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After the successful debut of SM Entertainment’s newest boy group, SHINee, another boy group is preparing for it’s debut sometime at the end of this month. The newest boyband to join the K-pop scene is from Sponge Entertainment whose existence I didn’t even know and goes by the name R-eal, which I think is a not so creative name. Unlike the usual way of introducing a new K-pop group through the use of preview videos and other forms of promotion in Korea itself (they are a K-pop group afterall so its just right to promote them first in Korea), this newbie group made their pre-debut appearance in a Japanese radio program and was featured in a famous Japanese music magazine called Ticketpia. 

R-eal is scheduled to release their album made up of 4 songs in Korea at the end of this month and their title track is entitled “Make Love”. They will then commence their promoting activities in Korea and are planning to fly to Japan by next year to try their luck there. Even before debuting the group is said to already have a fanbase of about 10,000 members.

R-eal is composed of Yoon (leader, 25), Jin Woong (20), Chang Hyun (20), In Suk (20) and Sang Il (18).

Seriously, new K-pop groups keep on appearing here and there nowadays. What’s with all these groups? Sometimes I think the K-pop scene is already too crowded because of all these guys springing from nowhere. But the good news is, fangirls like us  can actually have a lot of reasons to get even more hooked with K-pop. What do I have to say about this new boy band? Well, I think SOME of the members have relatively good looks but I have to say that they look a bit old mature compared to the other Korean boy bands. Add to that, I’m quite disturbed with their clothing style – it makes them even look older mature. I have yet to hear them sing and watch them perform so I can’t comment much on their talent but with the way SHINee rocked the K-pop scene when they debuted recently, I’d have to say I’m expecting a lot from these guys. I mean, come on! SHINee is composed of boys in their teen years and R-eal members are mostly on their twenties so they MUST be better or at least of the same caliber, right? Plus, they said that they want to be the “real” of K-pop (whatever they meant by that) so I expect that by making that kind of bold statement means they have something to brag about. I also think they SHOULD be as talented as the successful boy groups in Korea right now or even surpass them (which is quite a challenge especially if DBSK or Shinhwa would be used as benchmarks) if they want to survive and compete in the K-pop industry because as we all know, the successful Korean boy groups like DBSK, BigBang, Shinhwa, and SS501 made use of their talents and looks (along with hardwork, of course) to be where they are right now. Otherwise, R-eal won’t appear real anymore and would probably be easily neglected by K-pop followers.

Anyway, let’s just see what happens to this newbie after their debut.


Credit: Newsen + soyboy@Shenyuepop