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Before I finally go offline for the day and continue reviewing for my economics test for tomorrow, I’ll do one final update. This is a Yunho focused fancam taken today during their Zoom in Super Stage appearance. I think this is the first time they actually sang どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? live in Japan (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). This fancam isn’t their actual performance but rather one of their rehearsals in front of the audience before their actual performance. To be honest, it didn’t quite sound good to me. I think the boys were a bit off-key and Changmin even forgot the lyrics when it was his turn to sing. Their voices didn’t sound so good and personally, I could detect just from merely listening to their voices that they’re really tired. But well, that’s just me. Here’s the video uploaded by ichigotvxq88 and judge it yourself:

One more thing I noticed not only in this video but also from recent pictures and fancams that Yunho has been, I don’t know, pissed off maybe? It seems to me that he’s been quite disturbed lately.  It’s so evident in this fancam and even on his pictures during the KBS concert, which I found but opted not to post. I really don’t know what happened to him/them but I can feel that something’s bothering him/them. But then again, that could only be my gut feel. Anyway, I just hope that if there really is something bothering them, they would be able to deal with it and solve it soon. It’s really getting worrisome to see the boys especially the usually calm Yunho looking so disturbed and it somehow affects their performance.

Good luck to the boys’ succeeding performances of どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? in Japan. I hope they’ll be in their proper element the next time around. I know they can do better than that! Afterall, they’re DBSK, right? :D