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And for my final post before I go to sleep (since it’s already 12:30am here), here’s some information on DBSK’s next Japanese single called “Break Out”.

Tohoshinki 29th Single “BREAK OUT”

Hi! Everyone in Bigeast

TVXQ’s 29th Single “BREAK OUT!” The release date in January 27, 2010 (Wed) has been determined!

■ Title: “BREAK OUT!”
■ Release Date: January 27, 2010 (Wed)
■ tie: NHK drama “Tomehane (Let us jump together)! Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club”

◇ Details:

1,890 (tax included)

[CD Track List]

* Untitled 1
* BREAK OUT! (Less Vocal)
* Untitled 1 (Less Vocal)

[DVD content]

* BREAK OUT! (Offshot) ※ first video time TBA

☆Limited Edition includes a jacket-sized card (1 of 5, randomly
☆ Limited Edition video: “BREAK OUT!” (Offshot)

1,050 (tax included)

[CD Track List]

* Untitled 1
* Untitled 2
* BREAK OUT! (Less Vocal)
* Untitled 1 (Less Vocal)

☆Limited Edition includes a jacket-sized card (1 of 5, randomly)
☆ Limited Edition: 12 page booklet

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Finally, a response from JaeChunSu to SM regarding the deadline the latter has set for the three members last Nov. 2 during its press conference.

TVXQ Members Side’s Response to SM 12th Deadline

The legal representative of 3 TVXQ members Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu from Sejong firm has stated clearly that they don’t have intention to respond SM proposal and will remain in defense side.

On the 11th through a phone call with Star Money Today, Sejong official said, “The three members don’t have any plan to respond an action regarding to SM’s deadline on the 12th” he determined. “The three members will start their activities regardless their relationship with SM.”

At 63rd building, Seoul on last November 2nd, SM held a press conference and announced their request for 3 members to decide their comeback the latest on November 12th as TVXQ is already planned to start group activities soon next year.

After SM stand became known, 3 members side commented, “According to the provisional disposition verdict paper, TVXQ can do their activities as long as there’s a liaison party between three members and SM.” The official revealing in reference to the provisional disposition verdict paper to explain their current stand and situation.

Currently the three members after receiving partial suspension of their exclusive contract decision from the court, is in process of preparing the income lawsuit.

Sejong official said, “I don’t think it’s necessary to prepare everything in hurry as the court is ruling in favor of 3 members side for now. We’re going to slow down until all necessary materials are ready and in two months, we’re going to start the lawsuit.”

source: star-mt
sum trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

I’m happy that JaeChunSu did not give in to the pressure that SM has put on them. I was really hoping for this kind of response from them. I’m so proud of them for standing their ground and for continuing their battle against SM. I guess SM is speechless now because their attempt to “force” JaeChunSu to go back to them did not work. LOL. Sorry, SM but JaeChunSu aren’t stupid to go back to their miserable situation under you. They are way smarter than you think. *laughs at SM’s foolishness*

Oh, and before some of you guys start to worry, I would just like to clarify that JaeChunSu refusing to go back to SM to do the 5th album doesn’t mean they don’t want to work with the two members anymore and that they don’t want to do activities as DBSK anymore. They refused to give in to SM’s “deadline” because SAYING YES AND DOING THE 5TH ALBUM WOULD MEAN GOING BACK TO SM AND FORGETTING THIS WHOLE LAWSUIT. SM is just using the reason of “preparation for the 5th album” as a trap to pressure the three members to stop this whole thing and go back to them. So, don’t panic and start saying/thinking that they are doing these things to break away from DBSK or that they are breaking up (there are some kpop “news and gossip” sites who make it appear that way) because it is not true. THE REASON THEY REFUSED SM’S OFFER IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO BE UNDER SM’S CONTROL ANYMORE. If only SM would be cooperative and allow them to work with the 5th album without them “going back to SM”, then I’m sure the three members will be more than willing to do it.

This is just a recap of what JaeJoong and Yunho said regarding the dispute during the press conferences of their respective dramas.

Jaejoong & Yunho At First Official Press Conferences

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and YoungWoong Jaejoong have been garnering attention for showing their support for each other at their individual press conferences after the dispute began.

The two people’s friendship seemed not to have been disturbed in any way by the legal dispute with agency SM Entertainment. In fact, they both seemed to be trying hard not to accidentally bring harm to the other.

YoungWoong Jaejoong attended the press conference of ‘Postman of Heaven’ at 4:30 pm at the CGV at Wangship-li in Seoul on the 9th and said, “It was hard for me to decide to show my face at this press conference which is my first official outing since the trial,” and “But I wanted to attend the press conference because this production was something I worked hard on a year ago.”

He also said, “When I was filming the movie, it was a busy time as activities for the fourth album were going on at the same time. So the members couldn’t give me a lot of advice but U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin supported me by telling me to work hard,” and “I did not give U-Know Yunho advice when he began filming for his drama. I didn’t worry about him because he’s a friend who works as hard as he can in everything he does,” and showed his deep trust and faith in U-Know Yunho.

He also showed his affection by saying, “U-Know Yunho is a friend who hardly ever says ‘I’m tired’, or ‘I’m sick’.”

At the press conference for MBC’s drama ‘Heading to the Ground’, U-Know Yunho supported the three members who had a different stance than him by saying “I hope that the TVXQ dispute is ended in a good, reasonable way. There are a lot of bad rumors floating around but please don’t believe them.”

When more TVXQ-related questions were asked, he carefully said, “I don’t know why everyone is thinking of it so negatively. There are a lot of bad rumors going around. I worry that these rumors are only worsening the situation. I hope that nobody believes in these rumors and from my point of view, I hope that everything ends in a good and reasonable manner.”

On the other hand, SM Entertainment gave the ultimatum to the three members and said, “TVXQ will make a comeback next spring. Answer our question of your return by the 12th.” An answer regarding this was not available from YoungWoong Jaejoong on the day of the press conference.

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JaeJoong had a short chat with the Cassies who were at the pre-screening after the press conference was held. He really looks nervous and a bit lost while he was in front. LOL. But it’s a good thing that he still managed to joke around with the fans. Also, I think it was pretty sweet of him to visit DNBN just to know how the fans are feeling about this whole situation. We can really see how JaeJoong gives so much importance to the fans and as a fan, I’m happy to know that and I really appreciate his love and concern for us. All of them knows that we’re suffering just like them and just knowing that they actually worry about what we’re feeling on this whole issue is enough to somehow ease all the burdens and worries all of us are having because of this dispute. Thank you, JaeJoong (and to all the other members, too)  for caring about us. We really appreciate it!

Here’s the fancam with English subs:

[Credit: 2yunnie206]

And another version of the translation just in case you didn’t quite understand the video:

Conversation Between JaeJoong and Cassies – I Really Need To Leave Already.

The conversation between JaeJoong and Cassies after the ‘Heaven Postman’ movie preview.

MC: Now, let’s welcome Hero JaeJoong. (Fans cheering~)

JJ: Hello everyone. (Fans continue cheering~)

JJ: Woo~ It is much more comfortable here~

JJ: I… what should I say?

(A fan amidst the crowd: I LOVE YOU!)

JJ: … Hello.

JJ: Press conference has just ended ; There was too many cameras, too uncomfortable… (Laughs)

JJ: Is everyone feeling great?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: What have all of you been doing?

(Fans: “Oppa is so handsome!”, “The movie is great!”, “We’ve been waiting for it~~~”)

JJ: … Really. (Took a long, deep breath, he seems really nervous…)

(Fans: “Wooo~~~~”)

JJ: I was really nervous during the press conference, but it all went away the moment I reached here…

(Fans scream: “… Oppa!” “Looks like a doll!”)

JJ: Is it?

JJ: The time is…

(Fans thought that its going to end soon and said “What~”)

JJ: I have yet to say anything…

(Fans laugh~~)

JJ: The time is short, so everyone, please ask some questions and I will answer them.

(Fans were all cheering~~)

JJ: Kidding~~

(All fans went crazy and… undulated~~~)

JJ: (Laughs) Eh, first of all, the first preview, it was my first time watching the complete version too. Eh… very interesting.

JJ: Though there are some awkward moments…

(Fans laugh~ and shouted “Kiss Scene!”)

JJ: Kiss scene was interesting too…

(Fans: “Ahh~~~”)

JJ: The ending part… the lines are very meaningful. Hope that everyone can watch this movie joyfully and have a good laugh.

JJ: And… now is a very tough period of time…

(Fans: “Ah~~~” heartbreaks..)

JJ: During this tough period of time, to have made everyone worried about us, I’m really sorry…

(Fans: “Oppa hwaiting!” “Oppa keep the spirit up~”)

JJ: (Laughs) This is a secret, actually its not really a secret. Not long ago, I logged onto DNBN to check the comments from everyone…

(Fans screaming~~)

JJ: Then I can only logged in using “XXJaeJoong”…

(Fans laugh~)

JJ: Because I’m really curious, wanting to know what everyone thinks.. what everyone is worried about…

JJ: The chances for us to meet now is getting lesser… don’t even have a chance to say what I wanted to, to everyone, and there isn’t any place that we can have a conversation with on the internet, therefore…

JJ: This preview event, got to know from the director that there is a chance for me to have a conversation with everyone, I’m really grateful for that..

JJ: Though I can’t say anything that would be considered happy right now… but at least I can let everyone take a look at me, to be able to talk to everyone… really… in the midst of such a worrying period, if everyone can have a good laugh while watching this movie, that would be good…

JJ: … Ah… the male actor named on the movie is “Hero JaeJoong” isn’t it?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: … Therefore, have to do according to what they say… (Laugh~)

(Fans: “Aii~~” once again it breaks their hearts…)

JJ: Then, that’s all…

(Fans: “No!” “Don’t go~~” “Oppa, let’s leave together~”)

JJ: I should leave already…

(Fans: “Please stay awhile more~” “Oppa, let’s leave together!”)

JJ: (Laughs…) I really don’t wish to leave too…

(Fans: “Aii~~”)

JJ: But… (took a deep breath…) as long as everyone finds the movie nice, that would be enough for me…

Fans: “We have yet to watch it together!?”

JJ: Everyone please support the movie! Thank you!

(Fans almost broke into tears…)

(JaeJoong left after a hand sign…)

(Fans: “We can’t even watch it together…”)


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