Even the court cannot free the invisible shackles enslaving JYJ

Posted: March 4, 2011 in JYJ
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Even the court cannot free the invisible shackles enslaving JYJ

Hankook Ilbo, March 2, 2011.
[Report by Ji Eun Choi, cje@hk.co.kr]

“There would be no end if we try to go into all this…” A staff at C-jeS Entertainment, the agency of JYJ(Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu) from TVXQ was very unforthcoming on the phone interview, on March 2, 2011. I expected that they would react furiously after the cancellation notification of JYJ’s real documentary program from Q-TV, but their reaction was completely opposite. C-JeS only announced that “the JYJ reality program that was intended to show the up-close and personal aspects of JYJ’s recent life and everyday lifestyle has been cancelled.” on its website, and has been refraining from taking more action after the cancellation. It is not the first time for JYJ to have these kinds of unfair treatment during the this conflict with their former management company, SM Entertainment. But how bad is the retaliation that they can’t even say about a word after a wrong has been done to them even if they have gotten used to it?

JYJ’s documentary was scheduled to be broadcast in February under the title  “JYJ’s Real 24.” It was not a major broadcasting channel but it held a special meaning for them who had not been able to make appearances on TV after releasing their first album “The Beginning.” Also fans looked forward to the program when it was said that JYJ, whose private life have mostly remained hidden behind a veil, would reveal their private life including the insides of their houses. Everything seemed to go smoothly as QTV promoted the show extensively through it website. Then, the premier show date was delayed until finally the show itself was canceled. QTV stated that “our broadcasting company did not produced the show, and the show was simply canceled due to scheduling conflicts with our other programs. There was no external pressure.” However, no one is buying into their story.

JYJ were almost blocked completely on their appearances on music and entertainment programs despite their huge popularity. They only appeared on cultural programs or morning shows such as ‘Good morning of BAE Gi Wan/CHO Hyoung Gi/CHOI Young Ah.’ In the end, fans of JYJ made an internet broadcast for JYJ planned to launch on March 3, 2011. Producers of broadcast company say that the root of this invisible shackles enslaving JYJ is an organized interference from the large management company SME. Last month, SM was ordered by the court not to interfere with JYJ’s entertainment activities and pay 20 million KRW for each interference it had made. However, everyone guessed wrong when they thought that JYJ would be free for their activities. In the light of the fact that Q-TV suddenly canceled the show after a big promotion, it seems that JYJ will continue to have difficulties in future appearance on TV.

Recently, JYP Entertainment accepted the apology of Jay Park (Jae Beom Park who left 2PM due to the controversy about his privacy) and requested that KFPCAI release him from the restraints imposed on his entertainment activities. This news was packaged nicely and reported as ‘an admirable story’ where the conflicts between the two parties were finally resolved peacefully after over a year. However, it’s more like a horrifying tale that demonstrated how someone could end his/her career in the media if he/she has been singled out by a large management company. Is there no way of stopping this tyranny of the giant management companies that ignore even the court’s ruling?

Original Article: http://news.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/201103/h2011030222140886330.htm
Credit: dctvxqgall@wordpress


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