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Another series of video clips for Hi, Seoul (Infinitely Yours). These videos include members of DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD talking about their memories of Seoul and their favorite places in South Korea’s beautiful capital. I want to go to South Korea! I want to see the Han River since people kept mentioning it and the tower that Junsu was talking about, I think it’s called Hanhwa 63 tower? Ah, I hope I could travel to Seoul next year (and hopefully at Jeju Island, too! LOL).

Part 1 – Yunho, Seohyun, DongHae

Part 2 – JaeJoong, EunHyuk, Leeteuk

Part 3 – Yesung, Shindong, Junsu

[Video credit: seouldreamseries]


Some cute pictures of the boys from their “Hi Seoul/Infinitely Yours, Seoul” CFs which were released a few days ago.


*Looks like Junsu’s enjoying his new found profession as a hairstylist! He seems to have fun “inspecting” Yunho’s hair! LOL.


*OMG, JaeJae! What did you do to the girl’s hair! You turned her into an afro, you naughty kid! Hahaha!


*Unlike on their Seolreim CF where the boys were standing on a fake roof, they’re really on top of a roof this time around. Good thing nothing happened to them especially to Junsu who was nursing an injury during this shooting.



*LOL. It looked like the members were in awe seeing Yunho’s back. :D


*As usual, they’re so gorgeous in suits. <3

[Picture credit: as tagged + dnbn]

I’m not sure but if I think these are ads for the Korean Tourism where the boys of DBSK were chosen to be the endorsers. Rain/Bi used to be the one participating on these kinds of CF.


LOL @ the post-it that was posted on Yunho after the performance. Hahaha! :D

CF 2 – INFINITELY YOURS (w/ Super Junior & SNSD)

This was the CF they were filming when they went back to Korea while Junsu was nursing an injury. Pictures and fancams of the shooting of this CF  floated in the internet and many fans speculated on what CF was this for. Finally the question has been answered. The boys look so cute sitting on top of the roof and messing around with the couple by making throwing leaves as “confetti” at them. LOL.

CF 3 – SHANGHAI (w/ Super Junior)

OMG, if DBSK were to be hairstylists, I’d willingly go to the salon everyday and have my hair styled or cut. I don’t care if it becomes too short or damaged due to constant haircut and styling as long as I see my dear boys everyday, I’m willing to sacrifice my hair. LOL.

[Video credit: seouldreamseries]