’s next moves. The way they think is very predictable because all they did since day one was to put the blame on JaeChunSu. And of course, this is no exception.

I don’t give a damn to any of SM’s statements against the three members anymore. I’m already immune to the “see-it’s-all-JaeChunSu’s-fault” kind of tricks. SM is really trying to split the fans but too bad for them, true fans like us don’t believe such ridiculous reasoning.


Let’s take a break from all the negative news regarding the dispute between JaeChunSu and let’s read something refreshing. :)

Kim Junho, Junsu’s twin, was featured on Easy magazine’s September issue. Below is the translation of his interview.








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Before anything else, I just want to ask… why are Junho’s fans called “Grapes”? What’s the story behind that? *curious*

This is Junho’s interview and yet there were quite a lot of questions on Junsu. LOL.

Their nicknames… “bamboo” and “red bean bun”? Hahaha! I guess based from the baby pictures of Junsu I’ve seen so far, “red bean bun” kinda fits him. *gets bricked by Junsu*

And the drawing of their ideal girls… goodness! Now I know that they are REALLY brothers. ROFL!

Just a preview of the OST of the telecinema “Heaven’s Postman” wherein JaeJoong has a solo version and there is also a version of all five members. It sounds nice and dramatic. Love it! I hope they release a CD of this or maybe release the songs digitally. Anything will do as long as they release a clear, full and CD-quality copy of the two versions. :)

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