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111004 KBS’ CEO Kim In Gyu Says, “It’s Possible For JYJ To File A Retrial Request For ‘Pierrot’”

KBS’ vague criteria for reviewing K-Pop has become the center of scrutiny.

Congressman Jeon Byung Hyun of the Democratic party and the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications criticized KBS during the National Assembly’s parliamentary inspection of the administration on the 4th as he said, “KBS is causing confusion amongst the public by applying their personal interpretation in their reviews of Korean pop songs.”

When Congressman Jeon raised the question, “JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ has been banned from broadcasting for containing the lyrics ‘P.S.M’ that KBS claimed were directed at a specific individual, so what are the criteria for your reviews?” KBS’ CEO Kim In Gyu stated, “According to the review committee, ‘P.S.M’ in JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ is directed at a specific individual,” and “JYJ’s side stated that P.S.M means ‘Professional Success Music’ but this doesn’t fit with the lyrics as a whole.

To this, Congressman Jeon stated, “Is KBS the spokesperson of Lee So Man?” and “The person who wrote the lyrics denied your claims but why do you refuse to believe him? Should we all be making the assumption that Lee Soo Man is P.S.M?” CEO Kim replied, “The members of the committee stated that this was a common assumption but I will order the review committee to interpret the lyrics with flexibility.”

CEO Kim also added, “JYJ is free to submit a request for a retrial at any time.”

Congressman Jeon stated, “Banning songs for reasons of negative beliefs, emotions and lyrics over national pride and psyche isn’t a review, it’s censorship. This makes us wonder if KBS is trying to decide what the beliefs and psyche of the entire nation?” and “Reviewing K-pop is just that, a review, not censorship. KBS must make proper guidelines that the people of our nation will be able to understand.

KBS released its review results on its homepage on the 28th of September and was immediately swept up in controversy when it was found that JYJ’s ‘Mission’ and ‘Pierrot’ were banned for reasons of ‘personal attacks in lyrics’.

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JYJ: “Personal Attack on Lee Suman? An Arbitrary Interpretation by KBS. Will Submit an Explanatory Document

JYJ’s new song Pierrot has received the decision of being unfit to be aired from KBS. JYJ plans to submit an explanatory document claiming that the decision is unfair and to request a re-deliberation.

KBS recently laid the decision that the song Pierrot is unfit to be aired. The reason as presented by KBS is that it is “a personal attack against an individual.” It argues that the term p.s.m. in the lyrics mean “president Lee Suman” and that this holds a personal grudge toward a specific individual.

At this, JYJ has said that it is unfair and has stepped out give an immediate response. An affiliate of JYJ emphasized: “This is an arbitrary interpretation by KBS. During the deliberations process, they have never even asked us whether it is a personal attack against a certain individual. The lyrics were certainly not written to aim at someone.”

The affiliate revealed: “In the case of SBS, during their process of deliberation they asked us—“what does this word mean, it is not a swear word, is it?” If the term was unclear in meaning they can just ask. But they made an arbitrary interpretation and laid down the decision of Pierrot being unfit to air as if that interpretation was a fact. We think that to do so is unfair.”

Therefore, JYJ plans to submit a document explaining the environment behind the lyrics in question and to request a new deliberations.

JYJ’s affiliates explained: “Jaejoong, who has written the lyrics, explained that ‘the overall content of the lyrics is a criticism of society.’ The lyrics were certainly not written to aim at someone.”

JYJ’s affiliates relayed: “Nowadays in song lyrics, words without meanings or new words not in the dictionary (yet) are appearing en masse and being broadcasted. It seems that the term was used to (vaguely) refer to a director or a master who controls others.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong who composed and wrote the lyrics for Pierrot left a message on his Twitter on the afternoon of the 28th and gathered the attention of the fans: “You are free to imagine as you will—since you are a human. I am curious as to what sort of a human imagined as such, what kind of a picture will be formed. Boss fighting, Album fighting.”

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JYJ, “Still no casting offers from TV programs… We believe in KBS’s fairness”

Even without appearance on TV programs, group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) swept all online charts, which proves their popularity. Therefore, fans are focusing on whether they can appear on music programs.

According to Olleh Music on the 16th, [In Heaven], JYJ’s first Korean album consisting of songs revealed during their world tour, won Social Charts for 2 weeks by taking #1, #2 and #3 with its main songs.

But unlike other artists who released new song at the same time, JYJ didn’t appear on any music program, which makes this achievement even more meaningful.

Also, the album will be officially released on the 27th, yet its preorder sales reached 300,000 and it’s temporarily out of stock at all online purchasing sites. The orders are pouring in so much from Japan, China and all over Asia that the supply and demand is put on emergency alert. However, JYJ is still in the situation where they can’t be seen on any music program.

C-Jes Entertainment that is in charge of JYJ’s management said, “There is no casting offers from TV programs. But as the album hasn’t been officially out yet, we’re keeping an eye out for the situation.”

They also added. “In May, as KBS pointed out JYJ’s legal conflict with former company as the reason of the restriction of their appearance on music program, our side officially stated that JYJ’s entertainment activities were already ensured twice by the Court. KBS accepted it and said that when official album came out, TV appearance wouldn’t be problem. We have faith in the fairness of broadcast station and want to appear for the sake of many fans that have been waiting for JYJ’s album.”

But in term of JYJ’s music activities, it’s not that only broadcasts are in focus. JYJ’s music marketing official said. “JYJ’s activities in the latter half of year concentrate essentially on successfully finish their concerts in Europe as first Korean artists to perform in Spain, Germany, etc., as well as large-scale concert in Japan. Aside from TV broadcasts, we’re preparing for various ways to meet the public.”

JYJ’s title track ‘Get out’ has already reached the public through LG Electronics’ advertising and they are planning to open a video community as official channel to communicate with global fans. Also, they are preparing a charity project for underprivileged and neglected people that they had chance to meet as Goodwill Ambassador in 2011.

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110717 “JYJ Performance Cancellation” When will KBS’s disgrace of the 7 World Wonders be addressed?

The impact of the unilateral cancellation of JYJ’s performance by KBS Jeju and Jeju island is growing larger.

On July 17th, The 7 World Wonders project, lead by the New7Wonders Foundation, sent a tweet on their official twitter to KBS stating “To all our friends in Korea, time to kiss and make up!” in regards to the protests.

They also followed by sending a tweet of praise to JYJ member, Kim Jaejoong, saying “that is the right spirit!”

KBS’s controversial unilateral cancellation notice towards JYJ prompted Kim Jaejoong to tweet “If there are obstacles in prompting our own country’s natural scenery, then under these conditions I will have to promote it by myself” as well as changing his profile photo to a picture of Jeju’s landscape, causing much praise for his actions.

Last May the Jeju Provincial Government and the New7Wonders Foundation appointed JYJ to be Honorary Ambassadors for Jeju in the 7 World Wonders campaign. JYJ were to appear on July 20th as part of the KBS Jeju Special Broadcast Concert. But on the 16th, four days before the show, KBS issued a notice of cancellation to JYJ. There was not a clear reason stated, but it was also announced that SNSD and f(x) would be making an appearance.

A representative of KBS Jeju stated “In our final stages of our broadcast preparation, our plans for SNSD and f(x)’s appearances became possible and we have expressed out greatest apologies to JYJ’s representatives”. However Cjes, who is in charge of JYJ’s management, have said “we have yet to receive an apology”, leading to a second controversy.

Netizens have voiced out in anger, stating “This is an international embarrassment” and “I do not understand what is going on. If you knew from the beginning this would happen, why did you use them?”

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110519 C-JeS’ Official Statement, “We Will Release An Official Album And Greet Our Viewers”

“We will release an official album and appear on ‘Music Bank’.”

JYJ’s side has released an official statement in response to the explanation released by KBS on why the group has been unable to appear on ‘Music Bank’.

Through an official statement on the 19th, JYJ’s agency stated, “We thank KBS for their official statement confirming that they will allow JYJ to appear on their shows when JYJ have released a new album,” and “For the fans who are waiting for JYJ, we will overcome the invisible external pressure that surrounds us and release an official album. We hope to then greet our viewers through Music Bank.

The statement continued to explain the difficulties JYJ currently face as it said, “The artiste can’t help but be the weak one when broadcasting companies, as seen in recent events, refuse to allow the artiste appearances on their shows due to various reasons,” and “In February, the Courts recognized that the document SM Entertainment sent to Warner Music, JYJ’s album production company, was an act of interfering with the group’s activities and therefore laid down a compensation verdict.”

JYJ’s side also asked for an apology for and correction of the statement posted on the Viewers’ Thread on the KBS website. JYJ’s agency stated, “We ask that KBS post a correction and apology so that there is no misunderstandings amongst the viewers, as false information that is detrimental to JYJ was posted in a public forum,” and “We would like for KBS to reconsider the current series of events from the point of view of the fans and the viewers.”

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110519 KBS ‘Buck-Passes’ After Deleting The Controversial ‘JYJ Explanation’

KBS is being scorned by the public for resorting to evasion of responsibility after deleting their official position on the restrictions against JYJ’s televised appearances on its variety programs once the statement was surrounded by controversy.

On the 19th, KBS deleted its official statement on the reason why JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) are unable to appear on KBS variety programs such as ‘Music Bank’, which was posted on the ‘Viewers’ Thread’ and answered by the staff of the variety program sector.

This deletion seems highly related to the controversy and opposition that arose against the official statement. JYJ’s agency refuted each point made by KBS and JYJ’s fans raised their voices as they said, “This is unacceptable.”

However, KBS is breeding doubt by failing to post an official reply as to why the post was deleted.

In a phone call with Star News, the representative of KBS’ Viewers’ Thread staff did not give a definite explanation and evaded the question as he said, “I think you’ll have to ask that question to the publicity team.”

But as the ‘Response from the Staff’ in question was moderated by the Viewers’ Thread staff, this shows that they have done nothing but evade their responsibilities.

On the homepage itself, the Viewers’ Thread staff have explicitly stated that, “The ‘Response from the Staff’ is a subsection of the ‘Daily Viewers’ Opinions’ in which the Viewers’ Thread staff choose questions submitted by the viewers for the staff in their respective fields to receive and answer in order to strengthen the viewers’ understanding of a certain event or program.”

The KBS publicity team stated, “As this was not an official statement released by the publicity team through the online publicity office, the situation is not one that the publicity team can explain. We are currently investigating the situation.”

This means that the KBS Viewers’ Thread staff have deleted a controversial post without even giving a reason why. We would like to question if ‘buck-passing’ is the best course of action for the KBS Viewers’ Thread at this moment.


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110520 Can The Promise Between KBS And JYJ Be Kept?

The ironic situation of Park Yoochun being unable to appear on MBC variety programs despite participating in the filming of MBC drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’, the scandals arising from KBS rejecting JYJ’s appearance on Music Bank, among the Korean celebrities, nobody is more debated than JYJ.

None of the music programmes allow JYJ to stand on the stage. Even if they insist that there are no restrictions whatsoever, there are still no programmes found that allow JYJ to participate in the broadcast.

There is no direct evidence that can show that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s previous management company, pressurised broadcasting companies. However, it is the reality that no broadcasting company is willing to let JYJ, the group situated in the center of the controversy, stand on stage.

YJ is rated as the new model of idol celebrities. Unlike other celebrities who place their looks above all, JYJ puts their singing abilities as the basis, having equal improvement and development in both performing and singing aspects. Also, each member’s musical talent is equally outstanding, with their composing and lyric-writing abilities being showcased, and JYJ Kim Jaejoong was even the concert director of their world tour, exceeding beyond idol singers to be true artists.

Additionally, Kim Junsu’s recent version of ‘That Man’ received a huge amount of attention, despite the background music being different from original singers Baek Ji Young and from drama ‘Secret Garden’ ‘s Hyun Bin, Kim Junsu’s unique voice stood out.

Even so, we are still unable to see these singers, who are acknowledged as one of those with the best vocal ability among idol celebrities, appear on music programmes. This can only be seen as the audience’s loss. What the audience hopes for, is for JYJ to be able to appear on the music programmes, to at least give them a chance to compete.

Coincidentally, in regards to the JYJ-Music Bank controversy, KBS revealed, “The programme’s regulations is that whether an artist can appear (on Music Bank) is decided by whether they released an album. JYJ did not release any albums after 17 February. That is why they are not eligible to appear on the programme. The authority to select singers to perform completely lies with the staff of the program. The staff will decide on their appearance based on JYJ’s future album releases and activities.”

To this, JYJ already has a chance to get rid of the broadcast restrictions place on them. Recently, JYJ began their North American tour, bringing 4 new songs, and they will also wrap up the world tour in Busan in June. If JYJ releases an album with the new songs then, KBS will have to do like what they said, following the programme regulations and allowing JYJ to appear on the broadcast.

It is difficult to tell if JYJ, who left their previous entertainment company, is successful or not based on the current restriction on their activities. It is definitely not right to judge them as failing before giving them even one chance to perform.

If JYJ’s musical ability is lacking, there will not be any need for a restriction on their activities. The audience’s unwillingness to listen to them will be the biggest condemnation.

This is why the right for the public to judge JYJ’s songs cannot be snatched away. Additionally, what KBS mentioned about the risk of adversely affecting the cultural industry, is not because of JYJ’s broadcast appearance, but due to the unfairness of the chances (to appear on the broadcast). This point should always be remembered.

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