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Uhm, okay… the title sounds a bit off. LOL. What I meant was the two best friends are now sharing one hostel together. Instead of living with their respective members or living alone, they chose to share one home.

Seems like 2 of Kpop’s F4 are living together. It must be heaven if I’ll be given a chance to live with them. LOL. *gets bricked* :D

DBSK Kim Jae Joong 6 years Friendship, Staying in home of best friends whom he can confide with,
Starting of the 3 days a week ‘Flowery Boy’ living together

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Jae Joong traveled to Australia together with his members Yu Cheon and Jun Su in the beginning of the new year. After returning to Korea for few days, he was discovered touring around Canada together with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong who acted in Korea version of ‘Boys over Flowers’

According to media in Korea: “Both of them seemed like do not want to be noticed and dye their hair black, and was shopping happily in a Canada shopping centre”. Heard that it is a personal trip planned by Jae Joong.

Though both of them seemed to be rivals in entertainment circle, but the truth is they has 6 years of friendship.

Kim Jae Joong, canceled the hostel which he stayed together with his members

Korea critics Song Yu Joong expressed her own opinion over this. “Both of them came from different management company, but they already knew each others before debut. Both were hardworking kids who grown up from poor families and having similar plight. Therefore, they can be each others spiritual support. Jae Joong is the youngest child among his 9 sisters. When he was 15 years old, after passing SM’s interview, he shifted from his hometown to Seoul. In the initial 2 years trainee period, in order to pay for his fees, he started to work as a waiter, sending newspaper and taking up other part time jobs to support his livings. Similarly, Kim Hyun Joong also grown up in a poor family, he also worked independently until attaining his current position.

Both of them are very hardworking and devoted in their work. In actual fact, DBSK debut in 2004, SS501 debut in 2005. Currently both are Asia 2 most popular groups. Critic Song Yu Joong expressed: ‘Doesn’t matter whether both groups were busy, they always invite each other to go out together in private. In 2009, DBSK’s sister group ‘SNSD’ held their concert, both groups members invite each other to watch SNSD concert together. They will also date each others to watch movie together. Currently, Jae Joong and Hyun Joong is considered as ‘half living’ together.

Critics Song Yu Joong revealed: “Although both have hostel which are provided by their company to stay together with their members, but, Hyun Joong also rented an apartment in Seoul. Since long time ago, Jae Joong always go to play in Hyun Joong’s home. Following by that, during last year Summer, when DBSK court case began, Jae Joong cancelled his company’s hostel. However, his living place in Korea was grouped by many fans, so Jae Joong could only choose to temporary stay in Hyun Joong’s home. He will stay in Hyun Joong’s home about 3 days in a week.

In Korea, if a male friend could help himself to the other party’s home fridge, taking out food or beverage, it represented the best friend relationship. Both Hyun Joong and Jae Joong other than good in cooking, also loved to drink. Both of them will cook their dishes to go with their drink, while drinking together, they will open up their hearts and confide with each others their problems, or discuss about music and acting type of topics.

Growing up under the same condition, after working hard and become popular idols, it is understandable that they can get along well together.”

2 popular idol staying together, make others wanted to take a look at their home!

Credit: Japan Magazine Ladies Feb + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 + (English translation)
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ROFL! Is it only me or does some of the “descriptions” and wordings the writer used in the article are a bit off? In some sentences (especially the ones on the latter paragraphs), JaeJoong and HyunJoong sounded like they’re a couple. Hahaha! :D

And oh, didn’t JaeJoong only have 8 sisters? Well, he has 9 if you’ll count his younger biological sister from his biological mom… *hmmm…*


Yes, you read it right. As we all know, JaeJoong, HyunJoong and TOP are really close friends (and drinking buddies. lol) and it turns out that JaeJoong invited both HyunJoong and TOP to join him on his trip to Canada. But since TOP is busy filming for a drama series, he wasn’t able to go and have some vacation with his best buddies. Too bad he was filming, it would have been really nice seeing the three of them together. Or maybe, it would have been better if Yoochun also went with them, then we’ll see the “F4” of Kpop have some bonding time. Hahaha.

Kim Hyun-Joong Accompanied Jaejoong Traveling in Vancouver

SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong recently flew to Vancouver, Canada last Saturday with TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong for vacation.

Few days ago, they strolled to local supermarket and were easily recognized by fans, Jaejoong was being very friendly to give signs for the fans.

According to Jaejoong and Hyun-joong, together with Big Bang’s T.O.P they’d been very close old friends, and hung out together occasionally.

Hero had always wanted to go to Canada for vacation, and coincidentally Hyun-joong was free to travel together too, however for T.O.P who was currently busy filming “Into The Gunfire” with Kwon Sang-woo, hence was unable to join.

source: yahoo!hk

Here’s another fan account on JaeJoong and HyunJoong at Pacific Center. This fan is so lucky she was able to talk and (somehow) kid around with JaeJoong and HyunJoong. I wish I can also have my “moment” with him someday.

100110 Jaejoong in Pacific Center
*This is the fanaccount and we’re just a translator ^^

My nephew’s diary when he met Jaejoong and Hyunjoong in Canada

My nephew saw Jaejoong and Hyunjoong too
After he called me, he was bragging a lot
When I went to his hompi
He posted about it so I’ll paste it here ^^



20:21 Diary Information: Seunga’s Diary

While I was shopping in the Pacific Center with Haein we rested because we were exhausted

We were going to Robson to eat dinner when we saw someone who looked like Kim Hyunjoong

I thought “It’s Kim Hyunjoong” but because I was hungry, I thought I was hallucinating.Then, Haein suddenly went “That person looks exactly like Kim Hyunjoong” so when I looked again, it was actually Kim Hyunjoong
Hyunjoong was looking for something in his pockets, taking his hand in and out again, with a very clear face

He looked like a baby that was just born. His eyes were so big… he was so pure.

After he looked around his eyes met mine and with a blank expression he waved his hand to me and Haein. He was so cool and cute.
Behind him was Jaejoong.

The first thing that came to my mind was, wow I’m looking at Jaejoong.
What in the world.. it was really Jaejoong.
I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t close.
He was so dazzling. That’s the only word that comes to my mind…

Today, I was so lucky..^^
Maybe it was because there were no Koreans, because Jaejoong kept talking to us

I did a interview with him but it was too long
He was holding a camcorder and kept shooting us. It was embarassing.
When I hid behind the clothes counter he asked me why I was hiding and told me to come out. I kept pride-crushingly hiding again and came out happy.gif. I didn’t want to be broadcasted.

Luckily they said they were going to Japan so I stuck my head out?
Anyway, Jaejoong asked Haein how many years she/he lived there and Haein said 5 years (it’s really 6 years) and asked me how long and I said 5 months (really 4 months) (I’m still not sure why we lied) Then said I must be really bad at english and I said I was good then told me not to lie

I was a bit scared they might make me say english but I was thankful they didn’t

But it was such a burden that they kept shooting us with the camcorder ㅜㅜ

Anyway after a few minutes I was walking around with Haein and we went down the escalator. Beneath us we saw Hyunjoong and Jaejoong again and Jaejoong started shooting us with his camcorder again. Since he was shooting from below I was a bit worried about my chin fat.

So I covered my face and said “We’re not following you, we’re trying to find the exit….we’ll go home”

and he said

“The exit is here. Where are you trying to get out? keke”

When I looked around, all exits were closed besides that exit and I was embarassed again.

Truthfully, we were following Jaejoong and Hyunjoong.
They’re hard to find even in Korea so we were so happy that we met them in Canada.

We went out together and walked together with Jaejoong and Hyunjoong to Hoe St

Jaejoong said there weren’t any Korean people there who were good at english so he asked us if we went to school, and if we’re not busy to translate for them.

Haein said she would like to kekekekekekekekekekeke

When they come out in a Japanese show I’m going to capture to them..
It said it was Nippon TV..

Anyway I was really excited but unfortunate (that we had to depart)..

After that, we went to eat because we were hungry. I was happy because there was another episode of me and Hain happy.gif
It was such an amazing event that we met Korean celebrities in Canada..Not to mention it was the the best DBSK’s Jaejoong and F4’s Hyunjoong..hehe

If my cousin Harin who is a major fan of DBSK saw him, she would’ve fainted.

When I called her in Seoul she kept screaming KyaKya~!!..keke

thanks to Cindy (msxlayz3e)
source: freelucky8
trans by: steph@sharingyoochun