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Our boys performed at one of Japan’s most prestigious year-end event – the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen – for the second year in a row. The boys are part of the white team and again, their team were the winners for 2009. Our dear DBSK boys were gorgeous beyond words wearing their black and white suits and in my opinion, this performance of “Stand by U” is thus far the most emotional of all their “Stand by U” performances since the lawsuit started. Check out their wonderful performance below:

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Here are some pics from their Kouhaku rehearsal.

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And I just want to greet everyone..


The year 2009 left us good and bad memories. It has been a bittersweet year for DBSK and for us, their fans. In 2009, we were at an ultimate high when we saw them perform at their dream stage – the Tokyo Dome and when they gained even more recognition in Japan through their record breaking releases and top charting songs, but we were left confused, fragile and emotional because of the lawsuit filed by the three members – JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu – against SM Entertainment. It was no doubt a roller coaster ride for all of us.

Watching their last performance of 2009 at the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen event made me so emotional. I cried watching them sing for the very last time and say goodbye to the year 2009, a year that has been both good and bad to them. And as I let my tears drop, I hope and pray that together with those tears, all the bad omen that has been hitting them for the last part of the year 2009 will be washed away together with those tears. As we say goodbye to 2009 and welcome the year 2010, let us all remember the good things that happened last year, learn from last year’s mistakes and pray for a better year ahead. I hope that 2010 will be a better and more successful year for Dong Bang Shin Ki and may all the problems that 2009 left them be solved this year. I hope and pray that we’ll see the boys’ happy faces again this year and I will always be waiting for the day that they can freely show how strong their friendship is and perform together as five again.

No matter what happens, always keep the faith that forever they will be the five Rising Gods of the East. Always believe and hope to the end.

This is a news similar to the one I posted yesterday but is from a different source. I just hope that this news isn’t true but I also do not disregard any possibility of it being true since considering how cruel SM is and how complicated the current situation is, this could really be happening in reality between the boys. Besides, there won’t be any smoke if there’s no fire, right? I just really hope and pray that the relationship of the boys will not be ruined because of this. No matter what the result may be, I hope they remain friends because their friendship is one of the best I’ve seen. It would be such a waste if they’ll let it be broken because of these things.

Tohoshinki at the Kouhaku Rehearsal

Kouhaku: Tohoshinki appeared as 5, they held rehearsals shutting out the media

The Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki appeared as 5 in December 30, for the rehearsal for the year end NHK “Kouhaku”. It was a very tight security, all the media was shut out. We media were able to see the rehearsal from the monitor screen. The 5 members hardly looked at each other while singing “Stand by U”.

Tohoshinki’s activities in Korea has stopped since Jaejoong (23), Yoochun (23), and Junsu (22) had filed against their Korean management company SM Entertainment regarding their exclusive contract in late July. The five performed together after 3 months’ susupension in “Best Hits Music Festival 2009” at “Kobe World Hall” in November. On this occasion, the 3 members who have filed the suit and Yunho (23) & Changmin (21) traveled on different planes.

Other than the Kouhaku, the five will perform in “Japan Record Award” (TBS) on Dec 30, and also scheduled to have a live performance in the “CDTV SPECIAL! New Year’s Eve Live 2009 → 2010”. Though they have cancelled the fan club meeting scheduled to be held in Janauary, they will release a new single “BREAK OUT!” on January 27. They will also release their first best album on February 17. Their activities afterwards in Japan are not fixed yet.

T/N: There were similar information posted in other sites (from different sources), but since this is from the credible source Mainichi Shimbun (one of the largest daily newspapers in Japan) website, I’ve translated the article again.

T/N2: Everyone, please calm down. I should have added the following statement when I posted the news. Well, it seems that at last the news of the 5 members in some trouble is leaking out from the Japanese media. Though I personally think that most of them are fake (as with the woman’s tabloids the other day), they keep placing such articles, since when you put the name of “Tohoshinki” in the articles, everyone is eager to read them, however fake or true. I am sad to say, but Tohoshinki are money makers in Japan, and since their news are of hot topics, naturally, many media (including credible sources) jump on them.

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It’s really hard to make assumptions and predict the future with the way things are going at present. It’s too complicated and the information that comes out of from the media are so “vague” that expectators like us won’t be able to fully comprehend unless the boys themselves explain it to us. I think all we can do now is wait, continue believing in the five of them, show them our UNCONDITIONAL love ans support and hope for the best.

Tohoshinki Strictly Guarded – Entered The Hall After “Interview Period”

「The 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Rehearsal」 (29th、NHK Hall)

Korea’s popular group Tohoshinki, who is attending Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the second consecutive time in two years, also attended the rehearsals held on the 29th. In the midst of disbanding rumours, their rehearsal was not revealed to the press. The 5 members were unable to respond to interviews, and the mood was one of high alert.

On the Internet, fans have been expressing their worries – “This might be the last Kouhaku Uta Gassen where you can see all 5 of them together.” In the midst of that, the 5 members of Tohoshinki participated in the rehearsal held at NHK Hall, at 7pm, which was after the “interview period”.

Press coverage at the venue ended at 6pm. During the rehearsal, at the time when the press was shut out of the venue, an official from AVEX warded the queries of the media and only explained that “it was due to their schedules”. In the end, their stage was not revealed, the members could not meet the press, and there was a tense mood all around.

Tohoshinki will be attending the TBS 「Japan Record Awards」 on the 30th and TBS 「Countdown TV」 on the 31st. There has been no announcement for any schedule that will take place from 1 January onwards. The members arrived in Japan a few days ago, but AVEX declined to disclose whether they came together, as well as other similar queries.

Rumours of disbanding emerged in July when the 3 members, Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun, came into conflict with their management company over their exclusive contracts. They attracted a lot of overseas attention when the 5 of them did not perform together in Korea even once, after the outbreak of the conflict, but continued to appear on Japanese television. However, in the middle of this month, an event that was planned to be held in Japan in January (10 performaces) was suddenly cancelled, and the fan’s worries about their disbandment grew even more.

It has not been decided yet, as to whether or not they will be having promotions for the remaining contract they still have with 「Oronamin C Drink」, their new single 「BREAK OUT!」 which will be released on 27 January, and their ‘Best Album’ which will be released on 17 February.

The fans’ wish for the New Year is “peaceful settlement”. They’ll be keeping a close watch on whether or not the year-end performances will be their last.

T/N: The report may be true, but please keep in mind that this news source has a tendency to be rather sensationalistic.

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