The Secret Behind Yoochun & Jaejoong’s Tattoo – An Interview with the Tattoo Master

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Kim Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun
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This is a short interview of JP, the tattoo master from Tatist where JaeJoong and Yoochun got their tattoo.








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I like this interview. It explains more about JaeJoong and Yoochun’s tattoo. The tattoo master also seems like he’s really close with JaeJoong. What he said about Jae’s tattoos made me understand Jae more and his feelings. Before, I only admired Jae’s tattoo because of how unique it is but after reading this interview, I came to appreciate it more. Each and every tattoo both of them have are not merely for body art only but rather they mean a lot to them and represent important events in their lives.

Here’s a fancam of JaeJoong and Yoochun at the tattoo shop. This was taken just a few days ago. Are they going to get a tattoo again? I hope not. Although I did say above that I appreciate the reason behind their tattoos, I still think their tattoos are already enough. I don’t want their bodies to be covered with tattoos.

[Video credit: dreamsxxdbsk]

  1. blue says:

    i agree..sure jj’s tattos r nice but common i don’t want them to fill their whole body with them..i mean now they look good but once they r old they won’t be so great to look at..i don’t mind tattoo’s at the back but im not very fond of tattoos on the front!

  2. gitterbug101 says:

    I find it amusing how everyone is talking as though jae and chun’s bodies are personally attached to them as fans. Jae likes to tattoo, so in all honesty I think that fans are just going to have to get used to the fact that this is something he does. Do I think that he is going to cover his whole body? No. But, if a milestone comes up in his life that he deems important.. then, yeah I can see him getting more.

    I also don’t think they went to get tattoos in this vid. In the interview with the tatto master, he said that Jae likes to come at night, so I think fans can chill for the moment. They probably just came to say hi, and/or chat.

    Of course fans are attached to their idols, but they’re individuals who should be able to live their lives in the ways they choose. We can’t make them live the way we want. When you care about someone you try to steer them in the right direction, but I seriously think fans in some instances need to detach and realize that our idols don’t live for us.

    Anyway, my speal is over. I just commented because all the comments about, “I hope this his last one have been irritating me”. In my mind mind, it’s like who cares? He’s still jae, and he’s still chun. I like them for their personalities and talents, looks come third for me.

    Oh! I’m like one of those silent readers, but, I love your blog. You give great commentary and I’m totally jae biased too. ( I don’t know why I like this kid so much, but I find him easy to connect to) Please keep updating.

  3. lovetohateme says:

    @ blue: It actually depends if they still maintain the same body frame and flawless skin when they get old. I think they will look ok with their tattoos even if they’re already old as long as they take care of their body. But yeah, it won’t be as good as it is now.

    @ gitterbug101: I get what you’re trying to say and I agree that we should let the boys do what they want since it is their own body and not ours. But I guess the reason why some of us hope that they won’t get a tattoo anymore is because having too much tattoo isn’t good for the body. Someone told me before that getting tattoos could actually have some effects on the blood that’s why people with too much tattoos can no longer donate blood or something like that. I think it’s more of our concern on their health that makes us wish that they won’t get any more tattoos. Yes, it also has something to do with the “neatness” of their looks but above all, it’s really the possible side effects that they could get from too much tattooing. And besides, we are only “hoping” for them to stop but we’re not actually saying they “should” stop getting them because we also know that (in Jae’s case) this is the way he wants his memories and important events of his life to be remembered.

    But as you have said, it is still up to JaeJoong and Yoochun if they’ll get any more tattoos after this. It is their body after all. And if they do get more tattoos in the future even if we hope for them not to, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t like them anymore. With or without those body arts, I will still be a fan of JaeJoong and Yoochun because like you, I came to love them because of their personalities and talents and not because of them having a tattoo or the other way around.

    And thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad you have decided to leave a comment. :) I actually like my readers to be active since I also want to know your opinions on things. I’m also happy to know that you’re a Jae fan, too! ;)

  4. I saw all of this last night… a friend sent it to me. I don’t really have any comments about it though. I always knew that his tattoo meant something more to him than what we could see. Tattoos are to express yourself and are there as a reminder for most of us of things that have happened in the past or are happening in present time that mean a lot and should be remembered forever. I know that the tattoos I have represent a lot to me as well … although I only have two *lol*. I plan to get a few more as well at some point.

    Hey do you think that me getting my tat on the same date they got theirs (according to what you’ve said) means something? I think its super cool. <3 Always Keep The Faith forever!

  5. … I guess I had more to say than I thought lol …

  6. lyrico19 says:

    that’s was exactly I’ve been thinking when the first time I saw his was the really the same that the tattoo reflect his feelings..

  7. pine says:

    as long as he likes and satisfies …. :)

  8. lovetohateme says:

    @ Jeannie: Hahaha. Maybe it does mean something? But what could it be??? =)

  9. Hominluver says:

    Tats are hot and if they are of personal value to that person it wonderful I love Jae and Chunnie I love the art on their bodies and they can get as many as they like its their body and their expression. So let admire the art because last time i checked it was hot.

  10. tusy chan says:

    im always support uri opa dbsk, so, don’t crying…

    hwaiiting oppa….

  11. tvxqholic96 says:

    its a good interview but PLEASE!! let this be their last tattoo.

  12. Tattoo Dream says:

    I have had a quick look at your site! It looks great!

  13. Airdina98 says:

    I felt like crying when i read this.. Heck im tearing up now.. God i miss them as 5

  14. Mel Jjang says:

    Wow… now i feel terrible that i DON’T know JYJ/TVXQ! i neeeeeed to know them now :)

    I have always been crazy for tattoos (i don’t know why really – i don’t have one…well yet :P) and I thought it was really touching that they actually got tattoos with a MEANING while some people just get tats to “decorate” their body.

    Tattoos should mean something to you. Don’t just get one to say you have one! I guess that’s why i don’t really have one yet, I haven’t decided on anything that means enough to me -and will for the rest of my life- to label myself with it. One day i will, and I hope it’s something as meaningful as JYJ’s :)

    (please don’t think I’m weird for this :S hahaha ~ i’m actually pretty normal :P)

    And thanx ChaosUnderControl for explaining everything! It really helped :D

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