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Finally, JaeJoong’s first public/media appearance (aside from performances and concerts) after filing the lawsuit vs. SM:

Youngwoong Jaejoong will Attend Heaven’s Postman Press Conference

TVXQ Youngwoong (real name Jaejoong) will finally make his first public appearance after the raising of exclusive contract issue conflicts.

On November 9th 4:30 pm at CGV Seoul, Youngwoong will attend the press conference for his debut movie “Heaven’s Postman” (director Lee Hyeong-min).

“Heaven’s Postman” which is starring Youngwoong Jaejoong and Han Hyo-joo is a Korea-Japan joint project which has been gathering much attention and become a hot issue. Through this premiere press conference, the experience of Jaejoong with his debut acting challenge in “Heaven’s Postman” will be reported.

One of the official strictly gave advance noticement, “The press conference is about the movie, and there’s no association with the legal dispute Youngwoong is involved. So I hope for the understanding not to ask any questions related to the dispute.”

Heaven’s Postman will make its debut release in CGV theaters on November 11th.

source: 데일리안 이지영 기자 + Newsen
sum trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

I just really hope the reporters would respect him and avoid asking questions about the dispute. I know that would be hard especially considering how “hot” the topic is nowadays but they have to remember that the press conference is for the telecinema project and not for the dispute. I hate to see JaeJoong being pressured to answer questions about the dispute when he’s still not ready to talk about it.

Now the extra movie is also subbed! :D It was divided into 7 clips and is mostly about their promotions for their TSC album where they were split into groups and the games they played backstage during their TSC live tour. Poor Yunho! He’s always lost the games and was always punished. Changmin’s hits are pretty strong and I bet those are hella painful. Ouch!

You can watch the subbed clips for History in Japan Vol. 4 – The making HERE.

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