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Woah, Cassies really did it! Add to that, even members of other fanclubs also joined in. I bet the fans are really angry at the postponement of the concert (who wouldn’t right?).

Tsk. And the world starts to become hell for SM. I wonder what kind of excuse will they make up again?

TVXQ Fans Make A Request For Compensation Of Losses To The Korean Consumer Agency


TVXQ fans, who are currently participating in a boycott against all SM Entertainment goods, have filed a request for Compensation of Losses to the Korean Consumer Agency for the indefinite postponement of the ‘SM TOWN LIVE 09’ concert that was supposed to happen on August 16th.

TVXQ fans went to the Korean Consumer Agency building in Seoul Seocho-gu to submit the request in person. 1249 fans who booked concert tickets online participated in the request.

Not only did TVXQ fans participate, but fans of other SM Entertainment singers such as SHINee, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation joined in as well.

One representative of DNBN, who led this request to the Korean Consumer Agency, criticized SME by saying, “TVXQ stated numerous times that they would attend this concert to keep their promise with their fans, and SM Entertainment also stated that the concert would go through as planned regardless of the exclusive contract dispute. However, one week before the concert date, SM Entertainment indefinitely postponed the concert absurdly claiming that the singers would not be able to show their unity and friendship because of what was happening with the trial.”

The fans are demanding that SM Entertainment release an official apology and return at least 10% of the ticket price as compensation for the “Physical and emotional pain the fans suffered through due to things such as the lost ticket cost, time and anticipation for the concert.”

TVXQ fans said, “This is not only a problem between fans and an entertainment agency, this is also a problem between consumers and a company,” and “We are not doing this just because we want our money back, we are doing this because we as consumers cannot sit idly by while a company comes and strips us of our rights.”

They also showed their disappointment and discontent by stating, “We consumers, who were the ones who lost money because SM Entertainment basically canceled the concert after all bookings for tickets were completed, at least tried to strike up talks with their side, but SM Entertainment completely ignored all of our attempts.”

TVXQ fans sent SM Entertainment a certification of contents on the 2nd that requested compensation for the canceling of the concert and was sent by those under the name ‘SM Concert Victims’.

They stated, “This is not the first time SM Entertainment has postponed a summer concert. In 2006, the agency postponed the ‘SM SUMMER TOWN FESTIVAL’, not because of problems with ticketing or funding, but because they wanted to ‘bring a higher quality performance’ and because of bad weather conditions,” and “Because SM Entertainment has been toying with its consumers, it is now time to put an end to this vicious practice.”

The Korean Consumer Agency worker who accepted to look over the request stated that, “We will be inspecting this case in the ’50 complaints or more’ section,” and “When a staff is designated to oversee the process, we will investigate the happening closely and will settle on a just settlement for the victims of the situation.


One representative stated, “We do not receive complaints at such a large scale usually so we cannot predict how long this process will take,” and “But compensation and consequences will be decided after SM Entertainment proves to the Korean Consumer Agency that they had no choice but to cancel the concert.”

SM Entertainment released an official statement on their website last month stating, “We are very sorry for disappointing the fans who have waiting a long time for this concert,” and indefinitely postponed the ‘SM TOWN LIVE ’09’ and set up refund methods.

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I think the list is not yet confirmed (or is it?) but more or less this will be the flow of the concert. OMG, 43 songs?! And a lot of them are DBSK and SuJu songs. :D I really hope to attend an SMTOWN concert one day because it seems to be so much fun (any event with DBSJ is love. <3). To all those who are going to the concert, you are so lucky!

▷ 후 원 : ㈜ G마켓, 서울특별시
▷ 일 시 : 2009년 8월 16일 (일) PM 05:00 ~ PM 10:00
▷ 장 소 : 잠실 올림픽 주 경기장
▷ 출 연 진 : 东方神起, Super Junior, 장리인, 소녀시대, SHINee, Special Guests
▷ 티 켓 :


YELLOW FIELD 11,000원 (VAT.포함)

※ 전 좌석은 지정좌석입니다.


02 Real – SHINee
03 아.미.고 – SHINee
04 Honey – SNSD
05 Wrong Number – TVXQ !


06 Hug – DBSK
07 Twins – SUJU
08 Timeless – Zhang Li yin feat. XiaH
09 Into the new world – SNSD
10 replay – SHINee

11 One love – XiaH & Hyunkjae
12 매력적인 21세기 – Yunho / Micky / Shindong / Key
13 I’m alone –Tiffany (SNSD)
14 In My Room – SHINee
15 I Will – Li yin

16 Complete – SNSD
17 1 year later – SNSD Feat. O-new
18 Mirotic – DBSK
19 Purple Line – DBSK
20 You’re My Miracle– DBSK

22 A man in love – SUJU
23 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not… )– SUJU KRY
24 I believe – DBSK
25 Love like oxygen– SHINee

26 Talk to you – SHINee
27 One More Try – Li yin
28 다음겨울 – Ryowook / ONEW / Yesung
29 Snow Dream – SM TOWN
30 Can you hear me – Taeyeon (SNSD)
31 Way to go (Himnae) – SNSD
32 Etude – SNSD

[Dance Battle]
Donghae / Yunho / Hyoyeon / HyukJae / Shindong / XiaH / Yuri
33 Special Guests Time
34 Show Me Your Love – DBSK / SUJU


35 It’s you – SUJU
36 Juliette – SHINee
37 Tell me your wish – SNSD
38 사랑이 금지됐다 – Li yin
39 U – SUJU
40 Love in the ice – DBSK
41 Gee – SNSD
42 Balloon – DBSK
43 Let’s go on a trip – SM TOWN

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