DBSK, did they cast a curse on Knee-Drop-Guru?

As time passes by, more people are criticizing DBSK’s appearance on <Knee-drop-guru>. MBC’s overall crisis has also reached the entertainment section, and MBC has been unable to shake off its anxious appearance. How will <Knee-drop-guru>, a program which continues to incite controversy by maximizing bias, collapse?

<Knee-drop-guru> has become biased, is it suffering from arthritis?

Many assess that after 4 years of running, <Knee-drop-guru>, which gained the ultimate popularity with Kang HoDong’s vigor, is nearing its end. Although there were very wonderful episodes, <Knee-drop-guru> is currently facing a crisis its limits with frequent repetitions of episodes that aren’t just unfortunate, but annoying.

Sick of <Knee-drop-guru> cleaning up celebrities’ mess

It’s become a common practice for celebrities with past problems to use show programs to create well-publicized issues when they are about to begin their new activities. <Knee-drop-guru> can only be a program that celebrities prefer the most. They appear alone, talk about the things that they want, and the program transforms their conversations into heart-warming stories, allowing them to receive the public’s sympathy vote.

They say that they talk about things in a strong way, but they never air about things that no one knows about, and a program riddled with conversation of a reasonable standard about a curious topic that everyone knows about might be interesting once or twice, but there is a clear limit to continue such a program for a long time.

For celebrities, <Knee-drop-guru> may just be a place that they relieve their worries. It might be very fulfilling for themselves, but for others it leaves a very bad smell and make them feel uncomfortable. A place that allows people to talk about their worries does give a fair chance, but if you consider that such a place isn’t a place than everyone can be happy together, but a secret place for one person to feel satisfaction, this program has a nasty habit of publically making people watch a celebrity feeling satisfied by his/herself.

A writer from not <Knee-drop-guru>, but <Radio Star>, a program within the same category, has also caused a big controversy with her messages on twitter. People could only feel outraged by her explicit criticism of JYJ and harsh verbal abuse.

No one believes that Twitter is a place where your personal privacy is respected. With a writer who wrote obvious praise toward SM in a place where everyone can see, many could only doubt the program’s ability to remain neutral. Such an atmosphere could only have an effect on <Knee-drop-guru>’s bias or make people consider the program to be on the same level.

With touching emotions and even entertainment value lost from the program, it seems difficult that we will be able to be touched in the way Ahn Chulsu’s episode did. DBSK, who appeared in such a situation, ended up only adding fuel to the growing controversy. Their reason for appearing in the program is vague, and the things they said in <Knee-drop-guru> was neither special nor interesting, but only caused uneasiness for its viewers.

By delivering SM’s opinions in a one sided fashion, the program created lots of controversies by causing misunderstandings amongst people who knew nothing about the facts of the situation.The main part which could only incite controversy were the parts of the program when they referred to JYJ. All their opinions on JYJ were statements representing SM’s point of view.

Stating that JYJ forced a very successful DBSK into despair and betrayed members, that they’ve shared joys and sorrows with, for their selfish greed can only be a one-sided opinion. With JYJ being plainly blocked in their activities, it is not proper to show only one side’s opinions as if it was fair.

Although Kang HoDong emphasized that such opinions were the two members’ own individual opinions, a program which portrayed the two members as victims and JYJ as the worst by condemning SM, a progressive company, as being shameless, can only be problematic. Although the courts ruled that JYJ is lawful and ordered SM to pay 20 million KRW for each time they interfere with JYJ’s activities, large management companies seem to think that they are above the law and controlling even broadcasting networks.

<Knee-drop-guru>, which has been wasting precious air time by cleaning up celebrities messes, need to find ways to fundamentally change the programs and rethink about the purpose of their program. We cannot know if the program will head to its doom or use this as a chance to reinvent itself, but I am curious whether <Knee-drop-guru>, a program that can’t seem to escape controversy, will be able to reclaim its past ability to move and entertain audiences at the same time.

Will <Knee-drop-guru> be able to end the controversies about its biased nature by casting JYJ as many have requested? In reality, it is very unlikely that they will make such a choice. Even if the program is forced to end, they will most likely not choose JYJ. A program which consistently acts to damage its own status can only be considered as loosing its hold on life.

Will the <Knee-drop-guru> ever escape from controversies about its bias and the belief that it’s a program which one-sidedly forgives problematic celebrities? Will we ever able to meet a <Knee-drop-guru> both moving and entertaining its audiences again?

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110304n11559
Translation by: withJYJ (@_withjyj)

  1. jjzappel says:

    love this….

  2. Aysheh says:

    ahmen to that!

  3. engl says:

    wow, i’m glad that i’m not the only one who thought of this program this way. i loved quite a few episodes, but the one with dbsk, frankly, made it a bit uncomfortable to watch..

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