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110415 Yunho Talks Of The Split “I’ve Protected TVXQ Till Now And I Will Keep Protecting TVXQ”

TVXQ talked about the emotions they felt when the split between the group happened.

TVXQ appeared as the first guest stars on tvN’s ‘Taxi’ on April 14th and took time out our their schedule to talk about work, love and family.

Regarding the split, U-Know Yunho said, “It would be lie to say that it didn’t hurt to have to stand on stage as a duo,” and “We know so well that our three friends are talented and kind people, but it hurt because we were met by worried gazes when we said that we’d be making a comeback as a duo and there were even a lot of people who criticized our actions and said, ‘Do you really think you could succeed as a duo?’”

He continued to say, “That was what was most upsetting because I’ve always believed that protecting TVXQ is the priority,” and “I’ve protected TVXQ till now and I will keep protecting TVXQ.”

Choikang Changmin said, “It’s true that I felt a little hurt because the split came regardless of the fact that there was no change in our opinions and the two of us weren’t standing on a split path,” and “It’s true that I felt sad and worried (about our new album) because we have always been standing in the same place, doing the same things and preparing, just like we’ve always been doing.”

He also said, “But because you can’t turn back time and undo the things that have happened, I like to think more about accepting what has happened and working hard to show everyone how much we’ve evolved.”

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110415 TVXQ Prove Their Care to Animal “One day I want to be your puppy”

TVXQ members took a heart warming picture with a puppy that showed their care to animal.

Recently backup dancer of TVXQ unveiled a picture of Yunho and Changmin via his personal twitter.

In the published picture, it was seen U-Know Yunho held a brown poodle with both of his hands and smiled, while Choikang Changmin posed by hugging the poodle as if it was a treasure in his arms and kissed its head. The picture was expected to be taken on the 14th before they appeared on a concert stage.

Fans commented, “Somehow my mind got purified by looking at the picture” “The puppy will be missing them.” “They even respect the rights of a puppy” “One day I want to be your puppy” showing their enviousness to the chocolate poodle.

TVXQ is currently promoting their follow up single ‘Know This Before You Go’

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110414 Choikang Changmin Says, “I Think It’ll Be Hard For A Woman Over The Age Of 30 To Have A Baby”

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has stated that, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.”

tvN’s ‘On Location Talk Show: Taxi’ will be airing the first episode of ‘NEW Taxi’ with TVXQ as their guest stars. The episode is set to show TVXQ’s Myeongdong outing that paralyzed the streets with fans, as well as the members’ open-minded feelings about dating and marriage, amongst other things.

U-Know Yunho drew the attention of many when he said, “If I were to start dating, I want it to be behind closed doors,” and “I want to get married by the time I’m 32.” Choikang Changmin, on the other hand, stated, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.” When asked why by MC Lee Young Ja, Choikang Changmin had everyone cracking up in laughter as he replied, “Because it’ll be hard for her to have a baby at that age.”

They are planning to openly talk about the difficulties they faced during their 2 year and 3 month absence from Kpop. TVXQ even visited MyeongDong and Eewa Women’s college and spent time with their fans there. There was even a fun challenge where U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin had to buy a present with just 10,000 KRW that would surprise and touch the hearts of their girlfriends.

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Is Changmin crushing on IU? :)

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110411 IU’s 3-Level Expression, Max Changmin Became Shy

Singer IU shows off a ‘3-level expression’ after her ‘3-level octave’, impressing TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

In the April 10 broadcast of SBS ‘Heroes’, the cast took wedding pictures with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

During the broadcast, MC Noh Hong Chul asked Max Changmin before the actual wedding photoshoot, “Which Heroes member do you most want to complete this photoshoot with?” and upon hearing IU’s name, Changmin gave a surprised expression, sending a secret signal to Yunho at the same time. Although Changmin expressed that “I was only shocked (upon hearing her name)”, one could see his inner feelings when he exchanged glances with IU.

The cast and TVXQ had to look into each other’s eyes as part of the process of choosing their partners (for the photoshoot). Max Changmin was composed when he looked into the eyes of Seo In Young, Kahi and Shin Bong Sun, but shyly lowered his head in front of IU. IU sent a ‘3-level expression’ to Changmin using her bright eyes, causing Changmin to be unable to look her in the eye. He finally looked down shyly, arousing laughter from everyone.

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Vogue’s 10 Questions to Tohoshinki

1. What do you respect about one another?
Yunho: Regardless of what work or task it is, he faces it calmly.
Changmin: His character is optimistic and energetic, and he can adapt well to situations.

2. Living together, has there been any happy or difficult issues?

Yunho: We don’t always stay at home, sometimes we go out together too. Also, Changmin’s room is very clean, he lives in a very organized lifestyle
Changmin: There isn’t really anything in particular. But perhaps it is that to understand one another, it takes a really long time.

3. What is something you want the most right now?

Yunho: Recently my iPod broke, so I can’t listen to my music now. So I want a new one. (He probably has a new one by now.)
Changmin: Clothes.

4. When and where do you feel the most happy?

Yunho: As expected, the happiest moment is when I am on stage. That’s when I feel the most alive, and also because I can bring our music to the fans.
Changmin: 2010’s SM TOWN. For Yunho and I, that was a stage that that we were able to stand on after a long time. At that time we realized that the stage was really where we belonged.

5. During difficult times, what kind of magical words are able to encourage yourself?

Yunho: When experiencing diffuclt times, listening to these words makes me happy, “If it’s Yunho, then it definitely can be done.”
Changmin: I have to work harder for my future wife.

6. What is the most precious thing to you?

Yunho: I feel that everything I have has its own special meaning, so I can’t think of one specific thing in particular.
Changmin: 5.1 Dolby Sound System.

7. What kind of characteristics must a friend have?

Yunho: Mutual trust, and having the same beliefs.
Changmin: Mutual understanding.

8. Do you wish for your girlfriend to dress up fashionable manner?

Yunho: I would want her to wear cute clothes or a long T-shirt over jeans style, to give a tough feeling. And also wearing white suits, giving off a peaceful feel.
Changmin: It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. As long as it suits her, anything is fine.

9. Do you have any expectations from your future partner?

Yunho: No matter what happens, I want her to trust me and to live her life positively, and someone with a kind heart.
Changmin: Because of the kind of work that I do my lifestyle is not exactly regular so I hope she can understand that.

10. In 5 years time, where would you want to be and doing what?

Yunho: I want to hold concerts not only in Asia but also go to other places, to bring our music to other fans who are supporting us. But personally I hope to be with the person I love, and be able to travel and do volunteer work with her.
Changmin: I think I’ll still be doing the work that I am doing now.

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110322 “We Went Through A Lot Of Pain To Be Able To Laugh Like This”

Twenty-three year old Lee Yeon Hee and Shim Changmin… Acted as an ‘Immature Couple’ in their drama

Acting contoversies… The TVXQ dispute… “I made it seem fun on purpose to lesson the pressure on his shoulders.”

Lee Yeon Hee(23) with her white face and long arms and legs and Shim Changmin(23-stage name Choikang Changmin) with his dark face and tall height. These two, who remind us of characters from melodramatic comic books, recently played the roles of an immature couple in the drama ‘Paradise Meadow’ and received the support and jealousy of fans throughout the series. Married at 19 but divorced six months later, the two meet again after six years and fall in love again. Shim Changmin, who has already risen to fame as Choikang Changmin, a member of the popular idol group TVXQ, made his debut as an actor through this drama. Lee Yeon Hee, who was swept up in controversies surrounding her acting skills, or lack thereof, in the drama ‘East of Eden’, received positive feedback for her take on a completely new and different role. The two youthful stars’ growing pains were deeper than expected.

-This was Changmin’s debut as an actor.

Shim Changmin – I’ve always dreamed of being the main character in a romantic drama. But I wasn’t prepared for it, so I took lessons on basic acting right before filming started. I learned how to enunciate by talking while biting a pen, and I learned how to block and stress my words. I kept thinking, ‘The one thing I don’t want to be criticized about is my acting.’ But I was so scared that I went around telling people around me that, “I’m probably going to be criticized.”

Lee Yeon Hee – I personally think Changmin’s acting was good. Han Dong Ju, the role Changmin played in the drama, is quite similar to the real Changmin in terms of his character and looks. There were a lot of scenes where he had to yell, and his vocalization was so good that it seemed so natural.

-Did Yeon Hee help you as a senior in the acting field?

Lee Yeon Hee – His shoulders seemed burdened enough without having me bring the subject up, so I though it would actually put more pressure on Changmin if I approached him first. I tried to make it seem fun while we were filming.

Shim Changmin – It was hard because I kept thinking about how the staff members had all eyes focused on me, which is so different from when I sing in a team. I wasn’t able to confess these thoughts to Yeon Hee. Yeon Hee had a lot of lines and had the responsibility of leading the flow of the drama, but she still lead and guided me.

-Is there anything you wish you could have fixed?

Shim Changmin – I have the kind of personality that does not easily let me feel content with myself and what I’ve done. I can’t forgive even the smallest mistake that I make. I really wanted to do well in the more affectionate scenes, but I don’t think I looked that natural.

Lee Yeon Hee – In ‘East of Eden’, I had to act very mature. After that, I was searching for a bright and sunny character and this drama caught my eye. It wasn’t the timid and burdened roles I had played in past movies and dramas. I got to play the role of a determined and clumsy veterinarian who had done anything and everything. I wanted this to be a turning point and an image change in my acting career. I’m content with what I’ve done.

-Your fans must be curious of how TVXQ has been after the three members left.

Shim Changmin – It’s not easy for two (with U-Know Yunho) people to fill in the space of five people. I feel so much more responsibility now compared to when all I had to do was follow what my hyungs were doing. So I give my all for everything, dancing, singing and the visual aspect. There are times when I feel frustrated and disappointed. Sometimes, I ask myself, ‘After years of performing, I’m still the same, I’ve been doing fine without anything happening, but how did our team become this way?’ Idol singers who debut at a young age own many things people their age usually don’t own, and are faced with many temptations. I think people need to possess the power of discernment and good judgment.

-Many female actresses say that they wish to take on a role with many action scenes.

Lee Yeon Hee – I watched Soo Ae and Lee Jia act in ‘Athena’, and I thought it was so cool. I exercise every day and build up my stamina, because I might get a chance to play such a role someday.

Shim Changmin – They look so frail (he makes an exclamation) but they’re really fit.

-What kind of actor, singer do you want to be in the future?

Lee Yeon Hee – When I was younger, I watched Natalie Portman in ‘Leon’ and thought, ‘I want to be like her.’ She is my idol and benchmark. She’s an actress I want to take after in all aspects of acting.

Shim Changmin – Recently, I met Senior In Sooni. I enjoyed watching her create a passionate performance with difficult and powerful dance moves that are hard, even for younger singers. As this is only my first step in acting, I will do my best.

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