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101119 Fuji TV’s Announcer’s Blog on JYJ Showcase in NY

About JYJ

Although I’ve already known them from before, the experience of my private interview with JYJ is very amazing.

When I have to explain to people who live in the US, “Tohoshinki” is a Korean group who has created a social phenomenon in Japan since several years ago.

Ah, by the way, you pronounce it as “Tohoshinki”.

Their releases would, as you would expect, grab the number 1 spot on Oricon chart.

When they have a tour, the 50,000 seats in Dome would be sold out in no time.

They sang the theme song for Fuji TV’s popular anime “One Piece”, appeared and performed live on “Tokudane!”, the variety show that I was in charge of. (T/N: Tokudane! is a TV program that they appeared on in Japanese)


We were unaware of what happened to them who have been working so hard. Fans were caught in a hard situation because they’ve been involved in a regrettable circumstance that lead to a halt on their activities at the moment.

I’m just saying this again, but none of them was at fault. Rather, I’d say that they are thriving their best.

At that time, I was in charge of the Entertainment corner at Tokudane!, and the staff and I were trying to bring them in.

However, because of some reasons which I can’t reveal in details, it is impossible to have them continue with their activities in Japan right now.

Then, the 3 members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun – took the first initial of their name to form “JYJ”.

On the occassion that JYJ debut in the US, I had a chance to have a 30-minute private interview with JYJ for FCI Morning EYE (T/N: a news program).

It has been a very long time since we met at Tokudane! studio, but their fresh personalities still haven’t changed at all.

As we started off a little with some tea, I was surrounded with their unchangeable aura.

However, there was a trouble.

The staff told them to answer the interview in Korean.

Of course, the staff didn’t have any bad intention, because they could naturally express themselves in Korean, and the staff could also understand what they said.

We had no choice but agreed to it. After we have settled the condition and the interview setting has been set, the 3 of them suddenly started to continuously complain to the staff.

After having us wait for 10 minutes, they said that the interview would be conducted and answered in Japanese.

I whispered to ask Yuchun, and it turned out that, they have persuaded the staff for our sake.

He told me, “Although we are in the US, it has been a long time since they were able to communicate with Japanese fans. We’ve been doing our best to study Japanese, so even if our Japanese is bad, we’d like to answer in Japanese.”

They haven’t changed.

They are still the polite and straightforward people that I met in Tokudane! studio back then.

When we started to film, Junsu said, “It has been a long time since we spoke Japanese so we’re getting very nervous”, and those were the first words of our interview.

At this moment, our FCI staff members are very busy, because we don’t want this to be just a 3-minute interview corner. We want to properly turn this into a special edition, so we’re doing our best to update our homepage.

Everyone, please don’t forget to watch their interesting interview!

You can watch the broadcasted interview here↓


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East Meets Kanye West and rocks out in NYC

Not to be dramatic here, but mega-Kpop-group JYJ’s first U.S. showcase in NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday night was probably one of the craziest things I have ever seen. The concert was slated to start at 8pm, but when I arrived at the New Yorker Hotel at 1pm for my interview with the artists, I was greeted with the sight of approximately four thousand fans jam-packed into lines that stretched for over two blocks at 35th and Eighth. Passing cars slowed to see what the fuss was about, as anxious police and security guards were having a field day trying to shepherd amazed passers-by out of the way. JYJ, a three-member male group from South Korea, are mega stars internationally (as evidenced by the Guiness Book of Records entries in 2008 and 2009 for World’s Largest Official Fan Club), but this month marks their first debut in the United States. Released in Asia last month, their first English language album The Beginning is planned to drop on Amazon and iTunes in the U.S. in the next few weeks. It is a major debut, with Kanye West and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins producing separate tracks on the album, which also features Malif “The Poet Yusef”, and is distributed globally by Warner Music.

For Friday’s concert, fans began lining up on Thursday night and spent the night on the street, spurred by the first-come first-serve seating. But what truly floored me was the sheer scale of the international audience; I talked to fans who had literally just flown in from France, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, and China for this particular show.

“Yeah, I flew to Hong Kong to see their concert two weeks ago and flew back to New York for this one,” said Shelly Jameson, 28, who is a stylist based in NYC. Whitney, 20, and Bonietta, 22 took the bus up from Michigan the night before. “We started hearing their music online and became huge fans even though we didn’t understand what they were singing about. That’s why we’re so glad this album is in English.” Pierre-Aime from France also said that he had become a fan after he heard their music online, while Alison Slater, a 34-year old artist from Toronto said that she was also flying out for the Las Vegas and LA shows that are scheduled for the 14th and 19th, respectively.

The concert kicked off with hilarious commentary by the two MC’s for the night; Julie Chang of Fox News and the actor Shane Yoon teased the crowd to a frenzied pitch before introducing JunSu, JaeJoong, and YuChun, who emerged in sleek yet showy black outfits a la Rick Owens meets Resurrection, and immediately launched into a blockbuster performance of the first song of their set. The trio showed effortless dance skills and truly impressive vocal range as they sang “Empty,” a darkly catchy song with a Euro-pop techno vibe, which was written by superstar producer Rodney Jerkins and carried the signature Darkchild electronic dance beats.

The set alternated between performances, onscreen animation, and Q&A sessions with the MCs. JYJ showed off some more sexy moves while performing “Ayyy Girl,” the collaboration track with Kanye West and Malik Yusef, which featured syncopated acoustic layers and a jagged retro beat. The show closed with the band performing a remix of the opening song “Empty” (and nearly causing an earthquake when the members urged the screaming crowd to jump) while a white blaze of confetti blasted from canons onstage.
The agitated energy level of the audience beat Madison Square Garden hollow; I personally witnessed more than one hapless audience member being carried out for suffering a seizure during the show.

In an interview before the showcase, the three JYJ members talked to V about their U.S. debut.

FC: How has your experience in New York been so far?

JunSu: We’ve been to the States about seven or eight times, but we only visited the West Coast, and so this is our first time in New York. We had really high expectations, and it’s as beautiful as we expected. It’s amazing to think that we’re actually performing in the city that we’ve seen in only movies and magazines until now.

FC: Have you found time to go out and enjoy the city?

YuChun: We went to a party on our first night.

JunSu: But then we got sick.

YuChun: The party was probably why we got sick. *laughter*

FC: What was it like working with Kanye?

JunSu: It was a blast hanging out with him at his studio in LA. We all talked a lot and were just chilling, which then led naturally to the recording sessions. Working with him was great because it was so laid-back.

YuChun: We all went out to eat burgers and thought it was funny that he didn’t take his sunglasses off the entire time. *laughter*

FC: Who are some American artists who you would like to collaborate with in the future?

JaeJoong: For me, J. Holiday. His music is very inspiring, and similar to the kind of sound that I aspire to in my own songwriting.

JunSu: I would love to work with Beyonce. We went to see her show when she came to Seoul, and it was amazing.

FC: Although you guys are famous overseas, you are debuting as a new artist in the U.S. How are you approaching your new audience?

JunSu: As musicians from Asia, we know that we have a steep hill to climb in the American music scene, but we realized that coming in. We will continue making the music that we are passionate about and we hope that the American audiences will come to appreciate our particular sound and production.

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JYJ is making news here in the Philippines, too! :)

JYJ Showcase in New York Draws 6, 400 Fans

Trio JYJ held their successful album showcase in New York City on Nov. 12 (Nov. 13 in the Philippines) despite encountering visa problems that nearly canceled the event.

New York was the K-pop boy band’s first stop in the US to promote their first English album, “The Beginning.”

JYJ performed songs in the album to a crowd of 3,400 people that filled The Hammerstein at Manhattan Center. Unfortunately, about 3,000 more fans were unable to get in as the venue was already full.

“There were 3,000 fans who failed to come inside but waited for us outside. I sincerely thank you for your great love,” JYJ member Xiah Junsu posted on his Twitter account.

Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong worked the crowd as they sang “Ayyy Girl,” “Empty,” “Be the One” and “Be My Girl,” and danced to the screams of US fans who were eagerly waiting to see them in the US.

Some fans even lined up and waited for 10 to 15 hours for a chance to see JYJ perform.

On her Facebook account, JYJ fan Bari Kantor from Israel said she waited for 14 hours but that “it was totally worth it.”

“This is a once in a lifetime chance I could not let go of! Finally, my dream came true!” according to her Facebook note.

“Love the showcase! The boys were full of energy and so are the Cassies standing on the floor,” wrote a fan with the username Yeezer on

The New York leg became a free concert when the trio decided to go on with the show despite failing to get their P1 visas that would have allowed them earn proceeds from the show through ticket sales.

The trio, nevertheless, thanked the fans for their overwhelming support.

“My sorrow turned to happiness today. Thank you,” JYJ member Junsu posted on his Twitter account.

Jaejoong tweeted, “To the 6,000 fans inside and outside the venue today, I’m very thankful to you all.”

MTV K also covered the JYJ showcase. After the event, the boys were whisked to another location where they taped MTV K’s “secret show” together with 50 lucky fans.

After New York, JYJ will hold their showcase in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Credits: Manila Bulletin
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Updates from MTV K are awesome! Looking forward to more pictures and videos from them. :)

JYJ IN NYC: MTV K Takes You Into JYJ’s Dressing Room And Soundcheck!

Hello Cassies! I know everyone’s anxious to see the photos that go along with the live tweeting for JYJ’s NYC Showcase! Sleep is not an option! See all the silly ramblings and blackberry photos by following MTV K on Twitter.

Are you ready for one of the cutest dressing room photo sets ever?! Let’s take a tour. You walk in and you’re greeted by…this smiling face!

When I mentioned that I was live tweeting everything , Yoochun asked to see my phone. Yoochun then spent the next few minutes reading all of your replies to the MTV K twitter account!

He asked what “trending” meant when he came across a tweet that talked about JYJ trending and (hopefully) it was made clear.

Yoochun hijacks our interview. Junsu is amused.

Yoochun: *asks question*

Junsu: *answers with silliness*

Yoochun: *facepalm*

(Cameraman: LOL)

Jaejoong loves his phone(s).  He L-O-V-E-S them.

But he loves his fans much much more and granted a request to pose with aegyo.

Does anyone want a wallpaper of this? If you do, leave a comment and I’ll upload it!

Junsu patiently waits for his make-up to be finished. His hair is beautiful!

Now on to soundcheck! Remember I tweeted that Yoochun was wearing a shirt with a fur stripe?

I present evidence…

Forgetting something, Jaejoong?

That’s it for now but stay tuned! We have so much more coming your way including a full showcase review, so many photos and tons of exclusive video footage — we shot “Ayyy Girl” in it’s entirety!

Tomorrow is MTV K’s JYJ secret show! 50 lucky fans will be attending this exclusive unplugged event but I’ll be live tweeting again and I’ll do another backstage post like this one.

Follow us on twitter to get the latest updates and please keep loving MTV K!

Written by: Sunny

JYJ, Local Fans Excitement at New York Showcase chanttting “Wonderful JYJ”

The worldwide debut album ‘The Beginning’ is the midst of the worldwide showcase tour promotion and the view of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) showcase in New York, United States which received explosion of interests from their native fans was revealed.

JYJ kicked off their first showcase in United States on the 12th at 20:00 local time at Hammerstein, Manhattan New York.

The showcase venue which is able to accommodate a total 3000 audiences was fully packed with their American fans, and after live performance ended the fans cried and cheered “Wonderful! JYJ!” to JYJ members.

An American fan lives in New York said, “I came to know JYJ music through Billboard and Kanye West, that’s what brought me here to the venue today to watch their performance.” she said. “JYJ stage performance today was so intense that will remain in your mind for a long time.”

In order to watch the performance in the evening, all local fans from all over United States had waited and flocked up the venue area since 06:00, such a spectacular view of long line up fans queuing was spotted, unfortunately the 7000 fans who came are way exceeding the 3000 capacity of the venue.

An official in charge for the performance said, “Prior to the beginning of the concert, a lot of fans flocked the venue area and probably temporarily disturbed traffic, but until the end of the concert, we’re able to finish the event without any incident.”

After completing their first showcase in New York, JYJ commented, “For this global expansion we’ve prepared for everything including our feeling. We didn’t expect this much reaction towards our worldwide album from our local American fans, hence we’re really happy and thrilled.”

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101113 JYJ Kim Jaejoong “The tired Yoochun”, ‘Knocked Out’ Picture of Park Yoochun Released

JYJ Kim Jaejoong unveiled picture of fellow member Park Yoochun who got collapsed onto bed after the tiring United States showcase.

On last 12th at 7 evening (local time) JYJ kicked off their first showcase ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase U.S. tour’ in Hammerstein New York. After finished off the performances Kim Jaejoong wrote on his twitter on the 13th (Korea time), “Yoochun is so tired from using up too much strength today.” as he showed the picture of Park Yoochun lying on hotel bed.

Kim Jaejoong, “To all 6000 fans who attended inside and outside the venue todau, I’m so grateful to you all. This is why I can’t give up being on stage.” he revealed his gratitude to the fans.

Meanwhile Kim Junsu also said, “My sorrow today turns to be happiness because of you. Even more power I will put up for you. Thank you so much.” and “There are 3000 people who couldn’t come inside (the venue) yet could only wait outside. I’m sorry we can’t be together too and I sincerely appreciate your huge love to us.”

Due to the visa denial for JYJ to hold a commercial showcase, the group hastily switched their event to a free concert, regardless the showcase finished with great success at the end of the day.

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