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Today is the day! Goodluck to JYJ for their concert! :)

101126 JYJ World Wide Concert Performing in Dome

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will be holding their first world wide concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium which would be transformed to a dome with the roof covered.

On the 20th the organizer stated, “JYJ first worldwide concert in Seoul would be covered with a roof to solve the problem about the weather and sound quality which always happen with outdoor performance stages yet at the same time, giving the best stage to the fans in Jamsil Olympic Stadium.”

The stadium would be covered like a dome to maximize the lightning effect as well as the sound quality compared to a open outdoor performance which have these as their weak points.

Despite the cold weather on the day of the event (it’s winter when the concert is going to hold), fans will be able to enjoy the show warmly in the dome.

The dome is being constructed with a new, safer kind of textile fabric (as opposed to traditional steel cables). Jamsil Olympic Stadium is the first domed theater of this magnitude in Korea, even on a global scale few other performance halls have adopted such a unique, lightweight construction method.

C-JeS Entertainment, reports that “No doubt this concert will be the best show ever, featuring the best quality of stage presentation, production, and sound.” The agency goes on to say that it will do its best to “provide audience members with the most unforgettable concert experience of their lives.”

The JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul will be directed by Jeri Slaughter, a well-known concert producer who has worked with international stars Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera.

Tickets for the concert has been selling fast. At the first-round of pre-sale ticket buying on Interpark website on October 19th, seats were sold out in just 20 minutes. The popularity of the K-pop sensation was proved once again when another batch of 20,000 tickets was also sold out in a second pre-sale ticket buying.

The JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul is a two-day event that will be held on November 27th and 28th with a total seating of 100,000 (50,000 for each show).

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101124 Korea’s Tourism Numbers For Nov Increases As Japanese Fans Flock To Korea For JYJ’s Concert

[TV Daily] Large numbers of Japanese fans have been coming down to Seoul, Korea, these days in order to watch the concert of the Korean group JYJ, and this has given a large boost to this month’s foreign tourists’ numbers.

The travel magazine “travel TIME” reported, “There were as many as 20,143 Japanese visitors to Korea. JYJ’s Seoul concert was a large factor.” Also, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, “Out of 4113 people, at least 2,500 people were ‘Hallyu Tourists’ who were going to Korea to watch the concert”; showing JYJ’s immense popularity.

Now, JYJ are in preparation for their concert,’JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’, which will be held on 27 and 28 November, in the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium.

Other than JYJ, the fans are also practicing the dance steps. Not long ago, a video of the dance steps for “Be My Girl” was revealed through the JYJ members’ Twitter accounts, so that the fans could also participate. It is reported that the fans will also coordinate the flashing of their light sticks in accordance to the song’s melody and lyrics in order to show support to their idols.

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101124 JYJ Concert Gives Discounts to University Exam Takers

JYJ concert will give special discount to every university exam takers.

On the upcoming November 27th and 28th for two days ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ will take place at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium, while to heighten the expectations among fans, every candidates of university exam this year will be rewarded a shocking 40% discount of the ticket price.

For the total two days concert in Olympic Stadium, JYJ’s Seoul concert covers a stunning 100,000 seats scale. The first and second round of ticket sales had received an explosive reaction as both were sold out in less than 20 minutes, meanwhile currently the third round sales is still in selling process.

The discount is given to the exam candidate him/herself including one companion, and it applies only to seats at A, B, C categories. Any exam candidate who wishes to receive the discount should make ticket reservation at the official website Interpark ( and present the ticket at the venue on the concert day to receive the discount.

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101122 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, November 22nd to 5:59am KST, November 23rd.

Junsu Gets All Excited about the Flash-mob, How could You not Love This Kid♥
(Junsu) Good afternoon^^ Did you all enjoy the Be My Girl video? If I could dance this dance with all of you, the joy and fun we feel at the festival will multiply! With all of you there with me at the Jamshil Olympic Stadium, let’s film a video that will stay with all of you forever~!! (1:52pm KST)

(Junsu) Ah, and I see that a lot of you have questions on what direction you should be starting in..Because the video was filmed through a mirror, all you need to do is follow exactly what you see on your screen, so if their right hands go up, then all of your right hands should go up and if they lift their left foot, then all you need to do is lift your left foot up too^ (2:04pm KST)

(Junsu) By the way, I did the dance out of boredom after watching the dance moves 1~2 times that day..As you can see, I’m in the back, all awkward and getting the moves wrong lol Don’t watch me, watch the dancers in the front ^^ (2:08pm KST)

(Sunhee) @0101xiahtic But Oppa… Are you aware that the sections on the grass aren’t Standing sections?? keke How you expect us to turn in a circle, I don’t know……..ㅠㅠ So the wave starts from the left, right~??keke (2:49pm KST)
@EukyangSun From the left, that’s correct^^ (2:50pm KST)

(English Tweet/Jeri) @0101xiahtic @6002theMicky @mjjeje let’s get ALL the #jyj fans to learn this!…h?v=gisrfSANAz4 (3:49pm KST)
(English Tweet/Junsu)
@slaughteration yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jeri!!! (4:22pm KST)

(Ella) @0101xiahtic Question~~~~!!!!! Do we make whatever pose we want??? Or.. do we put our hands in the air??? (4:31pm KST)
@xiahella Put your hands in the air~!! (4:37pm KST)

(EunKyu) @0101xiahtic Oppa, I watched it once but I’ve got it almost completely memorized!!!!!!!ㅎ~ㅎ (4:28pm KST)
@yc2604 Good!! Once you try it, you’ll find that it’s not that hard because it’s simple^^ (4:40pm KST)

(Si Eun) @0101xiahtic Mr Junsu..You said this would be simple… But this is proper choreography kekekeke But the dance is nice~ Let’s just go ahead and make the concert venue a club! Let’s party like crazy~!!! Expect great things, because everyone’s having fun memorizing the moves!!^^ But this is the first time I’ve seen singers assigning homework to their fans kekekeke You’re the best! (4:27pm KST)
@12Faith26 Because this is the first time, if you guys can succeed, we’ll probably be setting another ‘First’ in Asia^^ (4:42pm KST)

(smjpss) @0101xiahtic I have a question, too… For the middle part, not the choreography part, are we supposed to freely go with the beat and dance freestyle??? (4:50pm KST)
@smjpss In the parts where we dance freestyle, all of you should do the same thing and shake your bodies haha;; (4:56pm KST)

Cat Lady Makes His Grand Return @0101xiahtic
(Junsu) Hello~haha (4:52pm KST)
Boing~ (4:59pm KST)

Jaejoong Also Talks about Be My Girl. No Pre-Drinking, Fans!!!
(Jaejoong) Great job rehearsing today, everyone^^ By the way, have you all learned the Be my girl choreography! (11:30pm KST)

(Jaejoong) To those who think the choreography is too hard, try learning the hand movements separately ^^ And I want to see all of you doing the wave together ㅠ If you can’t learn the moves, the wave will come…to nothing …ㅠ (11:32pm KST)

(Jaejoong) I’ve heard rumors that some people, who feel embarrassed about dancing, are going to “have a glass of soju” before coming..haha Don’t do that (11:34pm KST)

jaejae x akio
(Akio) @mjjeje Thanks for your hard work!! is your cold better? Ani (t/n: older brother) is worried because you’re working too hard (11:33pm KST)
@akionosuke I’m fine~^^ Also, I had fun! (11:36pm KST)
@mjjeje Forget about it this time (but) please send an email later. (11:39pm KST)
@akionosuke ^^okay (11:40pm KST)

Jaejoong Encourage Fans to Learn the Joy of Dancing
(Jaejoong) Yoochun and I.. don’t really like learning dance moves unlike Junsu.. But I like this joy that I’m feeling after learning all the moves! Feel that joy with us^^ If you imagine yourself feeling shy when everyone else is dancing..Er.. haha (11:40pm KST)

“Joong” (^^) x seira
(Seira) @mjjeje Even though I’ve been studying hard I still can’t read it… LOL type in Japanese-!! LOL (t/n: in reply to one of his Korean tweets)
@seirakagami Isn’t it reasonable if you can’t read it (LOL) Are you learning Korean? (11:37pm KST)
@mjjeje I’ve never seen such a Fuku-chan (LOL) It’s probably a lie LOL (t/n: in response to Jaejoong’s tweet to Fuku on 21 Nov, 23:44 KST – Fuku!! Looking cool in the picture~~^^)
@seirakagami @fuku0501 Fuku.. is trying to look good.. (LOL) (1:51pm KST)
@mjjeje Doesn’t Joong do it too? LOL
(Jaejoong) @seirakagami My bad.. LOL (11:53pm KST)
@mjjeje But all the fans like such a Joong LOL
(Jaejoong) @seirakagami In any case, I still have work left to be done so I have to say bye-bye. See ya~ (11:59pm KST)

Jaejoong says the dance is easier than it seems
(Jaejoong) Honestly, the part where you spin your hands.. Our black hyungs and noonas did it in such a sexy way that it just looks hard! (11:43pm KST)

Yoochun Talks about Be My Girl Too… and Aion, Jaejoong tries to be a slacker and Fails
(Yoochun) South Korea’s Heroes Legion hwaiting!! (11:44pm KST)
(T/N: That’s the name of his legion on Aion)
@6002theMicky Yoochun, I don’t think the fans are finding the choreography hard, I just think they’re embarrassed to actually do it haha (11:45pm KST)

(Yoochun) What do you mean the choreography is hard^^ When you’re all going to do really well!!! (11:46pm KST)

(Yoochun) Because you have such beautiful hearts, I think you’ll all look so beautiful even if you mess up^^ Keep going!! (11:51pm KST)
@6002theMicky Yoochun, does that mean I’m allowed to mess up?^^ (11:54pm KST)
@mjjeje Hyung, you have to do well….Because your heart is very, very beautiful?? Eh…This isn’t right (11:56pm KST)
@6002theMicky I’ll work hard..ㅠ (11:56pm KST)

Yoochun is Thankful to be Under the Same Sky as Us… GDI Why are you so precious bb♥
(Yoochun) To be able to practice the same choreography with you all….. under the same sky^^ It’s so beautiful and touching… Because we have you, who can’t fall asleep and whose hearts race from thinking about us every day, I spent the whole day smiling, thank you!!! (12:30am KST)

Noona Love….?
(Yoochun) Ah!! Yes, noonas!!! Noonas need to receive a ‘Pass’ too!^^ If only it were possible, I wish I could have a cool glass of beer with you all^^ (12:39am KST)

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Just in case some of you are wondering which video/dance are the guys referring to, check out this video:

[Credit: carlost17]

101121 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, November 21st to 5:59am KST, November 22nd.

Yoochun Seriously Misses Brian, I Nawwww
(English Tweet/Brian) It’s snowing in Korea… Wow… (9:39pm KST, Nov 8)
@Brianjoomuzik Hyung!!! Have you been well?? I really miss you!!!!ㅠㅠ (6:25am KST)

Jaejoong Gloats about the Awsomeness of the JYJ Concert, Fans who can’t go (Like me) Weep
(Jaejoong) There’s a problem….I think the concert is going to be too awesome.. (narcissism..;; ) A stage on which South Korea, USA and Japan meet..Pit-a-pat^^ (11:43pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^
(Jaejoong) @fuku0501 Fuku!! Your picture is cool~~!^^ (11:44pm KST)
(T/N: He should be referring to Fukutaro’s new DP)

Jaejoong Keeps Gloating, I Keep Weeping. Someone buy me a ticket to Korea
(Jaejoong) This concert will be an amazing stage performance that will make everyone, even those who are far away, happy! Because I’ve never experienced such a top-quality stage before and because of our amazing staff, my heart is already .. haha Anyway, I’m off to exercise gogo! (11:51pm KST)

Jae really likes this emoji: ^^ Part 2
(Naoya) @mjjeje Have you recovered from your cold?? (11:53pm KST)
@UN1982 It’s not completely healed but it’s okay^^ Thanks for your concern^^ I’ll be back after a bit of training^^ (11:57pm KST)

Jaejoong’s Clears up a Misunderstanding (Clearly reading fans’ replies again)
(Jaejoong) By the way..I was talking about the nationalities of our staff members when I said Korea, USA and Japanㅠ Nothing to misunderstand and sulk about, guys..haha I’m really leaving now~ (12:00am KST)

Took me a Moment to Figure out What they were Talking About…;;
(Gun Young) We are I.D.-墓!!!!!! (2:17am KST)
@zerotic0124 I.D.-墓 is the best! (3:15am KST)
(T/N: I.D.-墓 is the name of the dance team Jung Gun Young is part of)

Source: [Yoochun+Jaejoong+Others’ Twitter]
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JaeJoong’s tweets about how awesome the concert will be makes me somewhat sad because I can’t go to Korea to watch it. :'(

101116 JYJ Concert Enhanced Korea Tourism Rate

JYJ concert directly enhanced the tourism rate of Korea.

With the effect of G20 summit, the tourism rates of Japanese tourist in Korea are starting to improve. In mid-November, Korea will be welcoming a huge number of 20,143 tourists from Japan. Especially on the 27th and 28th of November which JYJ concert will be held.

JYJ make up of three members from TVXQ, Youngwoong JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu who enjoy a high popularity in Japan. A representative from the top travel agency from Japan stated, “Among the 4113 of our tourists, 2500 of them are the Hallyu Fans who are going to attend JYJ concert”, “The next Hallyu wave will go on.”

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