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JaeChun are so cute! I can almost imagine them singing “Colors ~Melody and Harmony~” while looking at each other and waving to the fans. This is one of the songs that I really wish to hear and see it peformed live.

And LOL @ the “Melody and Harmony” explanation. Remember guys, JaeJoong is “melody” and Yoochun is “harmony”, never the other way around! Hahaha. But seriously, I think JaeJoong fits “harmony” more since he’s the one who begins the harmony for the group every time they sing while Yoochun should be the “melody” since among them he is the one who composes melodies the most. What do you think? =)

Soulmate Talk Music Japan: The Highest Application In Music Japan History!

Nearly 90% of NHK Hall was filled with TVXQ fans. The whole place was dyed in red with the TVXQ penlights!!
In fact, this time, MJ view application number was more than 79,000 which was the highest in MJ history!

We fans enjoyed the fluent Japanese words from JJ and YC @ Music Japan.

JJ: “Although we have performed at Area in the past,
it was the first time for us to perform at the dome,
I was worried if the place would be filled.”

JJ: “But a lot of people come and I was impressed and moved.”

About a new song.

JJ: “When we were talking about showing our solo performances at the dome,
we asked if we could do as a duo not as a solo?”

JJ: “Then we formed a unit!”

JJ: “Two of us wanted to make a music piece to be able to sing together with our fans!”

YC “I made harmony and a melody was made by JJ.” (?!)

JJ: “Hahaha, it is as simple as that.”

JJ: “YC is harmony and I am a melody.” lol.

MC: “JJ is harmony, and YC a melody?” lol.

YC: “No it is reverse!”. lol.

MC: “Please leave your message to your fans”.

They looked at each other wondering who is to speak.

JJ: “There must be fans here who could not come to Tokyo Dome.
Then, for those of you, it is the fist time for you to hear our song.”

JJ: “Please enjoy hearing it here today. “

YC looked like he did not know what to say.

YC: “Though the fire seems to be hot, I will do my best.”

There was the pillar with the fire torch on the stage. ^^

Then they sang…….

They exchanged an eye contact with each other many times.

When they finished singing, they turned to the left side and vowed and waived hands
then they turned to the right side and vowed and waved. They looked very cute together.

Once again, I was reminded that I love them too much.
I will always love you~~~TVXQ!!


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[Credit: seijitsuHIME]

I actually do not understand the talk part since I don’t understand nor speak Japanese but I think Junsu’s having his “English-translated-into-Japanese” lessons again just like what he did during their Five in the Black concert. Hahaha. But although I don’t know what they were talking about, I couldn’t care less because I was LOVING what I was seeing on screen while watching the video. I mean, who wouldn’t? Just looking at the boys and their gorgeous selves made me forget that I merely understood what was going on in the video. LOL. Anyway, once the subbed video is out, I’ll change the embedded video. :D

As for their performance, it was good but the one on Music Station was better. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there’s a problem with their microphones. The background music is overpowering their voices, in my opinion. But still, the performance was nice especially since the cameramen kept on zooming the camera on their arms. Watchig it is just heaven, don’t you think? LOL.

The boys performed Bolero live for the second time now (first being at Dreams Come True) at Music Japan. Here are the clips of the live performance and their interview (though there are no available subs at the moment):

Bolero performance


[Credit: joongifiedportia26 + purplefanatic91]

I’ve said this a million times already but I’ll say it again: Bolero is soooo beautiful! The live performance was good and the amount of emotions the boys were injecting on each and every word of the lyrics while singing it is just amazing. It’s exceptional. I just wish they sang teh whole song because I’d really love to hear them sing it live in full.

I can’t comment much on the tallk since it isn’t subded yet but looks like it’s a fun interview. I hope someone will sub it soon. The video above is already subbed. Thanks to champong for the tip! :D

LOL @ Junsu’s comments. I really like watching their Japanese interviews just because Junsu loves to give random comments and the members are having fun bullying him. If Jae is the “random member” duirng their Korean show guestings, Junsu is his counterpart when it comes to Japanese show guestings. Hahaha.

DBSK guested on Music Japan and performed their latest single どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう?. The episode aired yesterday but it was pre-recorded weeks/days ago. Here’s the video of said episode:

080724 Music Japan: Talk + どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? performance (YT link)

080724 Music Japan: Talk + どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? performance (DNBN link)

I provided the DNBN link along with the YouTube link so that just in case the video gets removed  on YouTube, you can still view it at DNBN. Just making sure.

It isn’t subbed yet so I really don’t understand what they were talking about with the host. I edited the YouTube link and got the subbed version already. =) I just have to say that the guys look good in white. I think that’s the same outfit they wore on the PV, am I right? And Yoochun’s pants made laugh. That guy is really into slightly cropped/rolled-up pants nowadays. LOL.

About their performance… It was good! It’s true that they started a bit shaky especially JaeJoong and Changmin and they sounded tired (especially JaeJoong and Junsu who sounded a bit hoarse) but considering how hard it is to sing the song and they’re still neophytes in singing with that kind of style, I really think they did good. At some point of the song, I can’t even distinguish if its live or it’s the CD version since it somewhat sounded the same. If that’s the case, I think that’s a good thing because that means they’re slowly getting used to that style. Maybe with some more performances and a good amount of practice, they’ll soon sing it flawlessly. I also have to commend JaeJoong for a job well done. Man, he nailed all the high notes on this performance! I have a weakness for singers who can hit high notes so this only made me love him more. <3 Plus, the boys sang with so much emotions which gave justice to the song. I like how they try to inject as much emotion as they can in singing it and how they tried to absorb and take in the meaning of the song’s every line. I think this is one of the things that sets them apart from other groups. In my opinion, only DBSK can move and affect audiences this much just by doing a single performance. So as a whole, I think the performance wasn’t one of their bests so far but it’s definitely beautiful. I don’t mind watching it a couple of times again. =)

To make this post a little more sensible and worth reading, here’s DBSK’s interview with Ray Magazine about their newest single どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう?. Credit goes to for the news and translations.