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The final episode! Awww… I’m really gonna miss this drama especially Doctor. I genuinely think JaeJoong’s acting was good and convincing. He definitely improved a lot and hopefully he’ll do more dramas in the future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Even if Doctor and Haru’s love story didn’t have a happy ending, at least Doctor was able to have a good life in the end. He’s pure hotness towards the end! Love his smiles and smirks! It’s like the look of Doctor in the final scenes of the drama is somewhat a reflection of the real JaeJoong. :)


FYI. :)

100625 Ueno Juri, Eita, TVXQ’s Jejung – The Story Of Friendship From Twitter To Be Released On DVD

The youth drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” (Fuji TV) is a story about 5 young men and women who met through twitter, and subsequently developed a true friendship. With the airing of the final episode yesterday, an announcement was made for the DVD-release of the drama.

The screenplay for “Sunao Ni Narenkute” was written by Eriko Kitagawa, and boasts a cast of Eita, Ueno Juri, Jejung (Tohoshinki), Seki Megumi, Tamayama Tetsuji, Igawa Haruka, Fubuki Jun, Kikawa Koji and big names.

Eita plays the role of Nakaji, a photographer who has a complex relationship with his father. Ueno Juri is Haru, a temporary teacher in a private high school who wants to stand for her own beliefs. Jejung is Doctor, a sales man who does not perform well and suffers under a lot of pressure. Seki Megumi plays the role of Haru’s close friend Peach, who has an affair with her superior. And Tamayama Tetsuji is Linda, who seems like he as a glamorous job in big publishing firm, but actually suffers from the problem of ED.

These 5 people publish messages about their feelings and whereabouts within 140 characters, onto twitter, and eventually meet. The topics revolve around Ueno Juri and the other cast members, and is a story that many people can empathize with.

“Sunao Ni Narenakute” DVD BOX will be released on 22 September, with 6 discs and special footages.

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Awww… JaeJoong must be sad that his drama is ending.

100623 Eriko Kitagawa’s Twitter Updates

JeJung attended the finale celebration dinner for [Sunao Ni Narenakute] on the 22nd.

I said a lot to everyone within the short time given during the dinner. I said what I needed to say, and what I wished to say. That was my mission. I drank (alcohol), and am a little drunk; it was definitely a little different at the right places.

Ah~ Also, I know JeJung’s [Heaven’s Postman] has received a lot of favourable comments in Japan. “Why??” I asked in excitement. They even gave me credit and said that it was because I did a good job with the subtitles (bitter laugh).

Ah. During the talk at the celebration dinner, we also talked about the matters here. If only we can happily enjoy the company of the cast of [Sunao Ni Narenakute] every week, we will feel very blessed. I have also received the replies, and am very thankful.

Good night everyone. Linda did tell doctor that this is not the end. Feel comforted. Influenced by them. I don’t know when, but there is a sudden and devastating sense of loneliness.

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JaeJoong’s filming for Sunao Ni Narenakute has come to an end. I’m sure JaeJoong will miss this drama so much. :)

100620 Tohomobile – Sunao Ni Narenakute Has Finished Filming!

The filming of Sunao Ni Narenakute has finally ended smoothly ~ ♪♪

This is Doctor, who is currently using the megaphone to salute the temporary actors as an expression of gratitude(laugh)
From early morning until late at night, facing an arduous filming schedule, the shadow that continued to work hard left a deep impression on me.
Jejung, thank you for your hard work!!
The drama will welcome it’s final episode this Thursday! What will Doctor and Haru’s final ending be?!
Everyone, remember to watch it on time ♪

EXTRA: from related staff Min-Kob’s ameblo blog

Jejung finished filming after he started 2 hours ago. After receiving everyone’s brief blessings, he picked up the megaphone and saluted the temporary actors gratefully. This is a very outstanding action. Although it’s just trivial, everyday details, to me, it is extremely hard to come by.

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LOL @ the second picture. One of the rare times we see JaeJoong wearing slippers! Hahaha! Yoochun’s influence! :P

I’m sure all JaeRi fans out there will love this! Hahaha. =)

100616 The Television Magazine

T/N picture of the top left

staff: “we’ll be taking a cut where you guys are talking”
Ueno Juri starts talking with a smile but Jaejoong accidentally looks into the camera *laugh*


T/N Translated only Ueno Juri & Jaejoong part

Sunanare now! Last episode special!

Haru and Doctor,Ueno Juri and Jaejoong who played the couple role.
Looking back what left each others impression on their role?

JJ = Jaejoong

UJ = Ueno Juri

JJ: Haru was amazing. She is just amazing. So much that I can’t make it into words.

UJ: what!? Make it into words *laugh*

JJ: oh, okay *laughs* Haru is a strong women…like Doctor is a little immature so Haru was always leading him.

UJ: really? Haru seems like she’s bright and strong but she seems to be indecisive. But to Haru, it seems like Doctor made her positive. Doctor is honest, has a pure heart, playful, and would protect you.

JJ: *shy* I’m so happy to hear that! Doctor is a good guy. Me, myself is a good guy too, right? *laughs*

UJ: yeah. You take care of everyone. I think you’re relied by many people.

JJ: *shy x 2* (pours tea to Ueno Juri-chan)

UJ: see, he is reliable like this *laughs* Jaejoong-kun likes people so maybe that’s how his power is made. And he makes the atmosphere good too, I want to learn from him!

JJ: thank you *shy* I’m simple-minded so when someone praises me it makes me want to make them happy, like… it makes me want to make them have fun.

UJ: Thanks to Jaejoong-kun filming was fun.

JJ: im sad that sunanare is ending. I can’t meet everyone anymore….

UJ: you’re becoming low? *laughs*

JJ: Everyone might be used to parting in dramas but im sad!

UJ: so, since you’re sad, are you not going to be in dramas anymore? *laughs*

JJ: what!? This and that is different! *laughs*

Last episode of “Sunao ni Narenakute”
Nakaji and Haru’s love comes to an end!
Their fate is…!?

Nakaji apologizes for leaving all his work behind to help Linda who was in danger. While Doctor proposes to Haru officially! The last episode will answer all the knotted love.

Special last message:

Jaejoong: “doctor has a bright personality so I felt that I have to be bright during filming too in the beginning but now its so fun. I don’t want it to end~*cry*

“Jaejoongs murmur” last news

While the photo shoot above, Ueno was talking about how the drama is coming to an end and how she was filming till midnight. Jaejoong said “Juri-chan is amazing. She’s never tired” with respect he also said “she has guts!”

3 months of fun!
Thank you everyone in Sunanare-club!

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

I’m actually imagining the shy JaeJoong right now – blushing, smiling from ear to ear and covering his mouth! LOL. :P

Here’s the subbed clips of the second to the last episode of “Sunao Ni Narenakute”. :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Credit: AngelDBSK2

A VERY SHORT preview of the the final episode of JaeJoong’s drama.

100618 Sunao Ni Narenakute Final Episode Sypnosis

Nakaji heard from the news company that his father is interested to go to a place that is currently in the midst of a war for research work.

Meanwhile, Nakaji apologized to the editor of ‘Best Magazine’ for ruining the important photo shoot task which was recommended by her. He had left halfway through the shoot due to Linda.

On the other hand, Haru met up with her principal who had recommended her for the examination, bringing along with her the official transcript of her enlistment as a private school teacher. Just then, Doctor hopes that she can start considering their marriage…

Source: BaiduTVXQ + MazeJae
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OMG, I wonder how will this drama end? Hopefully Doctor won’t have a sad ending.