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Love this editorial. :)

SM Blinded By Money, What Lie Will They Make Up Next?

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I dare to say that TVXQ is one of the best singers in all of Korea. Truth be told, there are few singers who can sing well while dancing rigorously like they do, and there are few singers who not only sing and dance well, but look good as TVXQ does.

However, what is unfortunate is their agency SM. When one looks through all the unbelievable actions SM has carried out, one begins to wonder how such an agency was able to bring to Kpop so many singers.

Lies only bring more lies.

To sum the case up, SM suddenly added an activity to TVXQ’s schedule. (The concert that came after the lawsuit was instigated) So the three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) stated that they would not be attending a concert that had not been planned in advance, and SM retaliated strongly and viciously. They gave off a nuance that TVXQ was being very immature by not attending a pre-scheduled activity because of a confrontation with the agency. But the problem is that all of the procedures and results that SM has been stating are lies.

1. A Pre-scheduled Activity?
: What is currently causing controversy is the signature happening; in which it is stated that a concert can occur only if the singer signs the documents him or herself. Therefore, if the singer did not sign the documents him or herself, this is the same as the singer stating that he or she would not be attending the concert. The problem is, SM forged these signatures.

To restate that, to make the concert look as though it had been scheduled in advance, created this situation from lies. There was no “pre-scheduled activity” that they claimed there was.

2. The Concert Was Given Full Permission?
:This is sounding like a lie as well. People must receive permission to advertise or sell anything related to concerts in China. To calm down the controversy, SM stated that they began selling tickets on the 21st. However, evidence from Chinese fans in the form of e-mails confirming that money was transferred for tickets that were sent on the 16th are appearing here and there. SM’s statement has once again been proven as a lie. To restate this, SM is trying to cover the situation with lie after lie.

-TVXQ’s attitude is quite mature. They are too grown up to be called idols.

SM is busy trying to criticize and tarnish the names of the members of TVXQ with lies. The company even forged signatures for the Shenzhen concert and canceled the concert only to place the blame on the members. As stated above, they used lies.

TVXQ, on the other hand, are not using media play or taking direct action against SM. They did so for their worrying fans, and to reduce, at least by one, the number of times the name TVXQ appeared in the media.

What about SM? They, on the other hand, tried to make TVXQ look like schemers and kept them in the media spotlight to tarnish the image of the group. It’s as though the agency has the mindset of ‘Since you left our house, I’ll make sure the rest of your lives are miserable. Is this really how the nation’s top, leading agency should act to youths in their 20s? It makes one wonder who is the real adult and who is the child in this dispute.

-Those who criticize TVXQ, do not criticize them if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

1. Impatient TVXQ?
: Currently, there are netizens who are quietly observing this case, but then there are some who cannot control themselves and criticize TVXQ. I ask for them to think their position over one more time. It’s actually quite laughable.

SM began selling tickets illegally although the members of TVXQ continued to decline the notion, and they even forged the members’ signatures without authorization from the members, until when do you expect them to grin and bear it? Have you no clue about the legal system and laws of our country? Forgery is an extremely serious offense in Korea.

2. TVXQ is greedy for money?
: Let’s pretend that there is a businessman who worked his way up through this own had work and determination to a reasonably good status in a company. Truth be told, he’s receiving unfair treatment, but he is receiving a bigger salary than the average businessman. In any case, he continues to diligently do as the company says for the sake of the expectations put upon him and the development of the company. So the company grew and became developed, and that businessman continued to bring forth results that met or exceeded expectations. However, the treatment he received from the company changed only slightly. All he received was more work, and bigger expectations.

Is this situation very fair? Is this a situation to look over just because the salary is not on the bad side?
This is not being greedy for money. How is wanting as much as one worked being greedy for money? This is something we should be supporting. Because this is not something wrong to do. When taking the facts that the company would become better in quality and environment, the company should be thankful.

Whatever the reason, everything has been revealed. Due to these lies being revealed, it makes one feel as though everything SM has said in the past were lies as well. I don’t know about anything else, but I’m very curious to see what explanations, no, lies SM will come up with next.

SM’s abilities to raise and debut skilled singers is notable, however, they are advised to fix themselves and mature into an agency that can communicate and listen to its singers.

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Fans retaliates to SM’s statement about the issue on the permit of the Shenzhen concert. Like what I have observed and explained on my previous post, SM’s “explanation’ has some loopholes. Fans further explains of why SM’s statement was a lie:

TVXQ Fans Submit Retaliation To SM’s Statement

TVXQ fans submitted a civil appeal to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stating that SM Entertainment began selling tickets for TVXQ’s Shenzhen concert before receiving permission from the Chinese government. To this, SM explained that, “We asked the concert planning agency in charge of TVXQ’s Asia Tour, and they said all legal permission and procedures pertaining to ticket sales for the Shenzhen concert had no problems whatsoever.” However, fans are stating that SM’s statement is a lie.

Recently in an interview with a journalist, SM stated, “The ‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’ was informed by the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Culture that ‘Permission is granted for TVXQ’s Guangdong (Shenzhen) concert’ on the 21st of October. The Chinese agency also received the ‘Ratification by the Ministry of Culture of Korean TVXQ’s Concert in Guangdong (Shenzhen) [2009] Number 2146.”

Therefore, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st, when Dream Maker was given permission to do so.

▲TVXQ Shenzhen concert ticket sales authorization transfer certification The authorization certification stated that the rights to sell tickets were transferred from the ‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’, who is the Chinese company in charge of the concert, to the general agent for tickets, ‘Piao’. ⓒDNBN

However, fans stated that, “‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’ gave the authorization to sell tickets to ‘Piao’ on September 30th,” and “Ticket sales actually began before this date,” and presented evidence. The actual date of the transfer of the authorization of ticket sales did indeed begin on September 30th.

Fans stated, “‘Piao’ believed that by being given the authorization to sell tickets, permission for the concert had already been given. Therefore, they did their job and began selling tickets. However, September 30th is quite far away from October 21st. Therefore, SM Entertainment blatantly disregarded China’s procedures for such an event.”

Fans also stated, “For the Chinese companies, as they work with concerts in China, they are allowed to draw up contracts regarding sponsors regardless of whether or not permission has been given. However, if the Chinese company, SM and Dream Maker are planning to hand over the authorization of ticket sales, they should have waited until after permission was give before doing so.”

To collect evidence that ticket sales began before permission was granted by the Chinese government, fans presented receipts and lists of order confirmation of fans who had bought tickets for the concert.

▲Shenzhen Concert Ticket Sales Confirmation List A confirmation list of a ticket buyer in China. The date on the receipt states October 5th. However, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st. ⓒDNBN

According to this evidence, the payment bank account and money transfer receipt are both listed under the date October 11th. Other ticket confirmation lists are even dated as October 5th. This proves that ticket sales were occurring before permission from the Chinese government was given.

Fans stressed that, “If this isn’t a violation of ticket sales, then what is?” and “This proves that ticket sales began even though permission wasn’t give by the Chinese government.”

Fans also said, “The Shenzhen concert is a concert directly linked with SM,” and “No explanation can let SM escape from their responsibility for going ahead with a concert regardless of the fact that the government had not granted permission yet.”

On the 16th, regarding TVXQ fans’ civil appeal titled ‘SM Entertainment’s Disregard for the Chinese Administrative Procedures may obstruct Culture Exchanges between Korea and China’, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated, “In the case of China, a license system is used for foreign concerts,” and “As you have stated, the actions of disregarding a country’s appropriate procedures may have a negative effect on the growth of the Hallyu Wave, the image of the Korean music market and the nation as a whole, as well as the cultural exchange between the two nations.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also stated, “We will call a representative of SM forth to clarify and set regulations so that such an event will not occur again.”

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Tsk, for a company who never wants to back down and who keeps in making things up just to ruin their “opponents”, SM is so careless in cooking up lies. We can always see loopholes in each and every statement they come up with. Are they stupid or what?

Another news confirming Junsu’s participation in the musical “Mozart”. Congrats to Junsu for landing on the lead role! :) He’ll be alternating with three other actors for the said role.

Xiah Junsu, ‘Mozart’ Role Confirmed

TVXQ member Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) has been cast as the lead role in the 2010 production ‘Mozart!’

Xiah Junsu plays the role of genius musician Mozart, who yearns for freedom, and plays alongside musical stars Lim Tae Kyung, Part Gun Hyung, and Park Eun Tae.

Xiah Junsu’s side stated, “We were thinking of a new change for him amidst his busy schedule so we looked through several good musical performances and we decided on ‘Mozart!’ that possessed the performance qualities and the audience attraction qualities of a perfect performance which required slight changes in his Japanese schedule.”

The production side stated, “When the original writer Sylvester Levay visited Korea, he met with the casting crew and Xiah Junsu once and then he fell for Xiah Junsu’s willingness and passion. The original writer stated that Xiah Junsu’s superior skills would make him a great Mozart and we decided to cast him as the main role.”

They also said, “We hope the fans give their love and support for Xiah Junsu, who has already been noted for his great skills through various activities, for his first challenge as a role in a musical.”

Musical ‘Mozart!’, which will begin on January 20th, 2010 in the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, is an Austrian musical written by world renown playwright Michael Kunze and Grammy Award winner Sylvester Levay.

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Can’t wait for this musical. I wish I could watch this live. Junsu will surely do a good job as Mozart considering his inclination and passion for music. Kim Junsu is a music genius himself. :D

Before anything else, here are the clips from their appearance at Best Hits Song Fesitval 2009

Interview during rehearsals (Eng Subbed)

[Credit: luvdbsk7]

Stand by U performance (HD)

[Credit: gonchanzero]

Stand by U performance + Short talk

[Credit: gian1214]

Finally, we can see the boys perform as five again! I’ve missed them so much! I was longing to hear their voices in perfect harmony for months and finally, I heard their voices as one again. I’m nearly in tears when I was watching their performance of Stand by U. This is definitely one of their best performances of the song not just because it was great but because it has a special meaning to all of us fans who have been wishing to see them together again as DBSK.

Many people are actually talking – heck, even arguing – about the “gap” between JaeJoong and Changmin when they’re standing together. They said that during the interview clip (the first video above), Changmin was standing “so far away” from JaeJoong. Seriously, I don’t think we should be bothered by this so-called “gap” between them. To me, it’s pretty normal. Even Yoochun and Junsu had a “gap” between them at some point during the interview. I think people are just overreacting on the seemingly not-too-far gap between Changmin and JaeJoong. Hey, we could not expect them to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder all the time, right? Ever heard of personal space? I guess we just got too sensitive when observing things because of what had happened in the past months.

What bothered me though was their expressions and body language, especially JaeJoong. Definitely, there is something “different” with the way they were standing together while they were being interviewed (and I don’t mean the “gap” here). There seems to be some kind of awkwardness and I think they’re too “silent”. Only Yunho was answering the questions and their smiles are so limited. In fact, JaeJoong did not smile even just for once during the interview. He looks so sad and “spaced out”. I wonder what he’s thinking? Does it have something to do with the members or is it because it was during that time that the rumor about him and Abiru Yuu surfaced out? But whatever it is, I got worried when I saw how seemingly sad and depressed he was. As for the other members, they were quiet than they normally are. There is actually no trace of happiness in the atmosphere, at least in my opinion.

I still believe that the five of them love each other and are still brothers. I’m sure they still have a good relationship because I refuse to believe that a simple lawsuit would ruin their more than six years of friendship and brotherhood. It will take a lot to break their bond. I think the awkward air surrounding them during their interview is because of the long “break” they had away from each other. Remember, this is the first time in six years that these guys were separated this long. They’ve been together every waking day of the past six years of their lives and maybe it really does feel awkward to see each other again after being away especially when an issue like the lawsuit is the reason for it. They might have more awkward moments unless this lawsuit finally ends but I believe we’ll see a “closer to the normal” DBSK in the coming days since they will be attending so many events in Japan together.

Always keep the faith!

Finally, a project for Junsu! I’ve missed Junsu so much since he’s the one who had the most “rest” among the members. At last, he’s gonna be active on something again. Yay for Junsu! =)

TVXQ Junsu in Discussion for Starring in a Musical “The Expected First Personal Activities”

One of TVXQ member who is currently having dispute with SM Entertainment, Xiah Junsu is expected to appear in musical project.

One official said on the 26th, “A musical project which is starring Xiah Junsu is being discussed. The cast information will be released soon.” he said. The fans have already been aware and confirmed about this musical schedule and also the tickets, citing high expectations on the project. If Xiah Junsu appearance in the musical is decided, it will be his first personal activity after the dispute started.

(news after the cut, we seriously have no comment ^^;;;)

In addition, 3 TVXQ members Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu were said to have been promoting a secret local fanmeeting. According to music industry officials, these three members are coming somewhere in Seoul and are expected to greet their Korean fans in December fanmeeting. A close source to the members said, “They’re in process of having a local fanmeeting in December. However, the time and place for the fanmeeting still don’t come to decision.”

3 TVXQ members filed a provisional disposition against SM Entertainment regarding exclusive contract in last July to the court, and since then, their local activities has been stopped. As the conflict still continues, the attendance of five members in the fanmeeting are expected to be a tough one.

source: newsen
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I’m excited to watch Junsu in a musical. A musical is a mix of singing and acting so I wonder how well Junsu will do in this project. The singing part is not a problem but what I’m anxious to watch is his acting. We all know that his acting is the one that needs more improvement as compared to the other members. The guy just can’t stop NG-ing and laughing while saying his lines! LOL. The musical is live so I wonder what will happen to Junsu? Hahaha. But I trust him. I’m sure he’s gonna be fine. Our dolphin boy is a talented one so he’ll find a way to “limit” his NGs. :D

About the fanmeeting, I would like to keep my comment to myself as of now. I’ve learned my lesson not to trust these kindss of news where “a close source to the members” is involved. Unless this is confirmed by the three members or any of their representatives, I’m not going to mind this too much.