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So Na Yun and Cha Mu Won will be sharing more “passionate” kisses in the upcoming episode of Protect the Boss and for sure, this will make a lot of girls envy Wang Jihye again – myself included.

110921 ‘Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye to have a ‘milk kiss’ and a ‘storm kiss’ successively

Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye showed ‘milk kiss’ and ‘storm kiss’ successively in SBS Wed-Thus drama ‘Protect the Boss’, which leads to exciting reactions.

Two kisses of Muwon and Nayoon, which will appear in the broadcast on the 22th Sept of ‘Protect the Boss’, was revealed. They kiss scene was filmed in an apartment model house at Ilsan. After the ‘cue’ sign of PD Son JangHyung, Wang Jihye gently wiped off milk on Kim Jaejoong’s lips with her own thumb.

Then the girl held his chin up and attacked him with a surprise kiss. Wang Jihye wrapped her arms around Kim Jaejoong’s neck to make a passionate kiss scene, Kim Jaejoong, in addition, accomplished a beautiful kiss scene with her, which led the production crew, who have watched the scene while holding their breath, to give around of applause.

This kiss was named ‘milk kiss’. Then soon after, another kiss scene was shot. This time too, they had a passionate kiss scene that they put their heart into. It was called ‘storm kiss.

Camera director Ahn JaeHyun said. “This kiss scene has comical aspect too. Above all, till now this the most exciting and passionate kiss scene I ever filmed for drama,” and he didn’t spare words to show his admiration, “The two actors are really amazing.” Other staff said, Through this kiss scene, the viewers will understand Muwon and Nayoon’s feelings for each others and can see if their love line can end happily.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s fans watched the filming and screamed at the kiss scene. Wang Jihye charmingly asked for understanding, “It’s just a kiss shared in the drama, not in real life. I hope that fans of Kim Jaejoong-sshi won’t misunderstand.”

Source: SBS Contents Hub Entertainment News
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Here are some behind the scenes photos of their filming of the said kissing scenes:

Source: SBS, Protect the Boss Gallery 떡밥투척위원 님
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And last but not the least, check out this video of their filming. I swear Wang Jihye is one lucky girl!

Video Credit: 3rebelangelsCLIP

So, to my fellow JaeJoong fangirls, what’s you’re take on this? Are you excited to watch the intense kissing scenes of Cha MuWon and So Na Yun or are you dreading to see these scenes because it will surely break your fragile hearts? Share your thoughts! :)

P.S. As for me, I admit seeing JaeJoong kiss a girl still makes me jealous (I am a fangirl, after all), but I’m also excited to watch these scenes because I know that JaeJoong is really working hard in filming this drama in order to portray his character in the best way possible. I envy Wang JiHye because she gets the chance to kiss the hottest man on earth whom I adore so much but I don’t hate her because I know she’s just doing her job and I actually love her comic spoiled brat character in Protect the Boss. I’m not sure if a lot of fans who follow the drama feel the same way, but I’d actually be happy if Cha MuWon and So Na Yun would end up together in the drama. :)

JYJ Kim Jaejoong  – Choi Kanghee – Jisung – Wang Jihye. Casting for SBS The Boss Has Changed.

Actor Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Wang Jihye, and Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong are meeting as leads for a romantic comedy. They are cast for the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama The Boss Has Changed (working title) that will air for the first time on August 3 as the follow-up to City Hunter. As for the supporting cast, Park Youngkyu, Cha Hwayeon, Kim Chung and such will appear. The Boss Has Changed is a collaboration between Sohn Junghyun PD of Lovers of ParisTemptation of an Angel, and Good Wives Club and Writer Kwon Kiyoung of To Become Crazed for Love.

The Boss Has Changed will draw the romance that will unfold as the heroine who had been suffering from lack of a job comes to procure a job as a dispatch secretary for a delinquent boss of a mega corporation comically. Jisung will play the immature youngest son of a family of wealth. Choi Kanghee will play Kno Eunsul who comes to be hired as a dispatch secretary for a mega corporation from being an umemployed youth and much incident. Further, Hero Jaejoong will appear as Cha Moohyun, the “Price of the Financial World” who has powerful abilities. Wang Jihye will play the attorney Suh Nayoon.

Jisung – Choi Kanghee – Kim Jaejoong – Wang Jihye. SBS Wed-Thurs Appearance Confirmed.

The Super-Powerful Dream Line for a refreshing and bubbly romantic comedy has surfaced.

For the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama The Boss Has Changed (working title) that will be aired starting on August 3rd as a follow-up to City Hunter, Jisung, Choi Kanghee, JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong, Wang Jihye, Park Youngkyu, Cha Hwayeon, and Kim Chung have come to collaborate for an almighty result. The refreshing meeting of the four leads who will carry the drama and the perfect combination of the 3 veteran actors are causing the anticipation of the viewers to heighten.

The Boss Has Changed is a romantic comedy that unfolds as the heroine, who has been suffering from inability to procure a job, comes to serve a delinquent superior (the male lead) of a mega corporation after much twists and turns. It will be a sweet, brutal, cheerful and bright romantic comedy.

In The Boss Has Changed, Jisung will play the immature youngest son of a mega corporation who has quirky aspects to his personality– Cha Jihun. Choi Kanghee will play the role of Kno Eunsul, who comes to work as a dispatch secretary of a mega corporation after enduring much happenings from being the representative unemployed youth.

At this, JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong, who is submitting his first letter of challenge to the domestic drama scene, will play the role of Cha Moohyun, the “Prince of the Financial World” with enormous abilities. Wang Jihye will play Suh Nayoon, who is an attorney who has the perfection that does not overdo or underdo.

Above all, the refreshing 4-sided love line that Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Hero Jaejoong, and Wang Jihye will create is gathering all eyes.

On top of this, the “Ideal Combination” of the establish actors Park Youngkyu, Cha Chayeon, Kim Chung and such who will form the central axis of the drama with their established acting abilities is also bringing much anticipation. The evaluation is that this is the best of all castings that will multiply the drama’s enjoyment with the veteran acting ability. It is that the all powerful dream lien of The Boss Has Changed is completed.

The production side relayed their confidence: “We have found the actors who fit the best The Boss Has Changed. The images of the actors fit the characters to a T. They have stable acting abilities. Each of them also has a variety of appeals. These factors will complete The Boss Has Changed.”

The Boss Has Changed is a follow-up to City Hunter and will first air on August 3.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong, First Challenge at a Drama with The Boss Has Changed

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ’s appearance in a domestic drama has been confirmed. Kim Jaejoong has been cast as the male lead for The Boss Has Changed (working title) that will be broadcasted starting on the coming August 3as the follow up to City Hunger that is currently airing as SBS’s Wed-Thurs drama.

Kim Jaejoong has become known to be currently dedicating himself to acting practice, for the sake of his fans who had waited for him and for the drama.

An affiliate said: “He has continually been practicing his acting, but as this is the first time that he is meeting the Korean fans through a drama, he is preparing with even more effort. We wish that you will look upon him with favor.”

(Generic description of drama characters omitted)

Sources: 10AsiaOSEN; Newsen; MyDaily
Translation Credit: JYJ3