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110831 “Scent Of A Woman” Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

The concert for SBS’s “Scent of a Woman” which was scheduled for 11 September, to be held at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul, has been cancelled.

On 31 August, the production team said “As that day is the weekend that is the eve of Chuseok, the admission schedules and traffic inconvenience, as well as other issues which would leave the fans dissatisfied were considered. Furthermore, with the concert expected to end around 11pm, fans living in other areas may not be able to get home on time, it was decided that even though ticketing was already underway, the concert will be cancelled.”

Initially, this concert was planned so that audiences could watch the last episode of the drama “Scent of the Woman” while listening to the soundtrack, and as the drama’s main characters Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, proceeds of the concert was to be donated to children who were suffering from cancer.  Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki Jun, Seo Hyo Rim and others appearing in the drama were to have a talk session, and to showcase the soundtrack, participants included JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun, JK Kim Dong Wook and others were scheduled to perform.

The production team said, “The organizers of the concert had announced the cancellation via the ticketing website on 30 August, and those who had already got their tickets during the presale which had ended, will be contacted individually.” And also “Despite preparing the event with good ambitions, but we’re sorry that it ended in a failure.”

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110822 “Scent Of A Woman” To Hold Charity Concert On 11 September, JYJ Kim Junsu To Participate

The team from SBS TV drama “Scent of a Woman” will be holding a concert.

This performance will be themed as the “Children’s Cancer Charity Concert” and will be held from 6.30pm on 11 September, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Tickets will be sold from 6pm on 23 August.

The television production crew and JYJ’s management company C-JeS will be jointly organizing this concert, and participants include Kim Junsu, who participated in the “Scent of a Woman” OST and made a surprise appearance as a popular singer with the same name, as well as JK Kim Dong Wook, Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) and others.

Also, the main cast of the drama Lee Dong Wook, Kim Seon Ah will also be greeting the audiences, and all proceeds from this concert will be donated to children who are suffering from cancer.

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110822 JYJ Kim Junsu, Full Performance Of “Intoxication” In “Scent Of A Woman” Revealed

The full video performance of “Intoxication” by JYJ member Kim Junsu has been revealed.

Kim Junsu made an appearance in episode 5 of SBS TV’s “Scent of a Woman” which was aired on 6 August. Playing a popular singer with the same name, Junsu, Kim Junsu had a one on one date with his fan Kim Seon Ah (Lee Yeon Jae)

It was especially the short clip of Kim Junsu’s performance of “Intoxication” from his fanmeeting that was aired, that aroused the fans’ interest. After the broadcast, netizens had requested via the “Scent of a Woman” website, “Please release the full version.”

Following which, SBS released the full version of “Intoxication” as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the fanmeeting on their website under the title “Episode 5, From the Junsu Fanmeeting.” Kim Junsu, who was dressed in a black suit showed an intense dance performance, and received a passionate response of the fans.

After seeing the broadcast, netizens said, “They finally showed the full version” “We finally get to see the full version of Intoxication” “I’m really thankful, Scent of a Woman jjang!” “Sexy Junsu” and other responses.

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110809 JYJ Kim Junsu “Scent Of A Woman” Previously Unreleased Cuts Revealed, “Full Version Requested”

JYJ Kim Junsu’s previously unreleased performance cuts for MBC TV drama “Scent of a Woman” has been revealed.

On 8 August, the SBS homepage released a large number of Kim Junsu’s performance cuts. Kim Junsu, who participated in the “Scent of a Woman” OST with “You are so Beautiful” also made an appearance as a character with the same name.

To shoot the scene in the drama for hallyu star Kim Junsu, a mini-concert was held. This was one of the items in Lee Yeon Jae’s list, to watch Kim Junsu in concert. He also had a 1-on-1 date with Lee Yeon Jae, where he displayed his charm.

During the concert, Kim Junsu performed “I can Soar” from JYJ’s worldwide album “The Beginning” as well as his Japanese single “Intoxication” and others, with approximately 500 fans turning up with placards and banners to support him, creating an atmosphere similar to a real concert.

Netizens have requested for the concert performance video to be released. They said, “Please broadcast the full version of Intoxication,” “Can’t you reveal the full performance?” “I want to go on a date with Junsu like Yeon Jae did,” “I definitely had to watch the broadcast because of Kim Junsu,” and other reactions.

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110807 Kim Junsu’s Special Appearance On ‘Scent Of A Woman’ Has The Drama’s Viewer Ratings Jumping Up

SBS TV’s ‘Scent of a Woman’ is on a roll.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the fifth episode of ‘Scent of a Woman’ had nationwide viewer ratings of 18.6%.

With a 2.9% increase from the last episode(15.7%), ‘Scent of a Woman’ became the most watched weekend drama of its time slot and also became the second most watched weekend drama following MBC TV’s ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

In the episode, Lee Yeon Jae(Kim Sun Ah) succeeds in securing a date with Junsu(Kim Junsu), which was sixth on her bucket list. In the process, JYJ’s Kim Junsu garnered much attention for making a special appearance and holding an extravagant fanmeet, even taking on his first acting role in a drama.

Meanwhile, MBC TV’s ‘Hurray for Affection’ and KBS 1TV’s ‘Gwanggaeto the Great’ scored in viewer ratings of 13.2% and 16.3% respectively in the same time slot.

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Kim Junsu’s first acting getting favorable reviews…Although it’s his first try at acting he gave off his joyful, comic nature~

Kim Junsu’s first acting is a hot issue.

JYJ Kim junsu made a special appearance in ‘Scent of Woman’, which was aired on the 6th, as a popular singer ‘Junsu’ who Kim Sunah admires. Although it was the first try at acting for Kim Junsu, it is said that he fully gave off his comic nature.

The viewers who watched his acting is showing positive responses, saying “I thought he was just good at singing, but I was surprised that he can act well too.”

Above all, the part that drew most interest was that he acted a character that is similar to the real Kim Junsu.

The filming which was held in a university in Gyeonggi-do last 28th was a magnificent sight with about 500 fans, just like a real concert. A realistic concert scene was set up to film a scene where Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijun comes to see Kim Junsu’s concert.

Days before the actual filming day, ‘Scent of Woman’ production team recruited fans through a site. They opened the site at 9 am to recruit 500 fans, however, the production team couldn’t contain their amazement that over 5000 fans signed up in only 3 minutes.

Thanks to the fans’ full support, a perfect concert scene was made on the filming day. Kim Junsu sang ‘I Can Soar’ from his worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Intoxication’ from his Japanese single at the filming. It is said that he heated up the place with his explosive stage charisma. Not even fans, but also actors including Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijun could have an enjoyable time.

Especially, Kim Junsu gave a full, sweet fanservice by preparing a special event for Yeonjae(Kim Sunah), who turned out to be a terminally ill patient. Kim Junsu’s fans prepared banners with so much love for Kim Junsu, that special props for the filming was not even needed. The fans were in good order, making the filming easy, even though the the waiting time was almost half the day due to the bad weather.


The production team said, “Although it was the first try at acting for Kim Junsu, he was the most appropriate person to play ‘top star Junsu'” added, “With his fantastic stage manners and passion, he was truely the best singer in Asia. The actors and staffs all had a great time, like enjoying a concert.”


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