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120517 JYJ Jaejoong, “Yoochun Had High Praises For Park Minyoung”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who is challenging acting in a period drama, revealed that fellow JYJ member Yoochun had high praises for Park Minyoung.

Jaejoong said,  “Yoochun, Minyoung and I are of the same age. About Minyoung, Yoochun said that even though she is an actress of the same age as us, he told me that she is graceful yet has an inner strength about her. When I met her in person, I felt a strength about her that cannot be described in words. Yoochun advised, ‘she is a really good actress, so you have to work really hard’” a display of their outstanding teamwork.

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120517 JYJ’s Yoochun, What “Practical” Advice Did He Give Jaejoong For “Time Slip Dr. Jin”?

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is challenging a period drama, revealed the “practical” advice that his group mate Yoochun, who has experience with period dramas, had given him.

Jaejoong said, “ He (Yoochun) did not give me any special advice on acting. It’s a bit strange, but he said that with the topknot tied, it becomes difficult to control your expressions well. He also said that when closing your eyes, it cannot be closed completely and other specific details. I heard that it becomes a bit of a problem to maintain your expressions in such circumstances.”

Jaejoong also revealed what Yoochun had taught him. Jaejoong said, “When the drama and personal schedules are lined up one after the other, the topknot will be tied for a very long time, and your forehead will be stressed for more than 10 hours. Because of this, he said that there will be times which it becomes difficult. Also, because we’re filming in summer, he also told me to be careful because the color of the skin beneath the topknot will change,” Jaejoong said and laughed.

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LOL at Yoochun for giving such an advice to JaeJoong. Having acted in two period dramas, I’m sure Yoochun knew how hard it is to film wearing old Korean costumes and topknots. I just found it cute how he cares so much about JaeJoong’s head/forehead. Hahaha!

It’s been a very long time since I last posted a blog entry that solely contains what I feel and what’s been running on my mind. After the whole issue about DBSK splitting to JYJ and the new DBSK composed of HoMin, I haven’t written a lot of opinionated posts anymore. I actually missed writing such posts and I have attempted a lot of times to try and write one again but I just don’t seem to have the motivation to write anything anymore. Maybe it’s because most of the time, voicing out what I feel and what I think of the situation hurts so much. I just stopped writing because I wanted to avoid the pain.

But tonight, I just can’t help but express what I feel by writing an op-ed. I’ve been holding back for so long that I think it doesn’t matter anymore if I’m being re-acquainted with the pain I felt because of DBSK.

For the past few days, I’ve been checking out information about SM Entertainment’s new group EXO. I was curious because a lot of the people I know who likes to listen to K-pop has been talking about this rookie group. True enough, they are indeed an interesting bunch of guys. I think their songs are good, they have powerful dance choreography and the members Luhan, Kris, Sehun and Suho really caught my attention. I was ALMOST ready to join in the EXO bandwagon and start fangirling over them.

But then everything changed when I saw a video yesterday while looking  up for some videos of EXO. It was a video of DBSK’s performance of Bolero during their 4th Live Tour in Tokyo Dome. I clicked it and watched the video and suddenly, I found myself mesmerized by DBSK all over again. I suddenly found myself crying while watching my precious boys singing and I ended up watching a lot of their old videos and cuts from their concert tours.

Watching their videos made me realize so many things that I think I have tried to neglect and forget ever since they split into two groups.

I realized that because I was trying to avoid the pain of seeing them separated, I slowly and unconsciously drifted away from DBSK. I busied myself with work and attempted to try to look for another K-pop group to like and support. But even though I’ve been trying to ‘discover’ other groups for months now, I still can’t find a ‘suitable’ one to replace DBSK. I don’t see myself following their careers and sharing their happiness and pain like I did with DBSK. At first I thought I might really be losing my interest in K-pop, that maybe I’m getting tired of it. But now I know why I can’t seem to love any other K-pop group. It’s because DBSK is really irreplaceable. What other Cassies say is true, once you’re into DBSK, there is no turning back. I think if you’re a hardcore DBSK fan, a Cassiopeia, it’s really hard to like other groups because DBSK is just so great that it would be hard to look for a group who could match their greatness. What they have and what they can do is beyond anyone’s imagination. I have not seen any other group that can produce a beautiful harmony as DBSK. DBSK is the most precious miracle that happened in Asian pop.

I also realized that no matter how much I’m hurting over the fact that Yunho and Changmin still uses DBSK as their name and no matter how much I try to ignore them in hopes of reducing the pain and disappointment I’m feeling, I still care for these two guys so much. I may be more vocal of my support to JaeJoong, Junsu and Yoochun and I may be indifferent towards Yunho and Changmin but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore. Yes, it still disappoints me whenever I hear them use the name DBSK to refer to their two-member group, it still hurts whenever I look back at the interviews where they said a few statements that could have hurt their brothers but then I realized it’s impossible for me to hate any of the five members because they are still, and always will  be my most treasured boys who hold a very special place in my heart.

And lastly, I realized how much I miss Cassiopeia. I miss the Red Ocean, that awesome fandom who is willing to do anything for our five stars. Part of the reason why the separation of DBSK is such a hard thing for me to bear is because along with the group’s split also came the division of Cassiopeia. For someone like me who draws strength from the knowledge that Cassiopeia is still one and united, the division of the fandom was something that really broke my heart. During the early period of the split, I had managed to keep my hope and faith intact but when I realized that Cassiopeia is slowly breaking into two just like DBSK, I lost hope and I myself began to take sides. But after looking back at Cassiopeia’s efforts for DBSK in the past, after looking at how beautiful a united Red Ocean looks like, I realized that I shouldn’t have given up and that I should never give up. Yes, it’s painful to know that K-pop’s most awesome fandom is in chaos right now but I believe that there are still those Cassies who still believe in the five members, those who are still keeping the faith. I also believe that those who have tried to run away and find comfort in another group/fandom will still come back to Cassiopeia and DBSK in the end, just like what happened to me. After all, once a Cassiopeia, always a Cassiopeia.

What DBSK and Cassiopeia has is a special bond like no other. We are at a point wherein our relationship is no longer that of an idol-fan. DBSK and Cassiopeia have become one in heart, mind and soul. We are no longer two separate beings who can easily turn away from each other. Through the years, we have shared each others’ happiness and pain and we’ve been through a lot of challenges together. This is another challenge that we have to face and we just have to stay strong for each other. One day, I believe that we can pass through this and all of this will be over. We just have to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

It feels great to be back home where I truly belong – to DBSK and Cassiopeia. :)

120225 Post Of JYJ Tweets

I think Yoochun bought everyone fried chicken yesterday :D
(Suk Won, 12:48am KST) @6002theMicky I enjoyed the fried chicken^^
(Yoochun, 6:49am KST) @sukwon7123 haha Great job yesterday~^^ Ha~h I’m sleepy

Hwaiting \o/
(Yoochun, 6:51am KST) Hwaiting for today’s filming!!!

Yoochun recommends morning songs :)
(Yoochun, 7:55am KST) Eco Bridge’s.. ‘I’m Walking’ is a nice song to listen to in the morning…

(Yoochun, 8:43am KST) Evan’sᆢ’I’m Trying not to Remember’ and Eco Bridge’sᆢ’I’m Walking’ are songs that I listen to everyday these daysᆢ

(Junsu, 3:45pm KST) The Tod you will never be able to see…~ lol

Yoochun enjoys his fansign event :)
(Yoochun, 4:13pm KST) Everyone.. you were the best today!^^ Thank you♥

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JYJ’s Affiliates: “We Want to Ask Back Just What Evidence KBS Had To Bring Up the Name of a Real Person.”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has conveyed his honest feelings towards the decision by KBS that his song is unfit to air.

On the 28th, KBS laid down the decision that the song Pierrot, included in JYJ’s new album, was unfit to air because the results of its deliberations found the lyrics to be inappropriate.

At such a decision, on the 28th Kim Jaejoong revealed his somewhat uncomfortable feelings: ““You are free to imagine as you will—since you are a human. I am curious as to what sort of a human imagined as such, what kind of a picture will be formed. Boss fighting, Album fighting.”

Continuing, on the 29th, he also revealed his unhappiness with the decision: I have not been able to sleep for 33 hours now and so I do not have my wits about me… but in the middle of this, I am curious about one thing.. Just who created, imagined, the p in President..? The things that follow also..;;”

One affiliate of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment told MyDaily on the 29th: “KBS has never asked what the term p.s.m. in the lyrics mean. We actually want to ask KBS back—exactly what kind of evidence do they have to bring up the name of a real person and to decide that there was a personal attack.”

Continuing, the affiliate expressed incredulity at KBS: “If you interpret the lyrics in this manner, then all of the variety of newly-formed words, metaphors, and abbreviations become arbitrary—if you put it on your nose, it becomes a nose-ring, if you put it in your ears, an earring. Even if the writer of the lyrics write something with no particular thought, if you interpret the lyrics as KBS did, then you are making an interpretation that is subjective and arbitrary.”

Further, this affiliate revealed: “From the deliberations of both SBS and MBC, Pierrot received the decision that it was fit to air.”

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Kim Jaejoong: “Ji Sung is My Means of Support. Park Yoochun is My Means of (Facing) Reality.”

Is it that the idol craze of the drama scene has cooled down a bit. Nowadays, projects that have veteran actors in the forefront are particularly pouring forth and ruling the drama scene. In the midst of this, it is curious as to whether JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is looking forward to his first drama debut will be able to have a smooth induction ceremony.

Kim Jaejoong begins in earnest the dual life of an artist and an actor through Protect the Boss which will air as a follow-up to City Hunter.

Kim Jaejoong, who has debuted in the entertainment scene through the first album of TVXQ Hug, has stepped up to the level of the very top of the singers of Korea through an active album life. However, he has mainly focused on his musical activities unlike many of his colleagues who are active in a variety of genres such as acting and singing after stepping out of the boundaries of their main careers. Therefore, he has had a bit of quiet disappointment from the fans.

Kim Jaejoong, excluding the Japanese activities, has only shown acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman in which he appeared with Han Hyoju in 2009. This is in contrast to how the other members of the team, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, has met with the fans on a variety of fronts through a variety of dramas and musicals. He has made the hearts of the fans who wanted to see his acting be dear for quite a while.

Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts as he faces the appearance in his first drama: “I have shown acting through my activities in Japan and also appearing in a movie. But when I look back it seems that there was nothing that was done properly. Further, even after appearing in the movie there was a gap of 2 years so I feel that I am acting for the first time now. I think it is (too much of) a desire to wish to win the Best New Actor Award through this drama. But I would like to receive the Perfect Attendance Award.”

It seems that there must be many worries with having his drama debut in front of him. But it is true that he feels solid thanks to the JYJ members and the long-time fans who are not sparing support with regards to his appearance in the drama.

Furthermore, Park Yoochun, who has gathered a substantial popularity with the public and also has been recognized in acting abilities through Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley, is his advice-giver on the reality-front.

Kim Jaejoong said: “Yoochun told me that ‘when you film the drama there will be many times when you stay awake for the night, so practice not sleeping.’” When Yoochun was filming the drama, even if I wanted to go away with him I could not ask him. Now I am filming so we cannot go again. When the drama ends I am thinking that I will take a trip maybe with the members.”

The solid supporters of Kim Jaejoong’s first appearance in a drama are not merely the members. The many sunbae actors who have come to appear together in Protect the Boss are also, instead of thinking him a risk, adding great strength. Among them, the sunbae actor Ji Sung, who is appearing in the film as a cousin of Kim Jaejoong, is someone that he can rest his heart on.

He expressed his thankful heart: “I have come to act with Ji Sung sunbae-nim for the first time through this drama. But we became close quickly, not long after we met. Of course in the set of filming but also behind the scenes, he takes care of me so well. Even on days when we do not have filming, he lets me know through texts or phone calls of the situation very well, and is considerate towards me so that I can step up to the pace.”

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110713 Kim Jaejoong Doesn’t Forget His Fan Service… “Yoochun, Make An Appearance In Our Drama”

JYJ’s fans must be extremely happy right now because JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong(25) will be appearing in his first Korean drama.

He will be expanding his playing field by taking on the role of Cha Mu Won, ‘the prince of the financial world’, in SBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. His character is in an antagonistic relationship with his cousin Cha Ji Hun(Jisung) because of a family feud that began with their parents over the running of the conglomerate.

“Though this is my first Korean drama appearance, I don’t feel any pressure or weight on my shoulders. Shall I say that I feel a sense of nervousness? Of course, I do feel a little pressured about having our drama’s viewer ratings compared to that of ‘City Hunter’ because that drama is doing so well. But my greed to take on my character well is bigger than my greed to succeed.”

As he has showcased his charisma in countless performances, he is broad-minded whether he is acting or singing. But his face filled with worry when he was reminded that Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have become hits in the drama and musical industries respectively.

He smiled and said, “When I think about the whole situation with only myself in perspective, I don’t feel pressured but when I’m reminded that the other guys have done so well, I suddenly feel a weight on my shoulders,” and “I can’t help but feel pressured when we get compared to each other.”

Kim Jaejoong has gotten his feel for acting through the 2009 movie ‘Postman to Heaven’ and the Fuji TV’s ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’. Already been praised for his Japanese drama debut, the rumors of his entry into the domestic drama industry have been endless till now.

But because of his world tour schedule, Kim Jaejoong had to reject over ten productions. Therefore, the fact that he has finally decided on a drama has his fans excited and ecstatic. Kim Jaejoong says that the drama’s storyline, content and his character fits him well.

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What kind of advice did the other members give him as fellow actors, not singers? Kim Jaejoong said, “Honestly, I don’t think we’re in the position to give each other advice as actors. All of us are still in the learning process so we just tell each other ‘Work hard,’ or ‘Do your best.’

Kim Jaejoong is still not confident about himself as an actor. But he says that he doesn’t feel more nervous at venues with a larger crowd. “I don’t feel nervous at concert venues with 50,000~60,000 people. But when that number falls to the thousands or hundreds, my nervousness shoots up. There are about 50 people on location when he film for the drama, and I feel like all 100 eyes are staring at me and me only. I’ll have to be able to overcome that.”

JYJ, whose members originate from TVXQ, are known to be one of the most popular groups domestically and overseas. When we asked him if he will be singing or playing an instrument in the drama for his fans, he said that he doesn’t know yet. But he does have something he’d like from fellow team member Park Yoochun.

“He’s working so hard for the drama ‘Miss Ripley’ right now so I don’t know if this will work out, but I would like it if Yoochun could make a surprise appearance in our drama. He’s a director in his drama, so how about he appears in our drama as a director who comes to make a business deal with our company? Director Song, how about you appear just once?“(laughter)

Kim Jaejoong must still like his members who he’s been sharing a house with since 2004. Recently, he moved into the same apartment as Kim Junsu. He joked and said, “Honestly, I didn’t want to move in because Junsu lives there,” but was actually quite delighted to be moving in as he added, “Yoochun was supposed to move into the apartment after Junsu and he didn’t because of personal reasons. I was luckily able to get a house because someone moved out.

He had one more service for his fans. He said, “From what I know, we’re planning on releasing an album before the drama is over,” and emphasized that he will not be abandoning his activities as a singer.

But for now, his acting comes first. Kim Jaejoong said, “When singers make acting debuts, some people still see them as singers,” and “I worry that people will still see me as a singer, so I will work hard to mesh well with my fellow actors.”

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