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It’s been a very long time since I last posted a blog entry that solely contains what I feel and what’s been running on my mind. After the whole issue about DBSK splitting to JYJ and the new DBSK composed of HoMin, I haven’t written a lot of opinionated posts anymore. I actually missed writing such posts and I have attempted a lot of times to try and write one again but I just don’t seem to have the motivation to write anything anymore. Maybe it’s because most of the time, voicing out what I feel and what I think of the situation hurts so much. I just stopped writing because I wanted to avoid the pain.

But tonight, I just can’t help but express what I feel by writing an op-ed. I’ve been holding back for so long that I think it doesn’t matter anymore if I’m being re-acquainted with the pain I felt because of DBSK.

For the past few days, I’ve been checking out information about SM Entertainment’s new group EXO. I was curious because a lot of the people I know who likes to listen to K-pop has been talking about this rookie group. True enough, they are indeed an interesting bunch of guys. I think their songs are good, they have powerful dance choreography and the members Luhan, Kris, Sehun and Suho really caught my attention. I was ALMOST ready to join in the EXO bandwagon and start fangirling over them.

But then everything changed when I saw a video yesterday while looking  up for some videos of EXO. It was a video of DBSK’s performance of Bolero during their 4th Live Tour in Tokyo Dome. I clicked it and watched the video and suddenly, I found myself mesmerized by DBSK all over again. I suddenly found myself crying while watching my precious boys singing and I ended up watching a lot of their old videos and cuts from their concert tours.

Watching their videos made me realize so many things that I think I have tried to neglect and forget ever since they split into two groups.

I realized that because I was trying to avoid the pain of seeing them separated, I slowly and unconsciously drifted away from DBSK. I busied myself with work and attempted to try to look for another K-pop group to like and support. But even though I’ve been trying to ‘discover’ other groups for months now, I still can’t find a ‘suitable’ one to replace DBSK. I don’t see myself following their careers and sharing their happiness and pain like I did with DBSK. At first I thought I might really be losing my interest in K-pop, that maybe I’m getting tired of it. But now I know why I can’t seem to love any other K-pop group. It’s because DBSK is really irreplaceable. What other Cassies say is true, once you’re into DBSK, there is no turning back. I think if you’re a hardcore DBSK fan, a Cassiopeia, it’s really hard to like other groups because DBSK is just so great that it would be hard to look for a group who could match their greatness. What they have and what they can do is beyond anyone’s imagination. I have not seen any other group that can produce a beautiful harmony as DBSK. DBSK is the most precious miracle that happened in Asian pop.

I also realized that no matter how much I’m hurting over the fact that Yunho and Changmin still uses DBSK as their name and no matter how much I try to ignore them in hopes of reducing the pain and disappointment I’m feeling, I still care for these two guys so much. I may be more vocal of my support to JaeJoong, Junsu and Yoochun and I may be indifferent towards Yunho and Changmin but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore. Yes, it still disappoints me whenever I hear them use the name DBSK to refer to their two-member group, it still hurts whenever I look back at the interviews where they said a few statements that could have hurt their brothers but then I realized it’s impossible for me to hate any of the five members because they are still, and always will  be my most treasured boys who hold a very special place in my heart.

And lastly, I realized how much I miss Cassiopeia. I miss the Red Ocean, that awesome fandom who is willing to do anything for our five stars. Part of the reason why the separation of DBSK is such a hard thing for me to bear is because along with the group’s split also came the division of Cassiopeia. For someone like me who draws strength from the knowledge that Cassiopeia is still one and united, the division of the fandom was something that really broke my heart. During the early period of the split, I had managed to keep my hope and faith intact but when I realized that Cassiopeia is slowly breaking into two just like DBSK, I lost hope and I myself began to take sides. But after looking back at Cassiopeia’s efforts for DBSK in the past, after looking at how beautiful a united Red Ocean looks like, I realized that I shouldn’t have given up and that I should never give up. Yes, it’s painful to know that K-pop’s most awesome fandom is in chaos right now but I believe that there are still those Cassies who still believe in the five members, those who are still keeping the faith. I also believe that those who have tried to run away and find comfort in another group/fandom will still come back to Cassiopeia and DBSK in the end, just like what happened to me. After all, once a Cassiopeia, always a Cassiopeia.

What DBSK and Cassiopeia has is a special bond like no other. We are at a point wherein our relationship is no longer that of an idol-fan. DBSK and Cassiopeia have become one in heart, mind and soul. We are no longer two separate beings who can easily turn away from each other. Through the years, we have shared each others’ happiness and pain and we’ve been through a lot of challenges together. This is another challenge that we have to face and we just have to stay strong for each other. One day, I believe that we can pass through this and all of this will be over. We just have to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

It feels great to be back home where I truly belong – to DBSK and Cassiopeia. :)

More pictures of Yunho during his recent visit at an orphanage. Awww… he really loves kids! I like the pic where he was posing with a kid. He must have felt so happy to be able to bring happiness to the kids by helping there and interacting with them.


A celebrity came to our house!

You guys know TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, right? ^^

A celebrity visited our house!!

Even has a famous name “U-Know Yunho”

Right now he’s going through the house, and here is the sandtray therapy room.

Everyone showed much interest!!


The moment U-Know Yunho entered! Wow~~

He went into each child’s room…

The U-Know Yunho who said hi with our house’s friends!!

Wonderful feeling…Our family who couldn’t open our own eyes..^^


Our Hyun Woo must be lucky!!

Taking pictures with each child, the one who didn’t scowl when demanded a request and had a smiling face

So, our friends’ smiles felt more bright (Note: very bright, like the sun is shining a white light) ^^


In the middle of cleaning!

After going here and there at Shinaewon, he’s volunteering right now~

For the sake of Shinaewon’s varying programs progression, several big and small places have been prepared.

Exactly that place there’s one taking place!!!

He’s using his complete best strength while cleaning~


Sizzle sizzle ^^

He’s cleaning the stairway that goes down to the dining area!!!

Together with the 85 Club friends, it was a very fun and noisy cleaning time period~

I have one question.

“Does U-Know Yunho use his Junlado satoori accent with his friends? Or no? Keke”

Of course he uses it!!~~

Because of that, it was a more intimate feeling time.


Right now is dining time!!

Passing out food during dinner time!!

While giving out the food to each child one by one, he looked at them in the eyes and told them to eat deliciously~

The children had an expression that controlled their hearts said they didn’t want to swallow their kimchi and wanted to eat it forever~^^

The children that ate the food were all happy.


Having one recreation together

Together with the 85 Club members, they started delightful recreations!


U-Know Yunho hyung and Jae-hyun’s dance parade-^^

After viewing Shinaewon’s dance friends’ performance

The dance time together with Yunho!!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon’s dance~~keke


The dance time together with Yunho!!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon’s dance~~keke

It was really a fun time..

Even thinking about it now, it was a time where there was a lot of laughter.

u-know with shinaewon family

Finishing a day’s program by shooting a group picture to remember the day!


“U-Know Yunho hyung, please sign over here!”

Yunho who is smiling whiling signing~

Because of his next schedule, many people couldn’t get his signature immediately, he used his ample heart when he said that he’d send out as many signatures for the children as needed to Shinaewon.

Working hard when volunteering even though it was a short time.

Saying goodbye to each child one by one.

Playing enthusiastically and passionately smiling while playing together with others.

We have had a close look at these appearances while standing in your place.

Thank you. Thank you.

Please come back on the promise made with our children to visit again!! We believe that you will fulfill your promise^^

credit: shinaewon + translation by squeaky

*EDITED: Included the translations.

Just a few days ago, SM denied all the supposed rumors of Yunho acting on a drama. But finally, an official statement from MBC was released confirming Yunho’s participation on the upcoming drama “Heading to the Ground”. Yunho will be taking on the role of the lead actor named Cha Bong-gun, which was originally supposed to be played by Kim Rae-Won. He will be acting alongside actress Go Ara (who is also under SM Entertainment) who will play as his love interest.

U-know Yunho cast as Cha Bong-gun for new Wed-Thurs miniseries 「Heading to the Ground」

Airs: September 9, 2009


– Official drama debut since debuting as singer in 2004

U-know Yun-ho of the famous singing group ‘Dong-bang-shin-ki’ has been cast for MBC’s newest Wed-Thurs miniseries 「Heading to the Ground」, to air September 9th.

The character he will portray, Cha Bong-gun, is a soccer player that leads a sad and pitiful life. Despite having experienced three near-death incidents, he keeps plowing forward to achieve his dream: becoming a player for the national team.

As its title implies, 「Heading to the Ground」 is about the miracle success story of the passionate soccer player Cha Bong-gun. A story full of the human touch, Bong-gun rises from the gutters of a third-rate life and triumphs.

After being cast as the male lead, U-know Yun-ho attended a marathon script reading on the 19th, at which he showed the humility and seriousness of a rookie actor. And though he had received the scripts just a day prior, he showed a deep understanding of the character Cha Bong-gun as well as an intensity and a range of emotional expressions that surprised the production staff. Everyone was immensely interested in him, particularly since he was cast so quickly and secretly, so much so that even some members of the production staff didn’t know.

When asked about their decision to cast U-know Yun-ho, the staff explained, “We heard that U-Know Yun-ho has led a life similar to Cha Bong-gun, having to overcome many obstacles yet never giving in while on the path to achieving his dream. We saw the ‘Cha Bong-gun’ in him, not the star of Asia he is.”

Meanwhile, U-know Yun-ho commented on his first acting role, “I really like the character of Cha Bong-gun. I was overwhelmed by the emotions of the script, and I wanted to show those emotions through the portrayal of this character.”

Having risen to the top as a member of Asia’s top group Dong-bang-shin-ki, the news of U-know Yun-ho’s acting debut is sure to garner much attention from both domestic and foreign fans.

With the start of script readings for 「Heading to the Ground」, this spectacular success story of a third-rate life will soon officially enter into production. It first airs on September 9th.

Source: MBC America
Shared by: lovetohateme@wordpress
Please take out with full credits.

I know that the talk of him “getting too tired” will be the issue among DBSK fans with his participation in this drama. I’m worried for him, too but I’m gonna be optimistic and just be happy for Yunho. If he’s confident that he can manage his time in doing DBSK activities and filming this drama by accepting this acting offer, I’ll believe in him. I’ll just look at the bright side instead of worrying to much about what might happen to him. This is an opportunity for him to show everyone that he can also act and also a chance for him to further develop his acting skills. In my opinion, Yunho has what it takes to be an actor based from their banjun drama and Vacation series. He only needs some more practice and training to hone whatever talent he already has. Besides, the role he’s playing is a pretty good role. If there’s one guy fit for that role, it would definitely be Yunho. His character Cha Bong-gun and he himself are so much alike – persisitent, hardworking, and determined. I’m sure he’ll do good in playing his character. :D

Two DBSK members has been casted on dramas. I wonder who of the remaining three members is next? LOL.

P.S. It’s quite sad that JaeJoong’s Heaven’s Postman has no definite airing date yet. He filmed it ages ago and still no news of when we can watch it. Yunho’s drama will even be airing earlier than Heaven’s Postman. T_T

Translations of Yunho’s interview on GQ magazine:

[Credit: as tagged]

Before I make my comments on Yunho’s interview, I would just like to correct the interviewer. Cassiopeia is made up of 800,000+ members and not just 600,000. I hope interviewers will get their facts straight before interviews like these because it may cause confusion on the part of the readers.

I found the part where Yunho said he does a special thing everyday like cleaning a friend’s house very sweet. I think Yunho is the type of guy who wants to “make a difference” in each and every day even by just doing simple things like those. This clearly shows that his feet are still firmly on the ground despite DBSK’s success.

I didn’t know the simple trivia that the name “U-Know Yunho” was his username for a game. Hahaha. The incident with another gamer who also has the usename U-Know Yunho was just too funny. I guess since there are a lot of people who pretends to be celebrities nowadays, nobody really believes it when they actually encounter the REAL one. LOL.

I also like the part where he confessed his true feelings and opinions regarding Big Bang. I appreciate it so much when artists like them become truthful when posed with questions pertaining to “rival” artists. I think his answer is also one that Yunho would say. As a leader, I always admired Yunho’s diplomacy and good speech. He seems to have good answers for even the hardest questions.

And lastly, I’m happy but at the same time sad that they’re talking about each member having solo activities. As a DBSK fan, of course I want them to be together for as long as they can but I also know that doing solo activities is inevitable. I have to accept the fact that opportunities for solo projects (just like what happened to JaeJoong) will come and they’re bound to accept these projects for them to develop more skills and to learrn more. But at least I know that even if they may someday do solo activities, DBSK will always be there as a team. That’s what’s more important. :D

Finally, the second part of the boys’ guesting was shown today (although I didn’t watch it since I had my laptop re-formatted while my PC is so damn slow for me to watch on TVants. T_T) Thank god for YouTube and to those fast uploaders I got to watch the show. I just hope someone would sub it just like the first one. Anyway, here are some cuts from Family Outing Episode 18.

HoSu dancing to Sexyback

Yunho and Junsu are so cute dancing the steps for Mirotic with Sexyback playing on the background. In fairness, the steps did fit the song. Hahaha. Oh, and the MCs plus Daesung were hella funny! Seeing those MCs imitate DBSK’s dancing every time just really cracks me up! LOL.

HoSu does some “tricks” before sleeping

[Credit: farahmicky]

Junsu making a headstand (or should I say, headWALK) was WOW. Darn, how can he possess so much sense of balance? LOL. And their little “trick” was AWESOME! Man, I swear my jaw dropped for a moment there. I got a bit worried of Yunho that he might have hurt his back but looks like he did not so it’s ok. I guess they’re used to doing that? Maybe that’s one of the hobbies of the Dong Bang boys. :D

The whole episode is already up on YouTube but it doesn’t include subs. Here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

And as a bonus to all Junsu fans, here is a picture of how “interesting” Junsu’s sleeping position is. LOL. 

[Credit: dnbn]

He’s a bit messy when asleep! Hahaha. He looks like he’s stretching while sleeping. Good thing that all the DBSK members has their own beds in their house because for sure no one would want to sleep with him if ever they are to share beds, unless the other boys are as messy as him when they sleep. Hahaha. Junsu is such a kiddie – a dolphin kid, at that. LOL.

Yunho was touched by his fans’ special gift to him. His fans made a charitable donation of 20,000,000 won named it under Yunho’s name. He was made aware of this yesterday when his fans approached him after their Inkigayo performance.

DBSK INspires Charitable Donation

Recent fancams of DBSK members with a blind piano prodigy melted hearts all over the world, while the comeback stage made fangirls scream their heads off. Now, leader Yunho’s fans give him a truly special gift.

After their first promotional performance on the 28th, Yunho’s fans gave him a receipt of a donation made in his name to a children’s foundation, in the amount of 20,000,000 won.

Yunho was very touched by this gesture, and said this was the best present he could have hoped for, especially since he refused the fans’ extravagant birthday presents to him, and asked them to give the presents to those who need them more. It seems the fans really listened.

Some may say the boys are boring goody two-shoes, but I say DBSK is exactly what idols should be: inspiring and talented role models.


Wow, Yunho must be deeply moved by what his fans had done. I’m sure he’s proud them for doing such a noble action. These are few of the things that fans do which really touch and leave a mark on the boys’ hearts more than the expensive gifts they give them. I coudn’t agree more to the writer’s last sentence. Other people may say that DBSK members are just trying to win the hearts of many by “faking” to be good boys but I truly believe that their kindness and compassion is genuine and sincere. I just hope they serve as insipration and role models to other artists and to ordinary people as well. =)

I don’t know if this is a Cyworld entry or an Iple message (I bet it’s an Iple message since it’s from their official site), but either way it’s a message from Yunho.

[U-Know] 안녕하세요. 유노윤호 입니다. Date: 08.09.28 / Time: 12:14:00

안녕하세요. 유노윤호입니다.
이 게시판을 리더인 제가 처음으로 열게 되었네요.

1년 7개월 동안 우리 동방신기 많이 기다리셨죠?

정말 준비 열심히 많이 했으니까 최고로 모습 보여드리겠습니다.

여러분을 만나는 순간엔 항상 두근거리고,
더욱 더 좋은 모습 보여드리기 위해서
많이 생각하고 노력 하고 있는 것 알아요?
진짜 많이 기다리시게 한 만큼 여러분을 만날 때 마다 가장 좋은 모습,
최고의 멋진 모습을 보여드리고 싶은게 바로 저 유노의 마음입니다.
오늘. 아 열 두시가 지났으니 어제였군요.
초콜릿 무대에서 만난 여러분.
함께 해주신 여러분이 있어서 너무 행복했어요…
이제 날이 밝으면 있을 SBS 인기가요 첫 방송 무대에서도
우리 노래를 사랑해 주시고 응원해 주시는 여러분이
우리가 최고라는 것을 다시 한 번 보여 주세요!

이따 모두 만나야죠!!!



Hello. This is U-know Yunho.
You’ve all been waiting for us DBSK for a year and seven months, right?
We put a lot of work into it and so we’ll show you only the best of what we’ve got.


Do you know that everytime we meet you, we get nervous and excited, and do you know that we pour a lot of effort and work in to show the best of us?

Since we’ve made you wait for so long, whenever we meet you, I want to show the best, the grandest of us. That is what me, U-know’s, feeling.

Today. Ah, it’s past twelve so that’d be yesterday.
Fans we meet at the Chocolate stage.
We were so happy because of you who were with us…

When the day comes we’ll be having our first performance on SBS Inkigayo, and through you who love us and support us let’s show them who’s the best once again!

We’ll all meet later!!!

Translation by: wondergirl_jen@ DBSG livejournal
Shared by: CrazyYochy@ soompi

Awww.. Yunho is so sweet. I love his courage. He’s not afraid of expressing his feelings towards Cassiopeia, especially his love for all of them/us.