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100903 Ueno Juri, ‘I thought Jaejoong hates me’

Japanese actress Ueno Juri talked about her impression of acting with Jaejoong in Fuji TV drama ‘Sunao ni narenakute’.

Ueno Juri expressed her feelings to the reporters in Seoul Lotte Hotel in the morning of 3rd September that, ‘Whenever there are scenes in which Jaejoong has to hold my hand or carry me, his face will turn red and run to the back while making ‘aaaa…’ sound. He will hide behind the wall, so we didn’t interact that much. I even thought he hates me. Later when we become closer, and I asked him why he behaved that way, I was told that he deliberately kept a certain distance from me since he was acting as a character who likes me in the drama.

She praised that actor Jaejoong is a friend with outstanding insight. She said, ‘During an interview, Jaejoong mentioned that I am a person full of passion. From my point of view, Jaejoong is a caring friend. He even damages his own image to lighten up the atmosphere, he also has great insight. There was a scene where he needs to make a quick turn when fighting using briefcase, which can originally be done in a blink of eye. However, when it was broadcasted, he called and told me that the photographer was also shot in the scene. When I watched back the scene he mentioned later on, I couldn’t find it. Instead it was the staff who found it. His eyesight is superb to be able to notice it, because the scene only last for a short time.’

Besides that, he brought both Japanese and Korean scripts to the filming site, and memorized his lines well. His acting skills is outstanding. He is good in sports too, and is able to accomplish all the actions by himself. In my opinion, he is a very good actor.’

Ueno Juri and Hero Jaejoong acted in the drama ‘Sunao ni narenakute’. The drama is about the process of a true friendship built among the people who met each other through network. Popular japanese actors including Eita were acting in this drama too.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Awww… cute! JaeJoong must have felt embarrassed during the first days of filming where he had to act closely with Juri that’s why he often resorts to hiding or avoiding her. We all know how shy our JaeJoongie can be, right? LOL.

I’m also quite surprised that JaeJoong saw that detail in the “fighting scene” too. I thought only the eagle-eyed ntizens saw that the cameraman was caught during that scene. Now we know that we, the fans, have inherited our ability to see even the littlest details from our boys. Hahaha! :)


I’m sure all JaeRi fans out there will love this! Hahaha. =)

100616 The Television Magazine

T/N picture of the top left

staff: “we’ll be taking a cut where you guys are talking”
Ueno Juri starts talking with a smile but Jaejoong accidentally looks into the camera *laugh*


T/N Translated only Ueno Juri & Jaejoong part

Sunanare now! Last episode special!

Haru and Doctor,Ueno Juri and Jaejoong who played the couple role.
Looking back what left each others impression on their role?

JJ = Jaejoong

UJ = Ueno Juri

JJ: Haru was amazing. She is just amazing. So much that I can’t make it into words.

UJ: what!? Make it into words *laugh*

JJ: oh, okay *laughs* Haru is a strong women…like Doctor is a little immature so Haru was always leading him.

UJ: really? Haru seems like she’s bright and strong but she seems to be indecisive. But to Haru, it seems like Doctor made her positive. Doctor is honest, has a pure heart, playful, and would protect you.

JJ: *shy* I’m so happy to hear that! Doctor is a good guy. Me, myself is a good guy too, right? *laughs*

UJ: yeah. You take care of everyone. I think you’re relied by many people.

JJ: *shy x 2* (pours tea to Ueno Juri-chan)

UJ: see, he is reliable like this *laughs* Jaejoong-kun likes people so maybe that’s how his power is made. And he makes the atmosphere good too, I want to learn from him!

JJ: thank you *shy* I’m simple-minded so when someone praises me it makes me want to make them happy, like… it makes me want to make them have fun.

UJ: Thanks to Jaejoong-kun filming was fun.

JJ: im sad that sunanare is ending. I can’t meet everyone anymore….

UJ: you’re becoming low? *laughs*

JJ: Everyone might be used to parting in dramas but im sad!

UJ: so, since you’re sad, are you not going to be in dramas anymore? *laughs*

JJ: what!? This and that is different! *laughs*

Last episode of “Sunao ni Narenakute”
Nakaji and Haru’s love comes to an end!
Their fate is…!?

Nakaji apologizes for leaving all his work behind to help Linda who was in danger. While Doctor proposes to Haru officially! The last episode will answer all the knotted love.

Special last message:

Jaejoong: “doctor has a bright personality so I felt that I have to be bright during filming too in the beginning but now its so fun. I don’t want it to end~*cry*

“Jaejoongs murmur” last news

While the photo shoot above, Ueno was talking about how the drama is coming to an end and how she was filming till midnight. Jaejoong said “Juri-chan is amazing. She’s never tired” with respect he also said “she has guts!”

3 months of fun!
Thank you everyone in Sunanare-club!

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

I’m actually imagining the shy JaeJoong right now – blushing, smiling from ear to ear and covering his mouth! LOL. :P

Here’s a fan account of an extra who filmed a scene for Sunao Ni Narenakute with JaeJoong, Juri and Eita.

Fanaccount – Zero distance contact with Polite & Handsome Jejung

Going out for Sunao ni Narenakute as extras
11.06.2010 15:27:46

Yesterday went to Sunao ni Narenakute as extras
The shooting included Jejung, Juri Ueno and Eita
The details of shooting are confidential
The staff also wanted me to keep it as secret.
According to their lines seems like a very important scene.

Yesterday extras gathered at 8am!
It was stated (we should) gathered at 8am, but the shooting only started at around 9.30? Why?
By the way the location of shooting was situated in Tokyo ビッグサイト west hall.
At the beginning was the scene of Jejung and Juri Ueno.
After that was Eita’s solo.
Followed by the scene of 3 of them together.
Was shooting in this order.
Although during Jejung and Juri Ueno’s scene they were sitting on the chairs
But after shooting, the place where Jejung sat was sticky. (lol)

The following only known by extras.
Eita is a very easy going person! (lol)
When waiting alone for his turn, he always loitering around.
Without following by staff, he smoked while walking by himself, sat with extras. (lol)
Therefore (we were)surprised when suddenly found him at the back or beside.
Does he has the consciousness as an actor? Totally doesn’t mind us the extras (oridinary people), really broad-minded!

The following is about Jejung
Working earnestly to the shooting for his drama series.
When the staff was explaining to us, well of course, compared to the staff, our eyes were more fixed on Jejung, who was standing in front.(lol)
Then the staff ridiculed himself by saying ‘Look at me~!!’ Raised his hands to pull back the extras’ attention.
After that Jejung turn towards us showing his broad smile. (´Д‘*)

Finished I am finished
Looking at Jejung’s smile in the short distance
I am going crazy (lol)
Whoa~ Such smiling face really healed everything

The final shooting with three of them was long.
Because shooting from different angles, had to CUT for several times, Jejung then had to repeat the same lines again for many times,
really suffering.
Extras also needed to repeat the same action, however can look at beloved Jejung, that’s not a problem at all. (lol)

During the shooting Jejung and Eita went to smoking area together. (・∀・*)
But Jejung didn’t go for a few times, looking from my side he only went there once at most at the later part of shooting. (during the first part of shooting I’m not sure)
Eita really can smoke
Will go to smoking area whenever he got time
Is a very heavy smoker!

While Jejung was waiting for the others, he was chatting happily with Juri Ueno on the chairs.
As if the topics never ended!

Jejung can befriended with co-stars, relieved (with the mother-like feelings~ w)

During the shooting, Jejung only NG once
He said ‘I am really sorry!’ Very adorable (・∀・*)
Followed by his continuous laughing ‘Ah hahaha…’, very cute

In the middle of shooting, Jejung as if his belly was itching or what, he reached his hand into his clothes and scratched.
Saw Jejung’s abs

Very Very very CUTEEE!!

Thanks for the hospitality~

There were too many adorable points, always feel like forget to write some parts…
Overall is like that.

Estimated to end at 1pm, in fact it only finished at 4.
Exceeded more than 3 hours
Jejung, Juri Ueno and Eita worked too hard!!!
In the end (of shooting) Jejung bowed to the extras for almost 5 times before went back.
Even taking into account the extras~ (´;ω;‘)

Indeed, extras were only outsiders.
You were bending too low Jejung~ (´;ω;‘)
Love him even more

At last it ended after gifting extras the Sunao’s recycling bags.
The scene that shot on that day is going to broadcast only the next week.
Is it going to be shown?
However this kind of filming that takes a long time, which can be used in actual drama only a few minutes.

Able to cast as extras is enough (・∀・*)
The later part was shooting alongside with Jejung, felt really blessed

Today Jejung need to continue his shooting until night time too.
To the Tokyo Dome which will begin tomorrow FIGHTING!

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 金在中的晴天
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

JaeJoong is adorable! I love the part where he smiled at the extras and when he scratched his belly. He must have looked so cute. <3 Also, I can’t believe he only had 1 NG! Isn’t he the NG king? Wow, he’s definitely improving! LOL. :P