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I’m excited to watch this! I think the role fits JaeJoong perfectly because the qualities of the character he’s portraying are somewhat the initial impressions of people when they see JaeJoong for the first time. I can’t wait for its airing! Just a few more days and we’re gonna see it! :D

Romantic Guy ‘YoungWoong Jaejoong’ Shows Off His Charm Through Film

Global project ‘Telecinema 7’ was brought together by Japan’s best writer and Korea’s famous drama role caster along with Korea’s top stars to create seven movies in total. <Heaven’s Postman>, which was TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong’s first attempt at acting, is garnering much attention before it’s screening date on the 12th of November; many are curious to see if he is as good on screen as he is on stage.

Romantic Fantasy <Heaven’s Postman>

<Heaven’s Postman>, which is included in ‘Telecinema 7’, is the romantic fantasy tale of the 14 day love between Hana (Han Hyo Joo), a woman who cannot forget her deceased lover, and Jejun (YoungWoong Jaejoong), a special man who delivers the letters people write to their deceased love ones.

Through his acting debut of Asia’s top idol star TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, viewers will be able to see the soft and romantic side of him in his portrayal of Heaven’s postman with a riddle-like mysteriousness about him.

The image of Heaven’s postman YoungWoong Jaejoong standing in a green field where the letters are mailed to Heaven draws everyone’s attention with his looks resembling that of a romance comic book character. A necklace with feather decorations and bland colored clothes add to his mysterious air and he has shown prospect of becoming a great actor with his warm gaze and steady flow of emotion directed towards those who cannot forget their deceased loved ones. He also showed a romantic charm never before seen on stage by showing a warm, caring side to Hana who is hurt by and despises her dead boyfriend.

His acting skills of showing a man who begins to love but cannot approach his lover, and his special charm that was shrouded by secrets will captivate the audience and the hearts of women.

<Heaven’s Postman> showed that YoungWoong Jaejoong was as successful on screen as he was on the stage.

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It’s good to know that not only ordinary fans like us, but also popular artists who are DBSK fans, are also hoping for everything to be settled soon and that DBSK can continue together as a group. I really do hope that all our prayers will be answered.

Singer Lyn gives strength to Junsu through her song.

Lyn’s newly song “누나의 노래 (Noona’s Song)” has been received much attention from public due to the lyrics which mentions the name Junsu and Yeongbae (Taeyang real name). “It’s modifier red ocean now” and the part mentions “Junsu”, it can easily take that she’s referring to TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu. Also at the part of lyrics “Sometimes when I drink because you don’t call, I only look at you” and the name “Yeongbae”, implies that it’s Taeyang she’s referring to. What is the background reason of Lyn to add these people in her song?

“I want to send messages of encouragement and praise to the junior artists in fun way through this song but I didn’t expect the response will be this much.”

Lyn also wanted to give strength to Junsu who is currently being involved in legal dispute. When Lyn was composing this song, the situation of TVXQ Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun was shaky as they filed nullification of their contract with SM Entertainment and were drown in disbanding group issue.

“I’ve been watching Junsu since he’s young. He’s been growing as an artist who has had a classy live skill and stage manner, thus makes me very proud. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to have a duet album with this hoobae (laughs). I want him to know that many fellow artists, including me, as well as public who are rooting for TVXQ. As TVXQ is a group which gives hope and joy to many people, I hope this situation will end in a right direction.”

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