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A short clip of the unreleased scenes of DBSK’s appearance on Ontama. LOL at JaeJoong’s imitation of Junsu plus his randomness toward the end. No one can really beat him when it comes to being a total camwhore. Hahaha! :D

[Credit: DBSKNightsBlog]

Here the other 2 appearances of the boys on Ontama.

Day 4

I didn’t enjoy this one that much because I couldn’t quite get what they were doing at first. It took me 3 replays before I got the whole idea. Hahaha.

Day 5

LOL. All the mistakes they’ve mentioned are of Junsu. Poor Su. :D The last one he mentioned about the mic happened in Korea during their rehearsals on one of the music shows there (I can’t remember if it was Music Core, Inkigayo, or Mnet Countdown). I saw some fancams of that mic blunder by Junsu and it was really funny. Even the members were surprised that he wasn’t singing when it was already his part! LOL. After that they had to start over again and Junsu along with the other members kept on saying sorry to the audience. :D

[Video credit: yunnie206]

The boys appeared on Ontama for 3 days again. They’ve been on this show last year, too and just like their previous appearance, they did random things again. The clips are short but REALLY HILARIOUS. Check them out and have a fun listening to the boys’ randomness and ramblings. LOL.


Jae’s pretty talkative here. He has something to say about each member! Hahaha. But I love his comments on each member especially the one on Changmin which was accompanied by his very funny imitation of him. I thought he really did a good job at imitating Min’s expression. :D And the “Junsu WAS innocent” comment. They really had to emphasize on the word “was”. Does that mean he’s much less innocent now? LOL.


LOL @ the members’ dorkiness. They were just randomly singing weird songs! How can they sing “let it be” for “re”?  And heck,  what’s with Chun’s “tonyo, tonyo”? Are the songs they sang even legit songs in the first place? I thought they were made up except for the part where they sang Bolero – and an off-key Bolero at that. Hahaha. And Yunho’s unexpected gag… will he be replacing Junsu as Tohoshinki’s gag man now? :D


Their room (well, curtains and bedsheets) are black? Seriously? These boys seem to be loving the color black these days. Their way of saying “don’t want to” was so freakin’ cute especially Changmin’s weird way of saying it. LOL.

[Video Credit: yunnie206]